Black hat with white hat is the strong return Shanghai dragon cap

a lot of people seem to talk about black hat Shanghai dragon have some feeling of fear, actually. The so-called black hat techniques with our usual white hat techniques are similar, the same is the treatment method, different is the treatment of master degree. Every day we are trying to increase the quality of site links, about to add more content to the web site. If you increase the chain one or two quality quite high to the site, so the site of great help; but if the daily increase of hundreds or even thousands of the chain to the site, the site of the end how (high weight website of course. The general site can not stand) every day a little more original? Content to the website, the accumulation of down effect is considerable; but every day to add hundreds of articles, it is original, only to copy the collection, the final outcome is predictable.

know a little Shanghai dragon, it can be said that the Shanghai dragon has gradually spread up. Of course, there was a distinct hierarchy, expert also entry-level people, but this is just a time difference between the accumulation and the study summary. As we all know, Shanghai dragon is divided into black hat and white hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon (along with a gray hat, put aside). Although many friends may think of the black hat is too dangerous, and categorically said that after you have not used the black hat would never use black hat. Why? In fact, all access to search engine optimization, basically impossible to have no contact with the black hat. Black hat white hat, it is in order to achieve the goal and choose a different path.

Now most of the owners are more or less

, of course, a big difference between the black hat is a white hat, white hat optimization > stick

first, the boundaries of black hat and white hat two means is very vague. A lot of Shanghai Longfeng practices, it is appropriate for you with the white hat, black hat becomes excessive. For example, the problem of keywords on the page. Before the appropriate increase keyword density is ranked to a more effective promotion, so many research stations in Changle this is not tired of how to put in more page keywords. The time for the specific numerical density, the prevailing view is that 2%-8% is more appropriate, but for some large web page content, to reach about 5% density seems to be some difficulty. The station began to think of ways, in the alt attribute of the picture, in the page at the bottom corner of the page, navigation medium in many places as possible with keywords. An appropriate add is right, but some of them can add keywords where all add up, then he will be very sad and found their expectations just ideas – ranking dropped. This is because his approach has been out of bounds, the reasonable layout keywords is white, but excessive keyword stuffing is the black hat. But who can say that two specific differences or give a rigorous numerical distinction? I also believe that this simple example is in fact most people (including myself) have done.

Boiling point network Q & a platform is a major weapon in Shanghai Dragon

has several authoritative quiz platform, here we recommend to the boiling point of the network: love Shanghai know, Sina asked, QQ ask, YAHOO knowledge hall, the question and answer, ask the Qihoo, the Tencent Sogou quiz, ask questions a bit more professional, so the IP will be more, but this is to look at the actual needs to choose.

method is a little trouble, although as long as the answer content through the audit, but not adopted as the best answer is almost a little. And answer to the questions as much detail as possible, to feel more useful, and answer questions to take this quiz platform and how good this link and answer easily through the audit.

1, IP take the vest to answer

IP online proxy online, very good use, or different parts of the Internet, the Internet so much money just ah. But be aware that one day a IP up to an address, I have tried the same IP, either to ask questions or answer questions, even if the content changing, as long as it is with a link, only the first time through, after all. Then this question, answer tomorrow, the day after tomorrow quick adoption, remember.

questions can also take the link, at least second days to adopt the best answer but not to adopt any answer, the quality of the chain will be not so good. And then talk about the use of question answering method with the flow of the platform.

1, choose a good answer platform

2, on issues related to the initiative to answer

is a website, access and Analysis on the difficulty of keywords, otherwise you are no one search or rank problem, no one can see, it is not in vain? If you think the key is not enough, but also in the keyword tool and they want some derivative words, such as your site is sell mobile phone, the mobile phone can ask questions or answers to some maintenance and repair, this.

There are a lot of

for each Shanghai dragon, Q & a platform for their help today are many, the boiling point of the network to share with you own website promotion method in inquiry platform, we hope to use. Said today the most popular quiz platform to know and love Shanghai SOSO ask. In addition to the horizon, Sina and YAHOO and so on, and these quiz platform because the weight is relatively high, but some search engine products, so in the search engine rankings is very high, and because the questions and topics related to the site, do the chain is also a very high quality of the chain.

3, question yourself The

2, choose good keywords related

first said that if you take the quiz platform chain it. Like Shanghai soso know and ask is the need to review, and audit more stringent, then how to go through what:

Enterprise hosting account for promotion way!

in many enterprise managers heart, always think for the account of operation is a very simple thing, I just want to do these words, these words to me before the adjustment to the three on it, we do it yourself, see which post is idle, to which post staff to do business management! Every day will love Shanghai to search for those words, you specify well, very good, are in the home, on account of the operator a praise! A few months after the discovery, daily consumption gradually increased, the amount of telephone consultation is very few, the single less, and some even lose money. So called love Shanghai, what a piece of junk, after we do not

general small and medium-sized enterprises bidding will choose to love Shanghai customer service to operate, they think the love Shanghai customer service is very professional, after all, is in love with Shanghai company, and it’s free! There is a saying that good, free is the most expensive, I simply say what love sea customer service operation will bring what issues:


: a first love Shanghai have hundreds of customer accounts, basically no time to carefully analyze the situation of your account.

!At this time

do promotion, is the basic and some old customers have business dealings, without any new customers, anxious. Hear colleagues through the network marketing every day how much, much money, my heart itch, trying to find out. Eventually learned that they also rely on bidding advertising to bring the business, why not me? Then ask around teacher. On the way for teacher, do not rule out a lot of business owners deceived: "do a website optimization? Do not go after charge per click, then there is no need to fall in love with the sea of money!" "do a full network marketing, your product information spreading out, let the whole world know you are" and so on. These are not to be.

in the process of love Shanghai promotion, many enterprises have already realized that love is not reliable in Shanghai customer service, such as when we need to love Shanghai customer service adjustment account, the phone is always busy, they are not allowed to use such as QQ! Love Shanghai customer don’t understand our industry, do not understand the company’s products, do keywords and our products are not wasting a lot of money! So, these companies began to find operation for account personnel…

second: sales customer service will not communicate with you love Shanghai we consult recent or the advantages of our company and products.

: third different positions, this is the key! I love Shanghai which received a phone call is informing you of preferential activities, increase consumption, recharge renewals and other spending accounts, because after we go up, they can get more bonuses.

if the companies are not doing Internet marketing, some feel difficult, for all kinds of network marketing channels. From our contact with enterprises, enterprises will have more than 70% of the advertising budget to search advertising, or even 100%. Can achieve the desired effect for the account of the operator is the key to

Analysis of factors that can influence the website weight value

: the first site stability. Whether it is for the user or search engine, want to open the site speed quickly, the user is not willing to wait for a website to open, web access instability can easily lead to the loss of the user, and the instability of the website, the content is hard to be loved by Shanghai, which easily lead to the site from search engines the flow is low, causing the site can get ranked keywords, so from the love of Shanghai traffic will be less natural. In the search engine to determine the site weight, will take into account the site space factors, so as to reduce the weight of the website. The website often not open, the spider can’t grab content, such as plus web content is often the site collection weight high, so it is easy to lead spider think site content is a collection of others, so the stability of the site space is not only for users to consider, in order to spiders can grab, but also with a good the space, improve the site weight of their own.

these days in the observation site data found a strange website now, love Shanghai flow is reduced, the site included from more than 100 to more than 500, Shanghai love weight value to 1, here is not to understand the love of Shanghai in the end is what I think the weight, this thing really is what, what are the factors influence the weights of the website

second: the quality of Links. The site to find Links is to transfer the weight, but now a lot of websites to find more Links, reference is also more and more low, many sites are Links buy spam links, or links from the factory link, this kind of link not only to the site to bring the weight of the transmission. But for the influence of the weight of the website. How the weight of their own website, spider can give you Links site to evaluate, many high weight site to link to you, the spider will think you this site is of high quality, if it is garbage links, spiders will think this site weight is very low. So the impact of the weights of the website Links quality, but also to check well, for the website of Links, pay attention to the quantity rather than quality.

> Fourth


third: website content quality. For the website, the website content is king, the higher the content of the site is search engine included, the possibility is bigger, the search engine’s database is limited, no need to repeat the same content included page, this page for users, quality is very low. The author of the website in the collection is greatly increased, the author will illustrate the weight of the site is very good, but the low weight of tools to view, this query tool is based on the principle of what? I said a lot of pressure, may only be based on traffic to determine the site from search engines, this judgment is not the standard, I also hope that the webmaster can effectively according to their own site to judge, believe that these tools can not complete the data. The content can be completely collected, you can’t say this site is down right now.

A few keywords ranking factors restricting analysis

1: the stability of the chain link, we are pretty much done through the forum, account protection and maintenance is not enough, send a large number of links or spam links deleted by the administrator as well as the use of missing links, no formal means it is letter account number if the top stick machine irrigation phenomenon, directly affect you. In front of all posts outside the chain.

3: Links or to buy links. The two are the same whether change or buy, quality first, link farms do not touch, buy links should pay attention to the stability, do not suddenly increase too many links lead to cheating phenomenon. Links should also pay attention to the website of the other side is normal included and snapshots.

2: the chain blog. Many of our webmaster raised a group of free blog, early in order to save the chain to update our blog every day, the content is good, good weight slowly. Our words have gradually rankings, but this time many owners ignore a problem, when your traffic is high, poor quality of free blog is not updated or updated, leading to the administrator eye on your blog may be dangerous, direct closure of your blog, this high quality links lead to your keywords ranking directly fall.

The stability and quality of the

chain is also directly affects the site keywords ranking, of course, is also related to the weight of the site.

is a novice webmaster learn something in the process of growing up, summed up to share the hope that useful to some people, PBA my www.> cosmetics

is the first in the chain:

4: do the same keywords link to the directory page; this is very serious, the key words in the article appeared several times are only the first link, repeated links belong to excessive optimization cheating, also will give you drop right, this point should not.

Secondly, we talk about the chain

3: not in the page layout of non related links, this is not conducive to the user experience, will increase the rate of the page out, jump out rate is too high, causing the site to reduce weight, the same rights to spider will reduce this page on your keywords ranking no good.

page is the page links in this; we went to look carefully at the love of Shanghai know page on OK, to the customer experience is there.

"content is king, link for emperor" almost every webmaster think so, of course, this is also the current mainstream. It directly affects what is our web site keywords ranking factors, today arenw webmaster for everyone to collect some cyber source sorted out, and we will study together!


2: not too much back to the chain, the chain will give people the feeling to make an unnecessary move, but the customer experience is not good, you let your customers around the circle he love you feel, so to avoid too much back to the chain.

Discussion the search engine and the global market

then why did I say that it is very simple, the Internet now has a variety of websites, tens of thousands of all kinds of users, so how to spend so many eight websites to find useful on its own or the web site you need? At this time he will use search engine, as long as he is in the search engine input the name he website, he can find what he needs website, this is from the user perspective.

with the rapid development of the Internet, various search engines have emerged, big love Shanghai, noble baby, Yahoo, a small 360 search, Youdao search and so on, all kinds of. I always feel that a search engine is equivalent to a large shopping mall, Shanghai love may be Xinhua, noble baby may be WAL-MART, 360 search may be the website Yonghui, the equivalent of a commodity.

so if you walked into a large shopping mall to buy the same goods, seeking help in not, how do you find what you want to buy goods? Yes, it is the sign, suppose you want to buy Haier refrigerator, then you will find the first signs to household appliances in the area to the area, appliances in the area you’re looking for signs according to the refrigerator area, then looking for signs according to Haier refrigerator. In this way, you will find success you must find your goods, according to the signs around the road less, saving time, minimal cost to get what you want, therefore, how important is the sign for a shopping mall, I can certainly say, if a store signs are even no, this store is certainly not for a long time.

now we have another look at the search engine, if you are a commodity salesman, now you need to apply your goods on store shelves, you first need to consider what is the position? Shelf position, you need to put your goods put on a a prominent place, rather than cold in a corner, No one shows any interest in. The choice of a good shelf, how would you make your commodity sales promotion? Held a variety of promotional activities, to draw the attention of customers, concern, concern of many people, sales will naturally go up. Similarly, a website how to improve website traffic, first of all, you need to be in the search engine has a good ranking, get traffic must be more than second pages, third pages of high on the front page of the website; second station promotion, also is the chain, a web site, especially new sites, the beginning will have good rankings, how does that do? Need a lot of effective outside chain (effective refers to the non junk chain), with a large number of the chain guide users to visit your website and the spider. Third, the quality of website content to be high, said here the content quality is not only the original degree of the article, the website also includes the internal structure, the chain construction, the title of the article is to attract people and so on, if the user in your website in a minute without access to what he wants, he will leave your website.

Don’t need to change the thinking of Shanghai Dragon Technology into a dead end

Shanghai dragon

, the + chain extension mode

1, combined with the line resources.

this industry because of the low entry barriers, the increasingly intense competition. With the search engine of Shanghai dragon in this industry to increase efforts to crack down, if you want to quickly put the new ranking up rapidly, often have to spend more energy than before. The author of their own examples and friends in the story, also said that Shanghai dragon how to change ideas, to seek better development.

chain is still the most mainstream in the promotion mode. In this context, specifically responsible for the chain and dedicated to write original articles in the team also came into being. As a classification of the chain and a 500 word related to the original article price tag. If I say, Shanghai dragon you every day in the manufacture of a large number of low quality content for the Internet, and other platforms in bend over backwards to release the chain, you might say I said, Shanghai dragon should pay attention to how to optimize the structure of the site, how to carry out the keyword research, how to view the site log etc.. The main line of the promotion, I also go with the chain, but many webmaster, will feel very embarrassed, an optimization and promotion team, is responsible for the construction of the editor, the chain Commissioner responsible for the construction of the external links, professional art and program planning, grassroots webmaster you what will find you are not fine. Even if you work and study hard, but the Shanghai dragon in this field involves a lot of knowledge, it is a must to combat experience as the main industry, you go technical route within a short time, it is difficult to express a leader in Shanghai dragon. And you’re proud of writing speed, and the chain release techniques, there are many specialized studio at a very low price, more professional operation completely replace you.


optimization ideas change I was also confused can not go

A is the author of a friend, about one year experience in website optimization. A is one of the current situation in the maintenance of five or six stations, year >

Shanghai dragon’s goal is what? The optimization goal is to make your site more accurate flow of Shanghai dragon. The most direct, I believe the majority of people also like the author, for money, improve their quality of life and family. Since the Shanghai dragon is for profit, we might not put the idea change over, not just staring at the rankings fluctuations of some key words, feel all day by search engines such as the roller coaster at.

of course, you have a lot of kinds of currently available software, not within the scope of this paper. The search engine algorithm in constant adjustment, and took a set of software for the temporary day than do go always on tenterhooks, regular route.

every day for Internet content and garbage like paste like dogskin plaster bend over backwards, outside the chain life. However, in addition to the code and send the chain, I can not find a suitable way out. Glad I met some friends to change ideas.


Experience, change the space of website optimization

this is all do not want to see the results, also lost the old Cao for timely replacement in space before and after, in order to make the site optimization will not cause more severe damage, so no matter from the chain or from the original are under a lot of effort, will miserably recruit him. Have to say is lucky. In fact, I have a doubt, now love Shanghai to replace space punishment so big, before this factor is almost negligible, we can see that this factor in the love of Shanghai seems to have very important, so we late for space also needs to be oh, there is a website space as far as possible not to use cheap, inevitable could you change the space one day.

website rankingThe first is the snapshot of love

many webmaster friends certainly changed space, there may be many reasons, such as spatial instability, space access speed can not meet the current amount, the size of the space can not meet the current file size, Laocao a few days ago because the site space is not stable to replace the * * * * * * * space, but this is not changed matter to me at that site optimization effect is too big. The main effect is as follows:

3, facing the stand by K

in the above three aspects will have a direct impact on economic income. If you happen, what need to take effective measures, it is actually very simple, is replaced in the space before the data backup, so as not to lose, then prepare some original articles, and some mature high quality of the chain, don’t go to Canada, when space is replaced, then the regular the chain and content. Do sometimes, love Shanghai will reduce or ignore you for space. May the old Cao do in place or not, there may be just to catch up with the Shanghai love big update, no matter what the reason, in here and everybody was a wake-up call, look after you in action, but also need to be cautious.

Effect of

website ranking, because the station is the pharmaceutical sales site, replacing the space before the search "how to cure beriberi" the keywords ranking third, the word "beriberi" ranked ninth, second days after the change, the first words fell ninth, now just some recovery. The second key words fall directly to the fourth page, in a short period of time is expected to be difficult to bounce back. These two words everyday love Shanghai average is about 1500IP, so the loss is not generally heavy.

2, Shanghai


is a snapshot of the impact on the love of Shanghai, replacing the space before the snapshot of the slowest is love Shanghai yesterday, sometimes half an hour after the release of information can be included, it can be said that such website is the second, and most of the original articles have certain relations. But after the replacement of the snapshot space for three days later is not updated every day update, until now is to replace the space about 10 days time to return to a snapshot of yesterday.

Discussion on how to use the B2C website to bring traffic to Shanghai Dragon

at the same time, we can use the keyword tool and love from a noble baby Shanghai index search queries on the mall’s main business, service scope, classification of goods, commodity, commodity characteristics, commodity function and commercial consulting keywords spread collection.

second, selection of high quality

B2C website, also has failed, the Shanghai dragon to bring traffic are not the same. B2C for small and medium enterprises, when doing the optimization is there are some difficulties: first, the product is less, especially for the vertical segments of the B2C platform, the website of the product it may add up to 100 species. Second, key words difficult to mining, because the product is less, so the applicable keywords may feel very little. Third, the difficulty of organizing content, even by a proper method to find the keywords, then surround relevant keywords for content organization, this is a problem.

analysis of the choice of words is of vital importance to Shanghai Phoenix, we must first identify the core keywords, so as to extend more keywords. The electronic commerce website is to sell our products, so our core key word of course is the name of our product, for a single product site, the key word is the product name and product category, for the multi product website, all products are key, but need to arrange the key words to different pages to. There is a little more important is to integrate different keywords, create more keyword expansion, for example, we will be the origin of a product, performance, texture, color and so on are combined and the core keywords, is a very good keyword.

to solve these problems, the author share some B2C website about how to optimize the skills.

Optimization of the success of the

do B2C website optimization objective is to let potential customers into existing customers in the aspects of the user experience, so in this part is done. To provide good user interest and intention of the browsing experience. From the purchase before browsing, inquiry, check the whole customer service logistics links, to provide customers with satisfactory and sincere service. For example, a detailed description of the goods, payment process, order and so on, these are the points for attention. Of course, the product is not the same, these points will change, so do not have a fixed pattern, but in the process of continuous improvement.

As everyone knows


B2C website is profit by selling goods, rather than the information through the website forum, gathered popularity to sell advertising or achieve other goals, so we focus on the transformation of high quality flow. However, as a small and medium-sized B2C mall, no effect of its own brand, there is no big advertising budgets, Shanghai dragon is an important source of traffic.

keywords and miningAnd

First, the user experience of

Do anchor text and URL exposure diversification diversification

a few days ago I wrote an article "on the construction of the chain to say a few things" in A5, received many webmaster friends recognized, recommended in the A5 page, many of my friends are in the bottom of the article to deliver recommendations, the article has been in the TOP this week to occupy a position, since this I also wrote this article for the first time to get such good results, ha ha, a smile.

main keywords have a long tail, anchor links need to diversify

accepted at present

: 2 bases a keyword exchange or anchor text;


keyword is indeed the most concern is an indicator of many webmaster, through good ranking the keywords, there are many precise target customers through the search engine to the site, but this has several disadvantages of

1 long tail words flow is an important source of traffic of

now we see the sea tour so that many people are doing all the anchor text links are pointing to the home page, and then look at the rankings every day happy, only to find that the flow of small, even ranked >


issued after the article, there are many webmaster to consult with the following URL find my contact, because there are a few points is that they do not agree:

1: their home page link exchange, do not pay attention to the inside pages;

part of the webmaster cannot accept, my website clearly only one of the words, I do not do the anchor keywords? There is only one of my key words I must link to the home page, I also link to the page? In fact, this problem is very simple, we work together to discuss why not all the anchor link is just a keyword, or anchor link all point to the home page.

optimization in keywords, anchor text link is a very good method, but the webmaster want to know how to find the keywords, especially the long tail keywords, so we can through multiple flow to improve website ranking.

2 a large number of single anchor links will be considered cheating

do the long tail that would be a huge source of traffic, it is without rebuke, I believe that the flow is very important for any one site, do the main keywords to customers are accurate target customers, but increase the long tail traffic, first improve website ranking, secondly shows that the web pages are to a certain weight.

in this aspect is a profound lesson, many friends do stand exchange links and the anchor text of the chain, is one of the words as the link text, it is extremely easy to cause the search engine antipathy, because quite natural to see that this is intentional, so we need more weight by keywords anchor text links to improve the relevant keywords.

two don’t put all the anchor text link page