Milada Mesarić, TZ Velika Gorica: We want to position ourselves as a green ring around the city of Zagreb

first_imgThis year, more or less all tourist destinations can boast of an increase in arrivals and overnight stays in the first six months, but they are especially happy that some continental destinations are slowly but surely becoming better positioned on the tourist map.Thus, Velika Gorica realized 23 thousand overnight stays in the first six months, which is an increase of 35 percent, while in June alone 120 percent more overnight stays were realized than last year, according to the eVisitor system.The trend continued in July, so we are already at 26.500 overnight stays in mid-July, says the director of the Velika Gorica Tourist Board, Milada Mesarić, adding that the reason is the increase in the number of beds in Velika Gorica accommodation capacities, but also the growth of accommodation facilities.The previous month, June, recorded a huge increase. Thus, in June this year, as many as 120 percent more overnight stays were realized than in the same month last year. “New hotels were opened, and the existing facilities were renovated and categorized into a group of hotels, so in that group we recorded as much as 220 percent more overnight stays in June compared to last year. Thus, in a short period of time, three new hotels were opened, and the existing accommodation was renovated. Velika Gorica now has six hotels with over 650 beds, and to that number should certainly be added more and more holiday homes that are experiencing a positive expansion. Although the numbers may be small compared to sea destinations, for us it is still a significant increase in capacity. “ points out Mesarić, with whom I certainly agree, because it is certainly not correct to compare sea and continental destinations. These are excellent numbers and an increase in accommodation capacity, and Velika Gorica, along with the Zagreb County, is just beginning to wake up.Photo: TZ Velika GoricaThe most important advantage of Velika Gorica is the proximity of Zagreb, as well as excellent traffic connections, and thus offers Zagreb residents a real green vacation of only 20-30 kilometers from the crowds, noise and the city center.We should definitely mention the weak habit of Zagreb residents for weekends or day trips, although it is the largest market when it comes to potential within HR. However, all the surrounding destinations in the ring around Zagreb need to make a strong promotional turn, including Velika Gorica, in order to change the habits of the people of Zagreb and position themselves as an ideal green oasis for a weekend break from stress and crowds.Velika Gorica has excellent picnic areas, nature and wealth in flora and fauna, and from year to year the offer of active holidays is growing, especially through the development of cycling tourism, which are very well networked throughout the county. In the entire tourist offer as well as the motive of arrival, the beautiful and picturesque Turopolje with the riches of untouched nature should be emphasized. We should certainly praise the synergy and cooperation of the Zagreb County Tourist Board with other destinations, both through joint promotion and networking.”Unfortunately, we are still an area connected by the tourist season, ie in the context of guests passing through Zagreb, but we still managed to turn things around and try to build our story. So a couple of years ago, guests stayed in our area for 1,2 days, and this year I have growth to over 1,5 days. Our advantage is certainly the proximity of Zagreb, and we want to position ourselves as a green ring around the city of Zagreb. We all work hard to connect and promote active holidays and gastronomy, from the Zagreb County Tourist Board to all other tourist boards. We are also aware that our best tourists are our citizens of Zagreb, where there is no season and guests can come all year round. We still have a lot of room for growth, that part of the job is still waiting for us. Connectivity is something we all have to work on, we are a small country and guests can experience a lot of content in a short amount of time. We must try to keep them from passing through three countries in three days, but from staying in Croatia for those three days.”Concludes Mesarić.Property of the Dianežević family / Photo: Velika Gorica Tourist BoardIn the whole story about continental tourism, travel agencies should finally be much more active, which, in addition to the sea, sell arrangements all over the world, but not in the continent. Get out of the safe zone, you have the market in front of you as well as the customers who pass by your shop windows every day. You just have to tell them a story. Of course, tourist boards must be more active, faster, more creative and go beyond the scope of both promotional towards Zagreb and communication with travel agencies. Without synergy there is no success.As well as CNTB and MINT, which should be more active in providing both financial and logistical support. Because it is easy to develop tourism on the sea where you have a long history of tourism and a secure tourist base, while on the continent it is a completely different story. Especially the one that is still being developed and now needs concrete help in order to accelerate development and create a tourism economy as soon as possible, in order to involve the private sector more actively.Take a look at what Velika Gorica and its surroundings have to offer herelast_img read more

Area 1st Round Football Friday Sectional Scores

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first_imgWASHINGTON — Leaders of water-inundated towns in southwest Iowa are blaming the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for blundering decisions that may have contributed to the region’s widespread flooding.Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says he “absolutely” will call for an inquiry into the Corps’ actions, like ordering the town of Hamburg to remove reinforcements from a levee which protected the town in the 2011 floods. “When a town was trying to help themselves and then have to take protection down and then get flooded like they have now, where it’s probably worse than it was in 2011,” Grassley says, “we have to have a complete review of the manual that governs all that.”The Corps is also being criticized for having radically boosted releases recently from Gavins Point Dam upriver on the Missouri River and for now vowing to cut back the flow when the damage is already done. Critics say it’s far too little, too late.”Now that this flooding is taking place, to have the Corps say that some of the dams, that they’re going to shut down releases right now as the flooding is happening, not being on top of it ahead of time, trying to anticipate things,” Grassley says. “It’s ridiculous.”Defenders of the Corps’ actions say it was the perfect storm of conditions that brought the unstoppable flooding, with frozen soil, a deep snowpack that melted quickly, and heavy rain showers. Grassley disagrees and says the Corps’ should have known better.”Anticipating weather ahead of time, they just didn’t take that into consideration,” Grassley says. “The tremendous rain and storms they recently had in Nebraska is a perfect example of being out in front of it instead of always being behind the curve.”Grassley says the Corps’ river management priority list includes several elements, like maintaining water levels for commercial and recreational boating, when he says the number-one concern should be flood prevention.last_img read more

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first_imgIn a small and moving funeral ceremony Sunday, officers with the Costa Rican Public Security Ministry laid to rest one of their fellow officers, a Belgian Malinois named Kindra. The dog had passed away just hours before, from an illness.Kindra served as an official police dog for eight years. Her breed is commonly used in police work and search and rescue missions around the world. She was born in to the Costa Rican canine unit and started training as a puppy. She lived to be nine human years, about 68 in dog years.In 2013 alone, Kindra completed more than 70 jobs, including 25 site reviews for President Chinchilla and 15 searches in Juan Santamaría International Airport. She was in charge of site inspections for the areas that Presidents Barack Obama and Xi Jinping visited. Her searches produced 88 flares, 40 makeshift smoke bombs, six M40 grenades, guns and rifles.The funeral was conducted on the premises of the MPS Special Unit, in the company of other dogs and their official guides.“We regret this loss,” said Roberto Ortega, head of the Canine Unit. “Kindra was … a companion, a living being who accompanied us on many jobs and for eight years.”The Costa Rican Canine Unit was created in 1988 and currently employs 38 dogs. Officers bid farewell to their loyal friend and colleague. Courtesy of the Public Security Ministry  Facebook Commentscenter_img No related posts.last_img read more