The first print edition of The Plitvice Times travel magazine presented

first_imgA year ago, I had the honor of being a small part of the dice when launching an online travel portal – The Plitvice Times.In a conversation with one of the initiators of the portal Ante Fumić a year ago, before launching the project, it was clear that he and the entire team from the project has a clear goal and desire – to promote Lika and its surroundings through tourism to as many visitors from Croatia, especially abroad learned about the amazing tourist stories provided by Lika. A great idea and project was my reaction and advice that the portal has great growth potential, especially because it is about foreigners as a target group of readers, and is not dependent on the Croatian market. “Plitvice and Lika definitely need such a portal. Go and try, you have nothing to lose. Go ahead bravely “One hundred questions in my head, as with any new business venture, but most importantly the whole team had the courage, believed in the project, passion and ultimately a clear vision. But the most important thing is that they have started, how many projects fail because they are waiting for the “right” moment and do not even take the first step, because it is one idea and quite another to implement the idea on the market. “We’ve been working on the project for over half a year and now the magazine is finally out. It is constantly said that Plitvice, and especially the whole of Lika, are not active enough in promotion on foreign markets, so an entrepreneurial initiative was born and we have now turned the idea into reality as the only English media in the area that exclusively targets foreign markets.”Said Ante Fumić, when launching the portal a year ago.Day by day, The Plitvice Times project positioned itself excellently on the media scene, knocking out the first perfume as an authentic and unique souvenir. Yes, a perfume, and not just any perfume, but a premium perfume based on orchids, moss and plums that grow in the Plitvice area. The goal is to reach a million visits, we are waiting for that goal to be fulfilled. Step by step, day by day, the Plitvice Times portal will be, in fact already, the first place for all tourist information about Plitvice, Lika and the surrounding area in English.Today, the whole project has gone a step further, and the first printed edition has been presented travel magazine The Plitvice Times.The tourist magazine is the only one of its kind in the wider area of ​​Plitvice and its goal is to interest many tourists who visit the wider area of ​​Plitvice every day with the interesting content of the surrounding destinations. “The Plitvice Times, is the first and only tourist magazine that covers this area, and is intended primarily for many foreign tourists who come here, but also for all potential visitors who are just planning their trip, because it will come to life on the online platform. The goal is to present to the readers all the beauties and experiences of this area and to interest them to stay longer in Plitvice.”Point out the editorial board of the tourist magazine The Plitvice Times.The first printed edition brings fresh information, many interesting stories, beautiful photos and personal experiences, so you can read articles about the abandoned air base Željava, the castle in Ozalj, an active vacation at the foot of Plješivica, an emotional story from Rastoke, but also little-known facts about orchids and a perfume created in honor of that valuable plant. ”“Humans of Plitvice ”is a category in which tourists who enjoy their touring experiences are prominent, and local people from the Plitvice area are not forgotten, so this time you will find the story of Tamara, a travel blogger who travels to the world from Plitvice. You can also find out the connection between the planetarily popular Oprah Winfrey and Plitvice, as well as why Italian Vogue chose this place for its special photoshoot. “They conclude in their statement.Otherwise, the magazine will be published according to the seasons, and the next issue is expected in January 2019. Of course, it is important to emphasize that the portal and the magazine are exclusively in English, and it is planned to start with other languages, especially Chinese.We need such entrepreneurs and ambassadors of Croatian tourismBut to get back to the beginning of the story again, the team behind the whole project bravely set off, they didn’t wait for the right moment because it’s never there, the right moment is always now. They set out to test the idea in the market and see how the whole project would develop. And that is a very important entrepreneurial message. Just get going, even though the project fails, you tried, you did your best, but you didn’t sit in the safety of your couch and whine on Facebook. Trust me, if the project ends ingloriously, you will learn a lot, mostly so far and meet some new people as well as open some new doors.And again, going to the print edition of a magazine in Croatia is crazy for most, both because of the high production costs and the chaos on the media scene, not to mention future potential sponsors to make the whole project financially worthwhile.Be like the team from The Plitvice Times. The right moment is now. Go and set clear goals, not desires. It’s one thing to want something, it’s another when you set clear goals for yourself.What is your new travel story?Related news:“THE PLITVICE TIMES” – THE FIRST TOURIST MAGAZINE IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROMOTING STORIES FROM ALL OVER THE CHARACTERPLITVICE GOT ITS PREMIUM PERFUME AS A TOURIST AUTHENTIC SOUVENIRlast_img read more

Australian university to lead longevity risk research for LLMA

first_imgThe Life & Longevity Markets Association (LLMA) has asked Australia’s Macquarie University to research the basis risk for longevity risk transactions.Supported by the University of Waterloo in the Canadian province of Ontario, the Australian National University in Canberra and Mercer Australia, the Sydney-based university, will seek to design a “readily applicable methodology” for use in longevity risk indices.“Such mortality indices are often used in pension benefits and annuitant liabilities, as well as in providing actuaries with key data,” the LLMA said in a joint statement with the UK’s Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA), which is also supporting the research.The LLMA and UK actuarial body said the project was the second step in its research, building on phase one, which concluded in 2014 and developed the methodology to be used by the Australian and Canadian institutions. Colin Wilson, president-elect of the IFoA, said the institute was “delighted” to be announcing its partners for the next step of its research.“Managing longevity risk is a major concern for pension funds and life insurance companies,” he said.“The practical application of assessing basis risk will be useful to many in the industry.”Jackie Li, associate professor at Macquarie University, noted that longevity increases posed significant challenges to pension-fund sponsors and governments.“It is of utmost importance to find theoretically sound and also practically feasible approaches to manage longevity risk,” she said.“In particular, the use of population-based mortality indices has great potential to deal with this risk, but the problem of the existence of basis risk remains unsolved.”The development of a functioning longevity risk market has long been desired by a number of academic bodies.The OECD has repeatedly called for governments to consider intervening and growing the market by issuing longevity bonds.last_img read more

Ben Zobrist set to begin road to return as Cubs continue to struggle

first_imgTwo days after shoring up their lineup and bench at the trade deadline, more help is on the way for the Cubs. Ben Zobrist, who has been on the restricted list for nearly three months, will join the Cubs’ Single-A South Bend affiliate Friday as he begins his road back to the majors. Cardinals have ‘high level of frustration’ about quiet trade deadline, president says While the Cubs have indicated at various points since then that they expected Zobrist back this season, the final year of his contract, there has been no concrete timetable for his return. Team president Theo Epstein said on 670 The Score Friday that the team will give Zobrist plenty of time to ensure he’s ready. “We’re expecting this to take most of if not all of August,” Epstein said. “He’s been working out. He’s been performing baseball activities on his way, but he’s obviously got to see a lot of live pitching. We’ll see how it goes. He’s going to start with three games in South Bend and then take a few days off, (so as) not to do too much too soon and then reassess. I think it’s safe to say there will be a number of spots at a number of different affiliates and certainly there will be some Triple-A time before he ultimately comes up here.”Zobrist was the MVP of the 2016 World Series in his first year after coming over from the Royals, where he also won a title in 2015. He previously played for Cubs manager Joe Maddon in Tampa Bay, where he made his major league debut in 2006. Maddon will take all the help he can get at this point as the Cubs’ postseason hopes hang in the balance. Chicago slipped behind St. Louis in the NL Central with an 8-0 loss to the Cardinals on Thursday, recording only one hit in the process. That came from Nicholas Castellanos, the Cubs’ marquee acquisition at the trade deadline. He and fellow newcomer Tony Kemp both got starts Thursday, but Maddon indicated he’ll be playing the hot hand with his lineups the rest of the way.  “We just have to put out there what we consider to be the right thing to do,” Maddon said before the game, via ESPN. “I can’t be as aware, in a sense, as I was last year, in giving guys plate appearances and at-bats, developmentally speaking. We have two months to put our best foot forward. I will move guys in and out, but I don’t feel as compelled to do it as I felt last year.”It’s big boy time.”Zobrist had an anemic .596 OPS through 26 games when he stepped away from the team, but he has come up huge in pressure situations before. It looks like he’ll have a chance to do so one more time.center_img The 38-year-old utilityman is set to DH for South Bend on Friday, the Chicago Tribune reported, but is not expected to address the media. Zobrist last played on May 6 and went on the restricted list two days later. The following week, he and his wife of more than 13 years, Julianna, separately filed for divorce — Julianna in Illinois and Ben in Tennessee, their offseason home. Related News Nicholas Castellanos reacts to being traded to Cubslast_img read more

Sumner Court Docket report: Feb. 10, 2016

first_imgby Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — The following are a list of criminal court complaints recently filed by the Sumner County Attorney’s office.These are formal charges introduced into the Sumner County District Court system. The suspects listed in the complaint have not been tried by a judge or jury unless specified otherwise. All citizens are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.•••••State of Kansas v. David McGinn— Case No: 15 CR 317.Date of birth: 1987. Address: Wichita. Date of alleged crime: June 13, 2014.Charges:Count 1A — Theft, level 9 felony. Count 1B — Theft by possession of property stolen by another. Case description: McGinn is accused on June 13, 2015, of stealing a 2003 Saturn, iPod Nano, and a leopard gym bag from another person living in Wellington. Allegedly, on June 14 about 1 a.m., McGinn drove the stolen vehicle to the Kansas Star Casino and left it there. Allegedly, the Saturn had been stolen and he knew about it. ———State of Kansas v. Frankie Camren — Case No: 15 CR 328.Date of birth: 1975. Address: Leavenworth. Date of alleged crime: August 28, 2014.Charges:Count 1 — Theft, level 7 felony. Case description: Camren is accuse of a theft at the 975 E. 80th St. home in Belle Plaine where he allegedly stole DVD players, Panasonic rechargeable razor, U.S. Triathlon hat, firearms including 12 gauge shotgun, 40 mm Glock handgun, 40 mm Taurus handgun and other property.———State of Kansas v. Michelle Stanley— Case No: 15 CR 346.Date of birth: 1976. Address: Oaklawn, Kans. Date of alleged crime: August 22, 2015.Charges:Count 1 — Disorderly conduct, Class C misdemeanor. Count 2 — Aggravated Assault, Level 7 felony. Case description: Stanley is accused of yelling profanities which accelerated into threats when another person refused to cook her food. She then allegedly grabbed a firearm and chambered a round as she argued about who should cook the food she had brought for dinner.———State of Kansas v. Josh Hiten— Case No: 16 CR 9.Date of birth: 1982. Address: Blackwell, Okla. Date of alleged crime: Dec. 23 – Dec. 26, 2015. Charges:Count 1 — Violating protective order, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Hiten is accused of violating a protective order which prevented him from making any contact with another person. He had pled guilty to domestic battery of his wife and was placed in one year probation which stipulated he would have no contact with wife. Allegedly, he sent several text messages to her without permission. ———State of Kansas v. Brian Keith Love — Case No: 16 CR 15.Date of birth: N/A. Address: WellingtonDate of alleged crime: Jan. 6, 2016Charges:Count 1 — Driving under influence, third offense in lifetime. (Love was convicted of DUI with Wellington Municipal Court, July, 2009; Sumner County District Court, December, 2003). Count 2 — Driving in violation of restricted violence, misdemeanor, Count 3 — Failure to dim lights, traffic infraction. Count 4 — Failure to provide proof in insurance, Class B misdemeanor. Case description: Love is accused of  driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol with a blood/breath alcohol concentration of .08 or more. Love allegedly was stopped in a 1990 Oldsmobile passenger car on U.S. 81 without dimming his lights for incoming vehicles. He also allegedly did not conform to the rules of a restricted driver’s license saying he can’t operate a vehicle while consuming alcohol. He also had no insurance. ———State of Kansas v. Kevin Michael Rayburn— Case No: 16 CR 16.Date of birth: 1977. Address: Houston, Texas.Date of alleged crime: Jan. 8, 2016Charges:Count 1 — Identity fraud, level 8 felony. Count 2 — Identity theft, level 8 felony. Count 3 — Forgery, level 8 felony. Case description: Rayburn is accused of presenting a blank check at the Kansas Star Casino with an account of another person. He allegedly told casino authorities he was sharing the account, but it was later learned that the account holder did not know him. He then allegedly wrote a check out for $250 falsely stating he was co-owner of the account.———State of Kansas v. Eric Taton— Case No: 16 CR 17.Date of birth: 1976. Address: Goddard, Kans.Date of alleged crime: Dec. 31, 2015Charges:Count 1 — Defective windshield, traffic infraction. Count 2 — Driving while suspended, Class B misdemeanor. Count 3 — Possession Marijuana, Class A misdemeanor.Count 4 — Possession drug paraphernalia, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Eaton is accused of driving a  vehicle with a defective windshield in the Kansas Star Casino parking lot. He also did not have a valid driver’s license and allegedly possessed a small amount of marijuana in a pill container, hypodermic syringes, a glass pipe and two metal spoons in the vehicle. ———State of Kansas v. Eric Bickel— Case No: 16 CR 18.Date of birth: 1971. Address: Wellington.Date of alleged crime: Jan. 4, 2016Charges:Count 1 — Aggravated indecent liberties with a child, level 4 felony. Case description: Bickel is accused of engaging with a child 15 years of age in a sexual manner.———State of Kansas v. Shawna Scarpelli— Case No: 16 CR 19.Date of birth: 1977. Address: Goddard.Date of alleged crime: Dec. 31, 2015Charges:Count 1 — Possession drug paraphernalia, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Scarpelli is accused of possessing a red straw containing methamphetamine, two glass pipes in her coat pocket, a tourniquet, a glass pipe and metal spoons.———State of Kansas v. Christopher Speckhals— Case No: 16 CR 20.Date of birth: 1988. Address: Wichita.Date of alleged crime: Jan. 11, 2016. Charges:Count 1 — Driving while suspended, Class B misdemeanor. Count 2 — Defective mirror, traffic infraction. Count 3 — Possession methamphetamine, level 5 drug felony. Count 4 — Possession drug paraphernalia, Class A misdemeanor.Case description: Speckhals is accused of driving on U.S. 81 near the Kansas Star Casino while his driver’s license was suspended, not having a mirror on the left side of the vehicle, having a small baggy of methamphetamine in his wallet, and a small red straw and small blue baggie containing meth.———State of Kansas v. Eric Wise— Case No: 16 CR 21.Date of birth: 1977. Address: Hutchinson.Date of alleged crime: Jan. 12, 2016. Charges:Count 1 — Fraudulent use of driver’s license, Class A misdemeanor. Count 2 — Interference of law enforcement, Class A misdemeanor. Count 3 — Possession methamphetamine, level 5 drug felony.Count 4 — Possession marijuana, Class A misdemeanor. Count 5 — Identity theft, level 8 felony. Case description: Wise is accused of using someone else’s driver’s license to gain entry into the Kansas Star Casino and tried to hide his true identity from the security officer working there. He then allegedly used another false name to hide his true identity because he had an active arrest warrant from Reno County. He also allegedly had a baggy of marijuana in his shaving kit in his motel room and a check to someone else in hopes of receiving benefits for which he was not entitled. ———State of Kansas v. Jason Sobel— Case No: 16 CR 22.Date of birth: 1974. Address: Wichita.Date of alleged crime: Jan. 12, 2016. Charges:Count 1 — Forgery, Level 8 felony. Count 2 — Identity theft, level 8 felony. Count 3 — Making false information, level 8 felony. Count 4 — Theft by deception, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Sobel is accused of using a fictitious name to endorse a $773.12 check in order to obtain merchandise from Orscheln’s in Wellington on an account of another person. He also allegedly had a driver’s license with the same fictitious name. ———State of Kansas v. Bradley Allyn Braun — Case No: 16 CR 23.Date of birth: 1979. Address: Wichita.Date of alleged crime: Jan. 17, 2016. Charges:Count 1 — Theft, Class A misdemeanor. Count 2 — Interference with law enforcement, Class A misdemeanor. Count 3 — Making false information, level 8 felony. Case description: Braun is accused of taking Wal-Mart merchandise including two Dyson Vacuums and a Boss car stereo receiver without paying for them. When apprehended, he was accused of not using his true name to the police officer. ———State of Kansas v. Javier Ignacio Nunez-Concha — Case No: 16 CR 25.Date of birth: 1979. Address: Wichita.Date of alleged crime: Jan. 17, 2016. Charges:Count 1 — Criminal trespass, Class B misdemeanor. Count 2 — Possession methamphetamine, level 5 drug felony. Count 3 — Possession drug paraphernalia, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Nunez-Concha is accused of going into the Kansas Star Casino when he had been banned indefinitely for using a false ID on a previous case. He allegedly possessed two small bags of methamphetamine in his pocket and had two glass pipes. ———State of Kansas v. Brian Evans — Case No: 16 CR 26.Date of birth: 1979. Address: Wichita.Date of alleged crime: Jan. 17, 2016. Charges:Count 1 — Failure to wear seatbelt, traffic infraction. Count 2 — Possession marijuana, Class A misdemeanor. Count 3 — Possession drug paraphernalia, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Evans is accused of not wearing his seatbelt, having two baggies of marijuana in a glass jar under the front passenger seat where he was sitting, and having two marijuana pipes. ———State of Kansas v. Regina Brittain — Case No: 16 CR 27.Date of birth: 1955. Address: Wichita.Date of alleged crime: Jan. 17, 2016.Charges:Count 1 — Theft, Class A misdemeanor. Count 2 — Interference with law enforcement, Class A misdemeanor. Count 3 — Possession drug paraphernalia, Class A misdemeanor. Count 4 — Possession narcotics, level 5 drug felony. Case description: Brittain is accused of taking Dyson vacuums and a stereo speakers from Wal-Mart by providing Braun (listed above) with transportation. She is also accused of helping Braun misidentify himself to a police officer once apprehended. She also allegedly had three smoking pipes, morphine tablets, oxycontin tablets and hydrocodone capsules in her purse without having a prescription in her name. ———State of Kansas v. Mandy Ferguson — Case No: 16 CR 28.Date of birth: 1989. Address: Geuda Springs.Date of alleged crime: Jan. 24, 2016.Charges:Count 1 — Domestic battery, Class B misdemeanor. Count 2 — Disorderly conduct, Class C misdemeanor. Case description: Ferguson is accused of slapping another individual. She was allegedly upset because her boyfriend had a Facebook contact with another girl and pursued him into another room when he tried to separate himself from the argument. She allegedly used abusive language at him and proceeded to break the lightbulb in a lamp by slamming it against the wall and then repeatedly slapping him. ———State of Kansas v. Corey Jennings — Case No: 16 CR 29.Date of birth: 1974. Address: Geuda Springs.Date of alleged crime: June 7, 2015Charges:Count 1 — Burglary of a dwelling, level 7 felony. Count 2 — Theft, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Jennings is accused of entering a building at 203 W. Walnut in Geuda Springs and taking a 32-inch Vizio TV.———State of Kansas v. Heather Meridith — Case No: 16 CR 30.Date of birth: 1973. Address: Wellington.Date of alleged crime: Jan. 31, 2016.Charges:Count 1 — Disorderly Conduct, Class C misdemeanor. Count 2 — Criminal damage to property, Class B misdemeanor. Case description: Meridith is accused of getting upset, yelling and slamming the front door and causing a disturbance with another person, who locked the door in hopes she would stop slamming it. She is then accused of kicking the door repeatedly putting dents in it. ———State of Kansas v. Kristina Rae Leonard — Case No: 16 CR 32.Date of birth: 1967. Address: Wellington.Date of alleged crime: Nov. 15, 2015.Charges:Count 1 — Forgery, level 8 felony.Count 2 — Conspiracy to commit forgery, level 10 felony. Case description: Leonard is accused with defrauding a landlord by altering the name on a lease by using a different name not her own. She then allegedly presented the altered lease to the Wellington City Electric Department to obtain electric service knowing she could not use her own name due to a prior unpaid bill. She allegedly agreed with another person, Justin Altis, to commit the crime of forgery by whiting out her signature on the lease and Altis signed the lease as if he were the renter for Leonard when presenting the altered lease to the city to obtain electric service. ———State of Kansas v. Jesse Henderson — Case No: 16 CR 33.Date of birth: 1953. Address: Wellington.Date of alleged crime: Dec. 12, 2015.Charges:Count 1 — Criminal damage to property, level 9 felony. Count 2 — Aggravated battery, level 7 felony. Count 3 — Assault, Class C misdemeanor. Case description: Henderson is accused of striking another person’s truck several times with his cane causing dents and breaking the window trim doing damage of about $2,075.  He then allegedly hit the same person with the cane. Later, he approached the same person again and took another swing at him.———State of Kansas v. Bobbi Santana — Case No: 16 CR 35.Date of birth: 1984. Address: Currently in Sedgwick County Jail. Date of alleged crime: Jan. 26, 2016.Charges:Count 1 — Theft, level 9 felony. Count 2 — Conspiracy to commit felony theft, level 10 felony. Case description: Santana is accused of taking a 2008 Chevy HHR vehicle and softball equipment intent of depriving the owner permanently of the possession valued at least $1,000 but less than $25,000. Santana, along with another person, allegedly entered the vehicle parked at the house in Wellington and drove it to Wichita. She was arrested in Sedgwick County while the vehicle was still in her possession. ———State of Kansas v. Zechariah Levi Voshell — Case No: 16 CR 37.Date of birth: 1989. Address: Wellington.Date of alleged crime: August 12-14, 2012Charges:Count 1 — Theft, Class A misdemeanor. Count 2 — Burglary of vehicle, level 9 felony. Count 3 — Theft, Class A misdemeanor. Count 4 — Burglary of vehicle, level 9 felony.Count 5 — Theft, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Voshell is accused of taking a 20-inch green Next Brand bike at the 1102 W. Harvey St. in Wellington. Then on Aug. 14, he allegedly took a vehicle and an ipod at 503 Morningside in Wellington. Sometime between Aug. 3 and Aug. 16, 2012 he allegedly took a lighter inside a black Ford Escape parked at 903 E. Mill St. in Wellington.———State of Kansas v. Kevin Kollmorgen — Case No: 16 CR 38.Date of birth: 1991. Address: Wellington.Date of alleged crime: February 7, 2016Charges:Count 1 — Domestic Battery, Class B misdemeanor.Count 2 — Battery, Class B misdemeanor. Count 3 — Battery, Class B misdemeanor.Case description: Kollmorgen is accused while being intoxicated, angrily pushing and punching a woman who was trying to help him up after he fell out of his chair. Allegedly, shortly thereafter he angrily hit her with an alarm clock as she was escorting him to the bedroom. He then allegedly angrily pushed and punched a 16-year-old girl, who was also helping him to the bedroom. Then when his grandfather tried to calm the situation he allegedly angrily pushed him to the floor.———State of Kansas v. Marc Wynn — Case No: 16 CR 39.Date of birth: 1973. Address: Geuda Springs.Date of alleged crime: January 29, 2016Charges:Count 1 — Domestic Battery, Class B misdemeanor. Count 2 — Assault, Class C misdemeanor. Case description: Wynn is accused of angrily grabbing a woman and forcefully placing her on the bed as he was yelling at her. She was allegedly coming off of back surgery and was afraid when Wynn forcefully pushed her that she would re-injure her back.last_img read more

USA victory for Hayley Davis

first_img England international Hayley Davis shot two-under par to win her second title on the US women’s college circuit in the annual Betsy Rawls Longhorn Invitational in Texas. She laid the foundations of the win with a superb seven-under 65 in the first round and followed up with scores of 75, 74. She had 12 birdies and an eagle during the 54-hole event. Hayley, from Ferndown in Dorset, is a student at Baylor University, Texas, and her coach, Jay Goble, commented after the final round: “Hayley played great this week. Today she did not have all the putts fall, but it was a really dominant performance.” Hayley (Image © Leaderboard Photography) is in great form. She won the English women’s stroke play championship immediately before returning to the USA and only last week was runner-up in another college tournament. Her latest result underlines her consistently strong scoring, providing her with her 13th top three finish in her college career. She has been placed in the top five 16 times. Hayley’s result helped Baylor to finish third in the team event, their best result so far this season. Her next event will be the Alamo Invitational at San Antonio, Texas, which runs from October 26 -28. 15 Oct 2014 USA victory for Hayley Davis last_img read more