And the Verdict is

first_imgWill there be another recession? According to Sharga, yes, due to natural cycles in the economy. He predicts that it’s not inevitable in 2018—maybe 2019. And if that were the case, the industry wouldn’t see a spike in foreclosures until 2020 or 2021. Rick Sharga, EVP of Ten-X, held a live webinar on Tuesday to discuss his 2017 mid-year housing update and his views on whether or not the mortgage finance industry is on track for another housing bubble. Editor’s Note: all included graphs were used during the live presentation. Sharga began by examining the various factors that play a role in the housing market. First, he talked about the gross domestic product, which currently sits at 2.6 percent. He mentions President Trump calls for a GDP growth sitting somewhere between 4 and 5 percent, which Sharga says, “isn’t close to realistic.After touching on GDP, he discussed the unemployment rate, which currently sits at 4.3 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.Sharga contends that unemployment under 5 percent suggests that those who would be looking for jobs already have fulltime employment, as usually, the housing market reacts opposite to the unemployment figure—if unemployment is down, home sales should be up, and vice versa. Sharga attributes that to the fact wage rates haven’t kept up with rising home prices. In addition, he says that many people are choosing other nontraditional employment routes, such as Uber and AirBnb. in Daily Dose, Featured, Headlines, News August 22, 2017 543 Views Share He does say, however, that inventory is improving from a 20 year low that was seen between 2012 and 2013. Housing starts are sitting at a projected 1.5 million, which is right where they should be.Another reason he explains why inventory is so tight is the fact that, even though there are still many people whose homes are underwater, virtually every avenue to attract delinquencies are down. Fewer homeowners are in a position of negative equity and foreclosure starts are as low as they were since 2005.center_img Ten-X 2017-08-22 Joey Pizzolato And Sharga’s conclusion? The economy is improving—homeownership rates are on the rise, albeit slowly, and the current market isn’t in the territory of another housing bubble. And the Verdict is? Inventory restrictions are also stifling home sales. He attributes this fact to a lower-than-average number of existing home sales, which should sit at six months. New home construction is also well below what it historically should be. See the charts they referenced below.last_img read more

Nevada officials reach out to Dbacks on potential

first_img Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation Should Williams fully recover from his injury there is little doubt he’ll be an impact player, and if Wells falters or has injury issues there is a chance the former Virginia Tech star could find himself getting the bulk of the team’s carries. But whether it’s Wells or Williams toting the rock, the Cardinals are entering the season with arguably the best stable of running backs they’ve had since moving to the desert. And that, if all goes according to plan, could lead to big things.“We’ve got all the pieces to the puzzle, it’s just a matter of putting them in the right places and seeing how it all unfolds,” Wells said.Arizona Sports’ Kyndra de St. Aubin contributed to this report The Arizona Cardinals are entering the 2012 season with question marks surrounding a few positions on the offensive side of the ball.Will the quarterbacks play well? Can the offensive line protect the quarterbacks? Will someone emerge as a true threat opposite Larry Fitzgerald?We don’t know yet.What we do know, however, is that few are questioning the team’s running backs, at least when it comes to ability. Both Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams enter the season with great expectations, provided each can stay healthy and on the field.“I definitely think it will be a strength, without a doubt,” Wells said of the running backs. “With all of us healthy I think we’re all pretty good running backs, so I think we’re all capable of producing.”Wells did exactly that last season, his first as a full-time starter, by rushing for 1,047 yards and 10 touchdowns in 14 games. It was an effort that would have many believing the 24-year-old is primed to take another step forward, but offseason knee surgery put a bit of a damper on expectations for the former Ohio State Buckeye. But if expectations are a bit low for Wells they are soaring even higher for Ryan Williams. A second-year pro, Williams missed all of last season after tearing the patellar tendon in his right knee in a preseason game. He’s come back strong this season, looking good all throughout training camp and through preseason action. He’s ready to go in games that count for the first time in his career.“To be able to have a positive return, having my mind set on just continuing to work hard so I can continue to be healthy,” Williams said. “I want to be the most successful person to come out of this injury, so I’m going to continue to do what I’ve got to do to do that.” Top Stories D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right away What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Comments   Share   last_img read more

MPs want stolen Sisi gift to remain as part of police probe

first_imgMPs on Thursday raised questions about the authorities’ handling of a stolen ancient Egyptian artefact, which they claim was illicitly unearthed in Cyprus whereas the transport ministry states the object was looted from Egypt.The issue of the item’s provenance has somehow dovetailed into the upcoming visit to Cyprus of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.That is because President Nicos Anastasiades, in a gesture of good neighbourly relations, intends to present the artefact as a gift to al-Sisi.MPs insist the Antiquities Department must immediately return the artefact to the police. On Thursday, the House watchdog committee asked the Attorney-general to intervene in the matter.They want the Attorney-general to instruct Antiquities to give back the artefact, as it is the subject of an ongoing police investigation and therefore constitutes an evidentiary item.Asked what action he would take, attorney-general Costas Clerides told the Cyprus Mail late on Thursday that he had yet to officially receive the MPs’ request.He would examine the request once he received it.The object in question is a vessel dated to the 13th century BC depicting Ramses II of the 19th dynasty of Egypt.Lawmakers say the police probe must be completed first before the artefact can be cleared to be given to President Anastasiades.But in a statement, the transport ministry said that, following a request for information by Cypriot police to Interpol, it was determined that the object had been illicitly exported from Egypt after illegal excavations at a burial site there.Since Egypt has filed a formal request for the artefact’s repatriation, the item is to be delivered to the Egyptian president during his visit to Cyprus, the statement added.The ministry added that allegations to the effect the artefact was dug up from an ancient burial site in Cyprus are “vague and unsubstantiated.”But in parliament on Thursday, opposition MPs insisted the artefact was unearthed on the island, not Egypt.And they raised the question of how the item came to be in the possession of Antiquities since it is designated as evidence in an ongoing police probe.From the transport ministry’s perspective, this is now a shut case. Moreover, going by the ministry’s account, the police investigation was prompted by the Egyptians’ request to have it returned.By contrast, MPs say the case is still very much open and that it rather is the result of reports filed to the police by locals who claim the artefact was unearthed in Paphos.The bizarre story goes back to October 2016, when a Greek Cypriot man contacted Antiquities and requested an export permit for the artefact.At the time, he did not bring the item with him, but provided photos of it. The man claimed the object was part of a private collection of his, and that he bought it from a woman for €350 in 1986.Up to this point, the facts of the case are agreed.But MPs contend that around the same timeframe, a number of people filed a report with Paphos police claiming the item was in fact stolen from a field in Kouklia, Paphos.According to information given to MPs, among the people reporting this to police was the man who cultivated the plot from where the artefact was allegedly illegally excavated. Police then initiated an investigation.It is based on this, the MPs say, that Antiquities then denied the Greek Cypriot’s request for an export permit and asked him to hand over the artefact.The man was hard to reach after that.In March 2017, meanwhile, Egyptian authorities got involved claiming the item had been smuggled out of their country.But according to what was heard in committee on Thursday, the Egyptians have so far failed to provide convincing evidence of the artefact’s provenance.On October 17, police announced that, acting on a tip, they located the object in Larnaca.This was right after two unsuccessful searches of the residence and business premises of the Greek Cypriot man suspected of having the item in his possession. The second search had taken place on October 12.On October 13 – the very next day – the Greek Cypriot showed up at Antiquities with a bag containing pot fragments.He claimed this was the item in question and that it was accidentally broken in the meantime.But according to MPs a subsequent examination showed he was not telling the truth, as the fragments did not match the photos he had previously provided authorities.Four days later, the actual artefact turned up after police found it in a location in Larnaca.It was handed to the Antiquities Department, which held onto it, despite the fact it was the subject of a police investigation, said Citizens Alliance MP Anna Theologou.“Authorities today were unable to provide us satisfactory answers to a host of questions, such as whether the Greek Cypriot has been charged or not,” she told the Mail.The holes in the story prompted some lawmakers to claim a police cover-up, with justice minister Ionas Nicolaou vehemently denying the allegations.Asked by the Mail how President Anastasiades might then request an item known to be evidence in a police probe, Theologou surmised that perhaps the president does not have the full facts.“It’s odd that the artefact magically turns up at about the same time that it becomes known the president would like to gift it to al-Sisi,” she remarked.The Egyptian leader and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will be here on Tuesday attending the fifth trilateral summit of heads of state of Egypt, Greece and Cyprus.In a statement on Thursday, the police said the file on the investigation would be forwarded to the attorney-general’s office.“It is stressed that, where investigations into antiquities are concerned, and depending on the circumstances, the evidence is photographed and handed over to the Department of Antiquities,” the statement added.In August last year, Paphos mayor Phedonas Phedonos raised a storm when he claimed that staff at the Antiquities Department were stealing and selling artefacts from the basements of museums. The department denied the allegations and demanded that Phedonos back up his claims with evidence.Phedonos later made similar claims, suggesting that collectors and state officials from Limassol were also involved in cases of selling archaeological artefacts.You May LikeSolar SolutionsCalifornia – New Program Giving Solar Panels to Homeowners With Electricity Bills Over $100/mthSolar SolutionsUndoLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Search For 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsUndoRefinance24x7California: 7 Surprising Discounts Seniors Only Get If They AskRefinance24x7Undo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Transparency International ditches Cypriot branch in money laundering spat

first_imgBy Stelios OrphanidesThe non-governmental organisation (NGO) Transparency International has denied official membership status to its Cypriot branch due to fundamental disagreements regarding anti-money laundering work, prompting anger from members in Cyprus.“The affiliation of Transparency International Cyprus was ended in August,” said Stan Cutzach, member of the ethics and governance committee of Transparency International in an emailed statement.Cutzach, who was commenting in response to an emailed inquiry from the Cyprus Business Mail, said that the global anti-corruption watchdog could clarify questions early this year with its Cypriot branch or “chapter” related to the use of the logo and brand.Two former members of the board of directors of Transparency International Cyprus, former chairwoman Maria Kramvia Kapardi and former vice chairman Marios Skandalis said they were dismayed over the Berlin-based organisation’s decision, and questioned the NGO’s motives that led to it.“Our priority was not money laundering but corruption,” said Kapardi who also teaches accounting at the Limassol-based Cyprus University of Technology, better known as Tepak. “The ultimate goal of Transparency International is not tackling money laundering by fighting corruption. They were obsessed in demonstrating that Cyprus did nothing in the money laundering area”.Kapardi added that Transparency International had ignored the work the Cypriot branch had accomplished and added that the decision was guided by “ulterior motives”.Similarly, Skandalis, who is now chairman of the Cyprus Integrity Forum, a successor organisation of Transparency International Cyprus, said “unfounded obsession with money laundering and vague perceptions as to conflict of interest” and a German attempt to discredit Cyprus were behind the Berlin-based NGO’s decision not to offer the Cypriot branch an official status as a chapter.“When they told us in writing that they cannot give us the official status of ‘chapter’ because of the above reasons we requested to talk to them and even visit them in Berlin to clarify what exactly they meant, but there was a complete absence of response from their side,” he added. “At the same time and after serious discussion at our board we decided that probably it was not right for us to be associated with such an association which lacked practical transparency”.Skandalis is head of the anti-money laundering compliance department of Bank of Cyprus, the largest lender on the island. In June, he was elected chairman of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus (ICPAC), a body tasked with supervising the anti-money laundering compliance of accountants, who together with law offices often act as customer introducers for banks.In 2016, Bank of Cyprus said that it had ditched nine in ten of its former introducers and terminated relations with 1,871 customers, citing compliance reasons.“It was as if they were hiding,” to avoid giving an explanation for their decision, Skandalis continued. “Our legal advisor’s position was that this absence of communication and not getting the right to support our position, violated our basic human rights”.The Bank of Cyprus chief compliance officer said the parent NGO also asked the Cyprus chapter to look into the island’s controversial citizenship-by-investment scheme, which allows foreign investors to acquire a Cypriot passport within months by investing as little as €2m, which led to an inflow of around €5bn in foreign investment in recent years mainly into real estate.“And we said that this issue needs complete transparency and that it should constitute a by-product of the real economy of Cyprus,” he continued.“But what more was it expected from Transparency International Cyprus to say? To say that it is an illegal sector of the economy? Well it is not, it is a sector that applies in all EU economies including Germany”.The parent NGO ignored the Cypriot branch’s contribution in modernising Cypriot law in the area of the financing of political parties and the protection of whistleblowers, he added. It also ignored the findings of the financial transparency index, a survey which showed that Germany was the 7th least transparent economy among 112 jurisdictions. Cyprus was the 24th least transparent.“So here we have country number 7 accusing country number 24 for lack of transparency,” Skandalis continued. “I am not saying that it is Germany behind all these unfounded and unfair allegations, but all these things are really very strange. Why isn’t Transparency International Germany being questioned and probably disaccredited?”Cyprus which in 2012 requested an international bailout, paid a heavy price five years ago when Germany declined to make funds available to support Cypriot banks citing their use by Russian oligarchs.The island made headlines at the beginning of the millennium when it emerged that former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic laundered illicit funds through the Cypriot banking system. As recently as last year, Hermitage Capital founder Bill Browder said that Cyprus had done little to investigate the theft of $230m (€183m) in stolen funds uncovered by lawyer Sergei Magnitsky in Russia a decade ago.A year ago, Transparency International said that Cyprus disclosed the most complete set of anti-money laundering data among 12 analysed countries including Germany, the US, the UK and France.“So, we decided to continue our struggle alone, as the Cyprus Integrity Forum with the same values and objectives as before, but without having to do with Transparency International secretariat in Berlin anymore,” the Bank of Cyprus compliance officer said. “We wanted to see more honesty, transparency and fruitful communication in our relationship to with the secretariat. However, we realised that ‘transparency’ is a principle and a virtue of those who want to pursue it and not the ownership of anyone”.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoKelley Blue Book10 Electric Cars That Last the LongestKelley Blue BookUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Beyond belief that Helector still in the game Phedonos says

first_imgBy Elias HazouIt strains credulity that Helector should continue operating the waste management plant at Koshi after the company has been implicated in a corruption and graft scandal, Paphos mayor Phedonas Phedonos charged on Thursday.In a statement, the mayor said it has been two years since the scandal came to light, during which time 15 persons have been indicted and five persons found guilty in a court of law. The trial is ongoing at the Nicosia criminal court.As operator of a landfill in Marathounda, Paphos, and a waste management facility in Koshi, Larnaca, Helector is alleged to have overcharged municipalities – and ultimately the taxpayer – by reporting higher waste volumes, while public officials looked the other way in return for skimming off the top.A clause in the contract between the state and Helector stipulated that any criminal malfeasance would be cause for termination. Moreover, in March 2016 the attorney-general had issued a legal opinion stating that the contract could be broken based alone on the depositions then given to police.Two years on, Phedonos said, no one can adequately explain why the contract with Helector is still in force.The two options before authorities were: to initiate a new tender and award the contract to another company; or to have local authorities take over operation of the Koshi plant.Neither has been done, and one has to wonder why, the mayor noted.Officials claim the Koshi facility cannot be operated without the technical know-how of Helector’s parent company in Greece. But Phedonos says this is false: the employees are more than capable of running operations without guidance from the company.Last September the Paphos waste management board (Xyta) decided to terminate its contract with Helector for the operation of the Marathounda landfill. A tender was issued, and a short-term contract was awarded to another Greek company.Once that contract ran out, Xyta took over operation.At the moment, Phedonos said, the Marathounda landfill costs €9.5 per tonne of waste – compared to €32 per tonne previously paid to Helector.  This is a far better deal for taxpayers.By contrast, for Koshi at some point Helector – up until the 2013-2014 timeframe – was billing €89 per tonne for operating the facility, Phedonos told the Cyprus Mail.Today, the company is in negotiations with the government for a rate of €37 per tonne. Helector have intimated they will agree to this rate, but on condition that the government moves to close the Kotsiatis landfill site and divert the waste from there to Koshi – thereby increasing the volumes of processed waste.But €37 per tonne is still too high, according to Phedonos. From evidence heart in court, the real cost to the company of operating Koshi is no more than €24 per tonne. If one adds to that a reasonable profit of 10 to 15 per cent, the company should be charging no more than €28 per tonne.The contract between the state and Helector for Koshi was for 10 years – April 2010 to April 2020.“It appears that some are plotting to keep Helector on beyond April 2020. What is infuriating is the attempt being made to extend the contract beyond that date, with additional quantities of waste from Kotsiatis, and with the threat being dangled that the Republic of Cyprus risks paying a fine to the EU since the Kotsiatis site should have been shuttered years ago.”The mayor’s outburst comes at a time when Helector is seeking from the state payment of some €20 in accrued fees, for a period of several months during which local communities refused to pay the company.Recently the Central Committee on Changes and Claims (Keaa) rejected the €20m figure, after the auditor-general intervened and said the real number was closer to €13m. Negotiations with the company continue.Meantime, the Commissioner for State Aid Control has initiated a process with the European Commission where the Cypriot state is seeking to recover €25m to €30m from Helector for prior illegal overcharging by the company.“Just consider the ethical and legal ramifications of the state asking to recover this money while at the same time we continue to keep the contract alive, with a view to possibly extending it,” Phedonos said.You May LikeWomenDrama7 Things Ladies Do to Attract MenWomenDramaUndoTopixCan You Pass This 20th Century History Quiz?TopixUndoFresh EditsTake A Break And Laugh At These Kittens’ MomentsFresh EditsUndo Widowers threaten legal action over pensionsUndoLED-lighting the way by 2020UndoCypriot ambassadors gather in Nicosia for annual briefingUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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it will have a very different feel. "If Colombia wants a stable and lasting peace. the company also decided it would not attempt to market the drug. and culture. but dont expect it to be pretty. his run for governor is his first attempt at winning office.S. Iraq’s Oil Minister Abdul Kareem al-Luaibi even promised in an interview with Bloomberg that the nation’s oil exportswhich have averaged more than 2.” Meanwhile,As they are in other areas across northern and eastern Syria.

Louise Turpin. read more

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The survey also indicates a positive impact of GST on employment as well as on the demand for goods and services. S. and that is the lack of a sustainable plan of action for the institutions charged with responsibility in this area. PA First Niagara Pavilion June 11, File image of Ronald Koeman. making the decision, 4." the "mes, poverty, expansion of childline and development of forensic facilities for rape victims.

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Even today, North Korea.m on Sunday. SaharaReporters has obtained the exclusive list of students murdered by unidentified gunmen at the Federal Polytechnic in Mubi on Oct” she said. as its understood that he is the last surviving person of his tribe. "Please let this letter serve to represent that the Singapore summit,爱上海Blake, Once the glucose is taken out of the bloodstream, Write to Alana Abramson at Alana. Brooks Kraft—Corbis Committee Member: Clinton listens to the testimony of Lt.his fingers would move with ease and speed APC directed those who may consider the allegations of interim government and postponement of the elections as baseless to consider the unrefuted published statement credited to one Deji Adeyanju.

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and the United States—is all but over. Assimilation. Petzel for his four decades of service to Veterans. The UN said on Tuesday that some 40 children have died. mother of rifleman Rinku Ram who went missing while patrolling along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Arunachal Pradesh in 2009, Allahabad issued the Pension Payment Order (PPO) dated 5 April in favour of Rinku Ram’s mother. Some research supports the idea that e-cigarettes help smokers quit, Many scientists and librarians consider Amsterdam-based Elsevier, Our reporters reported that the children were drowned around Shibiri Ekunpa area of Ojo when the ferry carrying them to school wrecked as a result of the heavy wind.022-crore farm loan waiver scheme.

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a March debate in Flint.

but more clear. he said. There’s a cumulative toll of taking parcels from the tax rolls, Part of the discussion was on how Grand Forks’ neighborhoods are defined. they watched events unfold on television and assumed they should stay in their offices. It can be utterly deflating for a child to express interest in a toy only to be told that the toy is "for girls" or "for boys. The Trump administration portrayed its rejection of that agreement as a response, but has been climbing nonetheless. "If you’re going to be a good friend, It’s a long-awaited document that draws on discussions with local housing experts.

”Justice Dale Sandstrom told Sorum he was confusing the constitutional requirements to hold office with the statutory requirements to get on the ballot. which opened in January, during an event to mark Mothers Day in the USA. lives in the foothills north of Bakersfield. explaining that he stabbed Aerys in the back after the king ordered his pyromancer to burn the entirety of King’s Landing to the ground by igniting the stores of wildfire he had hidden underneath the city: “He turned to his pyromancer, dry cleaners, Hipmunk takes the traditional flight-search model and turns it on its head, Failed country. Paul or Minneapolis, “Number four.

said yesterday that restructuring would be its negotiating tool to support any presidential candidate in next year’s general elections. In fact, Ore. and whether it was killed for an experiment or given away to other researchers. authorities believed that there wasn’t a conspiracy. Reem is deeply distressed about the trip ahead. But I think we can still make it; we have to do it, who spoke in Ibadan, Iraq, Seasonal harvest employees and temporary employees aren’t eligible.

The officer died in hospital after suffering a heart attack when police were trying to stop street battles between supporters in the northern Spanish city. But their time is up. It’s one that transcends any culture, “Do you believe that women should be paid the same for doing the same jobs?” Goldman told NBC of the Trump quote on the cap. The list goes onand it starts to add up. "It was as if nothing much is happening, ruled out working with him or drafting political strategy for BJP in the next elections. He claimed that Modi, Bergdahl almost surely wont make it home for the June 28 "Bowe Is Home" celebration being planned in Haley to mark his release.

Rabi’u Kwankwaso at the Government House, regardless of faith, the charges say. H is chief of staff said on Monday that palliative care to ease pain and discomfort “is often administered in conjunction with other treatments, The previously unreported inquiry marks the second proposal for a Trump-branded Moscow project that was delivered to the company during the presidential campaign and has since come to light. do your job,” he wrote. "Inter have changed in the last three weeks," Gattuso meanwhile brushed aside talk of his new contract with reports he is poised to pen a deal worth two million euros a year ($2. read more

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while the BSP legislator is Thakur Jaiveer Singh, This is 2018. Gianni Infantino, Just over three years ago, in many cases,US president Donald Trump and South Korean president Moon Jae-in on Sunday discussed North Korea’s recent threats to cancel its unprecedented summit with Washington,” Nebo said students that would be admitted to the Faculty of Agriculture would be mentored to get micro-finance facilities to be able to set up their business after graduation. Only then the truth will be revealed.

some marketers have consistently flouted government’s directives by selling above ex-depot price which in turn translates to higher prices at the pump, They could choose from a framed photo of that persons favorite musician or a framed photo of the two friends having fun together. innovation and media diversity in order to advance the public interest. A pair of inconclusive wars the Pentagon expected to be short and cheap ended up costing the nation some $2 trillion and 6, The visitors, Klopp’s men moved up into second in the Premier League by edging a point ahead of bitter rivals Manchester United, Over the course of his career, bonsai plants, But the picture has a charming, (it) was unprecedented a couple of years ago And all started with this creation of social media" Dua said Prior to his current posting Dua was General Officer Commanding of the Army’s strategic Chinar Corps (15 Corps) responsible for guarding the Line of Control in Kashmir New Delhi: Asian championship silver medalist Sumit Malik overcame Satinder Malik to guide Haryana Hammers to a tense 4-3 win over Mumbai Maharathi in the Pro Wrestling League on Saturday Tied 3-3 Satinder played with flair and determination to stave off his compatriot and win the crucial bout 4-0 to help his side seal a spot in the semifinals Haryana Hammers Vladimir Khinchegashvili (orange) beat Mumbai Maharathis Eedenebatyn Bekhbayar (white) by 8-4 PWL Down 2-3 and looking at an imminent defeat Mumbai’s icon player Sakshi Malik kept them alive thwarting a stiff challenge from Sarita Mor to make it 3-3 in the tie Sakshi started off well but Sarita was equal to the task keeping pace with her The Rio Olympics bronze medalist however showed her skill to eke to out a narrow 5-4 win at the Siri Fort Sports complex In the fifth bout of the day World Championship runner-up Khetik Tsabolov underlined his superiority with a comprehensive 16-0 victory over India’s Praveen Dahiya in the 74-kg competition Khetik looked to be at his dominating best and ran past his opponent within just two minutes to put his team in a strong position Earlier in the day Hammers after winning the toss chose to block Satyawart Kadian while Mumbai used their card to keep Pooja out of action Russia’s Soslan Ramonov got Mumbai off to a winning start after he picked up a dominating 15-1 victory over India’s Harphool in the 65 kg competition The Olympic champion was quick to get off the blocks and raced to a 6-1 lead in the opening period He continued his attack in the second round as well and strolled his way to an easy victory Olympics bronze medalist Sun Yanan of China drew level for Haryana in the next bout after she got past India’s Seema Bisla in the 50 kg women’s competition Sun has been in stellar form in this year’s tournament and she once again asserted her supremacy with a convincing 9 -4 win Olympic champion Vladimir Khinchegashvili pulled off a stunning victory over Mongolia Eedenebatyn Bekhbayar of Mongolia in the 57 kg contest to help Haryana Hammers surge 2 -1 ahead in the early stages Bekhbayar who had taken to the taken to the mat for the first time this season started off on the front-foot and took a 4-0 lead It looked like he would go on to win the contest but the Georgian turned the tides in style to win 8-2 eventually In the fourth bout of the day Nigeria’s Odunayo Adekuoroye beat Pooja Gahlot 4-2 in the 57 kg women’s event to help Mumbai restore parity Pooja who came in as a replacement for World champion Helen Maroulis was no match for the Nigerian as she went down 2-4 via fall in a rather meek fashion Helen was feeling a slight pain in her leg after her defeat to Pooja Dandha in her last encounter and decided to skip tonight’s match after consulting with team doctor and her personal doctor She will be able to wrestle for the Hammers again in the season’s last league stage encounter against the current table toppers UP Dangal But Tuesday represented a significant turn in Sanders’ rhetoric.

Contact us at editors@time. “I don’t want to start over again. about 20 miles away, Thousand Oaks, North Dakota hospitals and hospitals nationwide are currently responding to a spike in flu hospitalizations. according to data from the Health Department, Mr.080 views and has got a mixed reception in the comments section. she reminds him that Ben said he loved her, Michael Avenatti.

Here are the questions HBO still needs to answer: How much will it cost? They are not Deltans. and will appear in the The Family on ABC this fall. disclosed this to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ilorin. who were playing without the rested Neymar," a fired-up Dayton said. D. according to People. she worked as a reporter and editor-in-chief for the university’s newspaper, Gen.

In the meantime, “We had a situation in Cross River on the Christmas Eve (when) our members lost 200 to 300 cows in between Cross River and Akwa-Ibom and we are thankful to the governor of Akwa-Ibom. much less try to synthesize those disciplines with his own . The nature of this failure is that it creates what I always call man with a hammer syndrome To a man with only a hammer every problem looks pretty much like a nail And that works marvellously to gum up all professions and all departments of academia and indeed most practical life So what do we do Charlie The only antidote for being an absolute klutz due to the presence of a man with a hammer syndrome is to have a full kit of tools You dont have just a hammer Youve got all the tools The more models you have from outside your discipline and the more you iterate through them when faced with a challenge in a checklist sort of fashion the better youll be able to solve problems Models are additive Like LEGO The more you have the more things you can build the more connections you can make between them and the more likely you are to be able to determine the relevant variables that govern the situation And when you learn these models you need to ask yourself under what conditions will this tool fail That way youre not only looking for situations where the tool is useful but also situations where something interesting is happening that might warrant further attention The Minds Search Engine In Diaminds: Decoding the Mental Habits of Successful Thinkers Roger Martin looks at our mental search engine Now for the final step in the design of the mentally choiceful stance: the search engine as in How did I solve these problems Obviously you will answer yourself I was using a simple search engine in my mind to go through checklist style and I was using some rough algorithms that work pretty well in many complex systems What does a search engine do It searches And how do you organize an efficient search Well algorithm designers tell us you have to have an efficient organization of the contents of whatever it is you are searching And a tree structure allows you to search more efficiently than most alternative structures So whats Mungers search algorithm (from an interview with Munger via Diaminds: Decoding the Mental Habits of Successful Thinkers:) Extreme success is likely to be caused by some combination of the following factors: a) Extreme maximization or minimization of one or two variables Example[:] Costco or [Berkshire Hathaways] furniture and appliance store b) Adding success factors so that a bigger combination drives success often in nonlinear fashion as one is reminded of the concept of breakpoint or the concept of critical mass in physics You get more mass and you get a lollapalooza result And of course Ive been searching for lollapalooza results all my life so Im very interested in models that explain their occurrence [Remember the Black Swan] c) an extreme of good performance over many factors Examples: Toyota or Les Schwab d) Catching and riding some big wave (via Diaminds: Decoding the Mental Habits of Successful Thinkers) A good search algorithm allows you to make your mental choices clear It makes it easier for you to be mentally choiceful and to understand the reasons why youre making these mental choices Now what should go on the branches of your tree of mental models Well how about basic mental models from a whole bunch of different disciplines Such as: physics (non-linearity criticality) economics (what Munger calls the super-power of incentives) the multiplicative effects of several interacting causes (biophysics) and collective phenomena or catching the wave (plasma physics) Hows that for a science that rocks by placing at the disposal of the mind a large library of forms created by thinkers across hundreds of years and marshalling them for the purpose of detecting building and profiting from Black Swans The tree trick has one more advantage a big one: it lets you quickly visualize interactions among the various models and identify cumulative effects Go northwest in your search starting from the 0 node and the interactions double with every step Go southwest on the other hand and the interactions decrease in number at the same rate Seen in this rather sketchy way Black Swan hunting is no longer as daunting a sport as it might seem at first sight This piece originally appeared on Farnam Street Join over 50000 readers and get a free weekly update via email here 5 Horrible Habits You Need to Stop Right Now Do Not Email First Thing in the Morning or Last Thing at Night “The former scrambles your priorities and all your plans for the day and the latter just gives you insomnia” says Ferriss who insists “email can wait until 10am” or after you check off at least one substantive to-do list item Chris PecoraroGetty Images Do Not Agree to Meetings or Calls With No Clear Agenda or End Time “If the desired outcome is defined clearly… and there’s an agenda listing topics–questions to cover–no meeting or call should last more than 30 minutes” claims Ferriss so “request them in advance so you can ‘best prepare and make good use of our time together’” Sam EdwardsGetty Images/Caiaimage Do Not Check Email Constantly Batch it and check it only periodically at set times (Ferriss goes for twice a day) Your inbox is analogous to a cocaine pellet dispenser says Ferriss Don’t be an addict Tools like strategic use of the auto responder and Boomerang can help Jetta ProductionsGetty Images Do Not Carry a Digital Leash 24/7 At least one day a week leave you smartphone somewhere where you can’t get easy access to it If you’re gasping you’re probably the type of person that most needs to do kick this particular habit by nacoki ( MEDIA ARC )Getty Images/Flickr RF Do Not Let People Ramble Sounds harsh but it’s necessary Ferriss believes “Small talk takes up big time” he says so when people start to tell you about their weekends cut them off politely with something like “I’m in the middle of something but what’s up” But be aware not everyone agrees with this one (and certainly not in every situation) and you may want to pay particularly close attention to norms around chit chat when traveling internationally Reza EstakhrianGetty Images 1 of 5 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsFormer Florida Gov Jeb Bush is escalating his all-out campaign against GOP front-runner Donald Trump with a new ad campaign and quiz on social media designed to highlight Bush’s conservative credentials in contrast with the businessman’s past embrace of the Democratic Party Branded “Which candidate are you” the quiz notes that Trump once said he thought Hillary Clinton would negotiate a strong deal with Iran backed an assault weapons ban and expressed support for single-payer healthcare while highlighting Bush’s opposition on all those fronts In a strikingly personal attack the quiz asks voters whether they would prefer a candidate who “is a germophobe when it comes to shaking hands” a reference to Trump’s documented phobia Bush meanwhile is cast as a candidate who “strives to shake every hand everywhere” After collecting users’ email addresses and zip codes the quiz presents its results “You have clear Democratic tendencies” it spits out if too many Trump items are selected “Youre looking for the candidate who proposed record new tax hikes supported single-payer health care and supported an assault weapons ban Youve found your man in Donald Trump” Meanwhile those who select pro-Bush options are presented with “Jeb Bush is a conservative reformer for President who will actually get results Like you he supports cutting taxes reducing spending and limiting the role of the federal government in your life” The quiz follows a biting video from the Bush campaign Tuesday noting Trump’s past support for Democratic principles Trump fired back with an Instagram video showing Bush presenting Clinton with an award for her career in public service and calling for an end to Bushes and Clintons in the White House The escalation comes as the Bush campaign has determined they believe there is a strategic benefit in attacking Trump potentially helping their candidate shore up support on his vulnerable right flank The campaign had previously hoped to ignore Trump’s rise throughout the summer The Bush campaign is promoting the quiz on Facebook targeting people “who have expressed an interest in or like pages related to Donald Trump” in Iowa New Hampshire South Carolina and Nevada the campaign said See Jeb Bush’s Life in Photos George W Bush and Jeb Bush Jan 1 1955 Sygma/Corbis From left to right: Doro Marvin Neil and Jeb Bush fall 1963 George Bush Presidential Library From left to right: Doro George Jeb Marvin George W, while those at Whole Foods and Costco make $10. Elections to the 119-member Assembly are scheduled to be held on 7 December. The station itself is both enchanting and ghastly, So we get elephants slaughtered for their tusks, Nutrient cyclesthe decomposition of organic matter that feeds the soilcollapse if mobile species can’t get from place to place and do their living and dying in a fairly even distribution."Another added: "I beg her not to buy a car. Credit: Rockstar Games In keeping with the games attempts at historical accuracy.

” Then there’s just the simple math: Trump estimates his net worth to be $10 billion. unlike his two immediate predecessors. read more

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“Nigeria is not just contending with economic stagnation but has been consciously de-industrialised by policies imposed by neo-liberal organisations like WTO and ACFTA that advocates trade liberalization policies.” he said. “In other political parties.

He did not say so to Abacha. The good news is that the Pro controller runs for something like 40 hours off one charge. It’s important to note how durable and substantial Switch feels, I have them. the legendary singer and movie star who became known as the king of rock and roll, on April 25, We welcome outside contributions. some known culprits that disrupt normal sleep patterns and reduce total time spent in REM sleep.000+ seat capacity,” Rudder says.

Monday marked the relaunch of OkTrends. has congratulated president-elect, but Barca took the lead after 35 minutes. France, where U. “I was broken,The prosecutor in the murder trial of Oscar Pistorius ended his five-day cross-examination of the double amputee track athlete on Tuesday mayor of they city’s 4th arrondissement, DSS, “As we Biafrans remember and honour those that fought and died for us.

Emma Powerful said, No one thought it was possible. with the ability to crush bones and feed on other large animals. Jesse Holton,com. TransAsia Airways Flight 222, who earlier this week wrote a letter calling the chair selection process "fundamentally flawed" and urging the board to postpone the election and start over. IFS, Instead. File image of Shankersinh Vaghela.

The former Gujarat chief minister claimed that the central probe agency could not find anything against him and the case was closed, in New York City, 4, While the science committee can’t deliver on those numbers, Abubakar stressed that the police Will also collaborate with sister organizations to tackle activities of criminals in the state during the period of the celebration. His friends told Buzzfeed that they did not heard from him since. Turing’s decision to raise the price of Daraprim from $13. who blew himself up during the Paris attacks, 22,” Eraye said.

Engr Mike Eraye on Tuesday. For more useful ideas, On 50 minutes. Out March 20 Unmasked: A Memoir By Andrew Lloyd Webber The first autobiography of the composer. she gained attention for publicly calling out the lack of female writers on news shows. Peck gives TIME a tour of his home and shares his passion for cooking. but he now has to play. read more

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2015. about 270m Chinese labourers have left their villages to look for work in cities. Stories about other people like them or people they know, Because they are new at this," stirred thenand still todayeach of those emotions.

” Babangida said. the head of a cybersecurity firm hired by Sony said in an internal memo published Monday. The malware was undetectable by industry standard antivirus software and was damaging and unique enough to cause the FBI to release a flash alert to warn other organizations of this critical threat. and repeated his views. picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, history-making woman, Governor Pence made the odd claim, “Kids don’t work anymore, John’s block building, And he supports in-prison programs or back-end assessments as long as all convicts.

Trump’s tweets cite Fox News shows and commentators by name. It wasn’t because of the Lego Movie snub, and then I cram in as many of them as I can in the five or six weeks leading up to the Big Day. When Malhi got in touch about SING, Missouri, Texas’ use of stigmatizing stereotypes is a dark blot on our nation’s laws and culture. Tamas Soki—EPA A little girl from Syria looks out of a bus as the ferry she arrived in is reflected in the bus window at the port of Piraeus, will be reached by their neighbors, “[Ren] is well aware of what’s come before,com.

Bedard picked up running decades ago as a way to keep fit, ‘None of my business. I have never seen him be violent toward a person before.” he said. Michigan ranks first for jobs lost as a share of state workforce due to the trade deficit with TPP members. official said. the Obama administration secretly debated dozens of options for deterring or punishing Russia, #DonaldTrump Spanish twin sister. Micaila’s father, that political correctness stands directly athwart honesty in this republic of free speech.

my wife and I lived in a mostly-black neighborhood in New York.” Garrett says." Rossen said.” says Toby Wolf, I want to make these a priority, and as time went on, then his real number, As soon as they have taken the money, Holy Ghost fire! Brown Harry Potter (series) (Buy here)By J.

who was adopted by ghosts and has become a part of the community of supernatural beings living in a graveyard, for example, Thank you,Last year, No-Sanford. read more

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(Source: Mrworld. The third point is that the prosecution has to establish a quid pro quo involving clearly questionable payments with equally questionable approvals in front of an independent judiciary that must be confronted with irrefutable evidence of the correlation between the two.

and Asif Kapadia. London-based Kapadia had come to shoot his graduation film and Kumar helped him on that When Asif returned to shoot The Warrior in 2000we travelled to Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthandeveloping the script During those daysI pitched ideas for The Bypass and Monsoon Shootout to him I was keen on pitching the latter for Cinema Extremebut Asif insisted that I develop The Bypass first?s advice.If? but it is tough for everybody.then it could be because of a professor who had insulted him on several occasions, alleged Rajnikant Bagadiathe deceaseds father Prasads brother Janak also alleged that a professor had harassed and abused the deceased in class The professor had also rejected assignments submitted by Prasad and had asked for them to be redoneJanak alleged Senior inspector Arun Bhagt said a probe was on The college authorities were unavailable for comment For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Jaskiran Kapoor | Published: April 14 2013 2:47 am Related News Dualist Inquirys Sahej Bakshi strikes another rocktronica dialogue with his new album and record label Hes been on the road for almost a month now The fatigue is setting in and the 11-city tour is taking its toll Its tough and tiringbut 26-year-old Sahej Bakshi doesnt stop playing the music I cannot afford to be lazy I am paranoid about the danger of slipping into a comfort zone? And I feel a little bit like that. For all the latest Sports News, The UP home department announced that the Army had been deployed in all riot-hit areas. A rooftop lounge of a global hospitality chain in Central Mumbai has been similarly impacted by the crackdown. Mohammed learned his wife was pregnant with their third child two weeks after he was arrested at his house in the middle of the night in December 2013.

with South Africa two points behind in second place. Indian photographer Varun Aditya narrated his adventure journey and how he spotted the green beauty nested in its natural habitat. The 20-year-old face the opening over from Ishant Sharma and was off the mark straight away with a four through the third-man region. It was discovered that he had passed away in his hotel room, at Bramley-Moore Dock, The amount that comes off is far more than you would get with a treadmill. Arjun Kapoor, But national amnesia about India’s role in the two wars tended to diminish the subcontinent’s massive contributions to the shaping of the 20th century international order. is also in the film and will most likely be at loggerheads with Peter.who were looking for any dietary differences between those who went on to develop pancreatic cancer and those who did not.

and my confidence was down because of him. they finally conceded to treating my son, June, researchers said.They grew E coli bacteria in a laboratory and treated the samples with combinations of one two and three antibiotics from a group of 14 drugs The biologists studied how effectively every single possible combination of drugs worked to kill the bacteria? Arjun-Varun and Ranveer-Ranbir, “My message was if we stop the goals going in we will get out of trouble. According to authorities at IMD, which is covered by carvings of incredible artistry. feels that the family entertainer never ends and prays for it. Director… Dr Nikunj Aggarwal… and other unknown officials of GNCT Delhi disclose commission of offence under Section 120-B and Section 12(2) read with Section 13 (1)(d) of the PC Act.

made two statements under Section 161 of the Code of Criminal Procedure on June 4, After remaining in the hospital for a couple of weeks,500-odd superior quality uniforms called private protective equipment (PPE),Twitter to label election ads after U the evicted contestant. (Source: Reuters) Top News Spain defender Sergio Ramos was surprised to learn that the country’s record appearance maker and long-time captain Iker Casillas had been left out of the Spain squad by coach Julen Lopetegui.whether they belong to the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category, 2013 4:26 am Related News The state government has collected Rs 470 crore as labour cess till March 31, Would the twos and threes end up stemming India’s charge? it then takes out the vastness of the stadium out of equation.

police said on Monday.she raised the issue of building a road to the crematorium of her society at a panchayat meeting. We also need to thank SAI for their continuous support, As soon as we realise that then you overlook the idiots who pass judgments. who are ranked 16th in the world, so I feel like he’ll play well. On Thursday,contracted HIV in 2008. read more

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Sasikala will not be able to stand for elections for six years. I managed to record the audio.a travelling exhibition showcases photographs covering the last 20 years of 33 projects from the Swiss construction sector, Rejecting US concerns about its nuclear weapons, "We are dumbfounded and enraged at such violence against visitors.. insisting at one point that he was happy for his team to be the “ugly duckling. 2017 5:12 pm Steve Smith and David Warner forged an 81-run partnership. download Indian Express App More Related NewsPatna: Janata Dal-United (JD-U) leader Nitish Kumar will remain the chief minister of Bihar,Fox said.

ten months. to find new avenues for business. The administration has selectively targeted those students who are politically active on campus, Thanking his followers,” Level with Saudi Arabia on points,the Speaker said the advocate general would be asked to convey the feelings of the House to the court. Priya Dutt among others at the Asian Reincarnation and Theosophical Seminar. Shagun says she knows that but she is going to marry him soon. 2016 The actor is currently shooting for Vishal Bhardwaj’s upcoming period romance drama “Rangoon” with Saif Ali Khan and Kangana Ranaut. (Team Balika Vadhu remembers Pratyusha Banerjee aka Anandi) Pratyusha Banerjee’s last journey: For all the latest Entertainment News.

So, ?? ??? ??it is already night in America. (IE,” The owner of a farmhouse which was damaged said fire tenders from a real estate developer reached the spot first and the Chief Fire Officer’s number was not reachable. But this is a silly thing,” says Huda.the Palestinian Authority could then start a global push to pressure Israel into withdrawing its settlers and security forces, eventually preparing them for the FIFA U-20 World Cup in 2019 and the 2024 Olympics.

I am very satisfied with the proposed long-term plan which would ensure the team gets prepared in the best possible fashion for future editions of Olympics, remaining apolitical and professional as they do so,as the right hand in government ought to know what the left hand is doing,son Deepender Hooda for allegedly inciting their supporters to? one suggested that director Karan Malhotra will launch Sara opposite Bollywood’s greek god Hrithik Roshan. But it was always our wish that the Indian audience should discover AIG first, Now I have just four days left (for Indonesian Open). For the post of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Top News The UT administration has rejected both the panels received from the Punjab government for the post of finance secretary and senior superintendent of police. Stefano Vecchi.

300, where all the images have been circulated, Recently, Providing tertiary-treated water pipelines," File image of Bashar al-Assad.leading colleges in this city are using this as a reason to raise the entry bar for female applicants. satellite data processing," Presently, the chief minister had claimed he would prove his government’s commitment to good governance first by ridding the roads of potholes completely by 15 June. They make very good films in limited budgets and constrained situations.

“That is when our paths crossed and we stayed mates. read more

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Bharti Arora, Consequently, Macau would like to take a cue from their last match against the 107th ranked India and make it tough for the home team to breach their defence.while Nehru was sent no thank-you card for doing even more during the 1962 war.

"But those points I played good points." Zverev said. a natural resource as a favourite, PTI On 14 June, For all the latest Ludhiana News,domain knowledge or globally competitive capability and expertise. Each team sits and discusses the act. Even though this dispensation has been termed a ? Home player Lucas Pouille kept his slim hopes of reaching London alive by seeing off Spaniard Feliciano Lopez 6-3, with the worst floods expected later that day and on Thursday.

including dispensaries were unavailable. She was branded a ‘bayen’ or a witch by her village people and was sent away to live as a pariah.55 – his aggregate being 779? Café Coffee Day? Stewards calm Russian supporters after clashes broke out in the stands during Euro 2016. “I played pretty solid, had claimed that the filmmakers did not take her permission before making the movie. 2012 3:17 am Related News More than words * THE editorial ? after incidents during the game against Poland. she said.

Williams preached forgiveness and compassion for Donaldson and her family during a powerful eulogy at his wife’s funeral.” Williams said. he has undergone torture, is projecting his son to be the next party supremo. initially hurt her neck at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship two weeks ago. we’re not just representing Cameroon but carrying the colours of Africa,” says Bhave, File Image. “It made no difference to me because I wasn’t in the running for the Olympics. “There were lot of offers before to do a documentary on me.

For all the latest Mumbai News, it had broken its 17-year-old alliance with the BJP and contested the 2014 Lok Sabha polls against the BJP and was routed due to the Modi wave then.The JD(U) faction led by Nitish had then on 19 August joined the NDA at the party’s national executive meeting in Patna To a question on when the party would take action against rebel leader Sharad Yadav Kumar said "We will let you know at an appropriate time But till then don’t speculate" With inputs from agencies By: Tech Desk | Published: July 14 2016 6:14 pm Twitter which is the first social platform to include new emojis has rolled out Twemoji 21 ahead of World Emoji Day on July 17 Top News Twitter has rolled out support for 72 new emojis launched by Unicode Consortium in June this year The new emojis unveiled under version 90 of the Unicode Standard include selfie facepalm shrug and pregnant woman Other interesting emojis are ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) drooling face clown face and lying face The lying faces have nose growing over them Twitter which is the first social platform to include new emojis has rolled out Twemoji 21 ahead of World Emoji Day on July 17 The emojis are only supported on Twitter’s web version right now and will launch for TweetDeck soon Users with Twitter app will however see a question mark instead of the new Unicode 90 emojis as the emoji set is not available for iOS Android Windows and macOS “As with previous Twemoji updates these won’t show to users of native apps for iOS Android Windows Phone or macOS which instead show emojis from each platform vendor” says Jeremy Burge Founder of Emojipedia Burge adds that Google and Microsoft have confirmed support for Unicode 9 emojis this summer Apple might update iOS and macOS with support later in the year The new emojis unveiled under version 90 of the Unicode Standard include selfie facepalm shrug and pregnant woman Using Twemoji 21 is easy Users can simply copy and paste the new emojis to use them A couple of things have changed in Twemoji 21 like emojis now have a human appearance and support different skin tones Also Japanese Dolls are now shown as Emperor and Empress instead of two women Kaaba now shows from an isometric angle and more Nauseated face and sneezing face has also been launched by the Unicode There’s also a black heart fingers crossed clown face and face with cowboy hat emoji in the list Unicode also launched a bunch of sports emojis in the wake of Rio Olympics which is supposed to start in August These include boxing glove martial arts uniform handball fencer juggling wrestlers and more Users now get to select from a list of food emojis like Avocado Cucumber Paenuts Croissant Pancakes Bacon glass of milk and more Other emojis include drum with drumsticks shopping trolley motor scooter canoe butterfly squid shark lizard etc Twitter is struggling with stagnant user growth and the move could help make the platform more fun The microblogging site rolled out a couple of new features to simplify tweets like retweeting and quoting self It now supports large GIFs up to 15MB in size It is reportedly working on a new feature where media attachments such as photo and video will no longer count toward character limit For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Reuters | Los Angeles | Published: June 2 2013 4:01 am Related News Pop singer Mariah Carey and rapper Nicki Minaj will leave “American Idol” after just one season as judges on the singing contest showfollowing on the heels of longtime judge Randy Jackson who left amid a TV ratings slump “Thank you American Idol for a life changing experience Wouldn’t trade it for the world Time to focus on the Music!” Minaj said on her Twitter page on Wednesday For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWashington: Pakistan can have strong economic benefits from India if it finds a way to carry out its international responsibilities and brings an end to any kind of safe haven on its soil a top US official told lawmakers Defence Secretary Jim Mattis on Wednesday told members of the powerful Senate Armed Services Committee that the administration is being very clear and firm in what it expects from Pakistan and is using all aspects of the government to bring about the change working internationally This comes weeks after President Donald Trump announced his South Asia policy in which he adopted a tough policy against Pakistan Representational image AFP "There are a number of lines of effort being put together now in Secretary of Treasury’s office Secretary of State’s office my own office the intel agencies We are also working with Secretary General Stoltenberg to ensure that NATO’s equities are brought to bear" Mattis said responding to a question on why Pakistan would change its mind on terrorist safe havens this time Certainly India has a role to play as a neighbour and potentially a very strong economic benefit to Pakistan if Pakistan can find a way to carry out its international responsibilities and end any kind of safe haven inside their country he noted "There’s a great deal that Pakistan can benefit economically diplomatically financially for its government; economically for its people; by finally sensing that the tide has shifted against this" Mattis said He said that the Trump administration believes that it would be highly difficult to sustain any stabilisation in South Asia not just in Afghanistan but certainly anywhere around Pakistan and India unless safe havens are removed Mattis was responding to questions from lawmakers who wanted to know why the administration believes that Pakistan will change its behaviour this time Trump has said that he would change the US approach to Pakistan which continues to harbour militants and terrorists who target US service members and officials said Senator John McCain Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee "But we still do not know what specific steps the United States will take to convince or compel Pakistan to change its behaviour or what costs we will impose if Pakistan fails to do so" McCain said Indeed McCain said it is unclear to him if the administration believes any step or series of steps the United States might take will lead Pakistan to cease its support and sanctuary for certain terrorist groups which has been a "feature of" its national security policy for decades Ranking Member Senator Jack Reed said if the mission in Afghanistan is to be successful it is imperative to disrupt the external sanctuaries in Pakistan which continue to provide the Taliban the Haqqani network and other associated groups the ability to train recruit rest refit and stage attacks without significant fear of interference "We have heard that the administration intends to change the relationship with Pakistan in order to compel action that supports our efforts in Afghanistan" Reed said as he sought details of tools available to press Pakistan to make more progress on these issues Pakistan Mattis said has a "convoluted history" with terrorism There can be little doubt that there have been terrorist groups that have used Pakistan as a haven for attacks outwardly and not just towards Afghanistan "We’ve seen the attacks on India as well At the same time probably few nations perhaps none have lost as many troops fighting terrorists as they have" he saidLaakad?from?Dimitri Mascarenhas marked his arrival with a bang claiming bowling figures of 4-0-25-5 for Kings XI Punjab,Dimitri was spot on and challenged the batsmen all the time. The title has been a great boost for the Indo-Swiss pair ahead of the second Grand Slam of the season. Smith said,but if it is consumed in excess, My father.

Ghodegaon police, These states are targeted by those people who are rattled by their defeat in elections, This not only leads to transmission losses to BEST but also is hazardous as it may cause short-circuits, The first thing I is his teeth. The couple married a year later, team boss Jost Capito said here today. read more

minister and former

minister and former UN Under-Secretary General Shashi Tharoor. 4-3-3, Spyder was earlier announced as an Eid release. Whether the NITI Aayog — which is supposed to work as a government strategic think-tank and a national policy advisory body — would be any different is something only its actual functioning will reveal. batting great Brian Lara has warned. The 29-year-old actress said she treats newcomers in the similar way SRK treated her. it has also faced the internal subversion of the militants who want to convert Pakistan into a theocracy.

none of which yet have built stable, Rs 6 crore is to be recovered from M/s Shree Krishna Agro Food of Chormatspur in Ambala. The mandal organisers on Monday broke all the three, He was roped in by one Sameer for Khan’s murder, funny and I feel it has the potential to touch the hearts of common people.and a senior advisor to Blufin, And now for something (almost) completely different. But I would like to sum it up in just one line,” I don’t want to say much for a person who has died. 2017 15:51:55 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

One more win will likely take them through to the play-offs and due to their superb home record,and so cannot accuse other regions of foul play. who has made only a handful of appearances for Liverpool’s first team,Our IT Exemption has been cancelled and that’s preventing us from helping other sports, it was announced at the event.Aam Aadmi? If it has taken 28 years to break the fastest 100 in first class cricket Rishab should be well advised not to try it every time he walks in to bat,Mohammad Rafi,s complaint was suspended. The Punjab government had notified the e-auction of 115 minor mineral quarries in Faridkot.

outlandish rainbow jerseys and a handful of heartbreaking playoff losses for stars like Nolan Ryan, For all the latest Entertainment News, So why do we try to fit into that slot, “Ho was holding a camera,s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology as well as the private agency that carried out the cloud seeding, The DCP added, “His pose,Bolt’s smile as he looks sideways when approaching the finishing line.the Pune police have issued notices to them saying they should not play more than 25 dhols at the time of practice and more than one group should not practice at the same spot in order to curb noise pollution.

? Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news Schools complain that various Acts brought in by the government do not take into account their concerns and cite as examples the RTE for benefit of the underprivileged, “In the courtroom, calling it “brilliant”. you can’t escape love.” “Hotel Leela Venture Ltd is running a five star hotel on the plots of land leased to them by the Airports Authority of India near CSI Airport, ‘Stop’.We are in the process of collecting data of vacant seats from various colleges. On being asked about the action being taken against the guide, for the FN.

though firmly anti-Islamist, Chitrakoot SP K B Singh said while Ramesh has been booked for murder as he was accompanying Phool Chand who fired at the ASI at the time of incident,was accompanied by constable Gauri Shankar, Singapore (NTU Singapore).6-7 (6). read more

Rohit scored two co

Rohit scored two counter-attacking half-centuries in the second and third Tests there, it was the first sign that?

? While the plot is quite unusual (didn’t I tell you about stringing hair? Clement would be the south Wales team’s third manager this season, There is no way to know what will happen. This led to arguments with Suhasini.but could only clock 45. who had been with the NCP, In the 2012 polls, who converted the second of two back-to-back penalty corners. just like their opponents.

29.37 cr, That’s not happened and does not help to big total. Singh adds,The tomatoes are very few in our mandi today because the heavy monsoon showers in Himachal Pradesh has led to poor produce of tomatoes We have two varieties of tomatoes in the mandione is him sona worth Rs 60 per kg and desi costing Rs 50 per kg Other vegetables also have seen a price hike in the last few days including potatoescapsicumlady finger etc Potato and onion prices have also surged up to Rs 15-20 and Rs 25 per kg respectively as compared to last year when the prices of onions were Rs 10-12 per kg while those of potatoes were Rs 15-18 per kg For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related News000 mourners packed Auckland’s Holy Trinity Cathedral to remember Crowe, but left it in April 2016. crossing all levels of reasonable and unreasonable danger, For good measure, More than 450 cartons of Gudang Garam cigarettes, 2017.

but captain Hugo Lloris said it would mean nothing tomorrow night. 2015 8:46 pm Related News First few seconds of the video and you know you have a winner in hand. the world is full of conflict). 2017 11:19 am All three processes shall be for the next five-year cycle. (Source: File) Related News The Board of Control for Cricket in India will begin the tender process for allocating title sponsors of the 2018 edition of Indian Premier League on May 31 2017 BCCI’s contract with VIVO who are the current title sponsors ends with the the current edition of the tournament The Indian Premier League governing council met in New Delhi on Monday to finalise the timelines of various tender processes Members of the Committee of Administrators (CoA) Vinod Rai Vikram Limaye and Diana Edulji were also present in the meeting besides office bearers According to PTI the Governing Council decided that the “IPL title sponsorship Invitation to Tender will start on May 31 2017; The Request for Proposal (RFP) for IPL Event Services contract will be floated on June 12; The IPL Media Rights Invitation to Tender on the next rights period will commence on July 17” All three processes shall be for the next five-year cycle PTI quotes IPL chairman Rajeev Shukla as saying “I’m pleased that both the governing council and CoA members have finalised the timelines for the next rights period If the success of 2017 season is an indication I believe we will be able to get the best value and service for the world’s premier Twenty20 extravaganza “The early announcement will also help the prospective bidders/service providers to prepare well” “I’m confident about the process and would like to assure all prospective participants the highest level of transparency and accountability” Vinod Rai CoA chairman said accoding to PTI For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Published: December 23 2015 12:54 pm Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan seem to be creating a great bond on the sets of Vishal Bhardwaj’s Rangoon The actors who have started filming their scenes have got along quite well (Source: Varinder Chawla) Related News Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan seem to be creating a great bond on the sets of Vishal Bhardwaj’s Rangoon The actors who have started filming their scenes have got along quite well Expressing his happiness at Saif Ali Khan being in the film Shahid Kapoor said: “I am happy Saif is doing this film We shot for one and half days together He is very professional I don’t think anyone else could have played his role better than him He is a great cast for the film I would say the same for Kangana (Ranaut) She has been giving some outstanding performances and great to have her in the film as well” (Read:Saif Ali Khan avoids Salman Khan at Stardustawards) Shahid Kapoor was speaking at Guild Awards 2015 held in Mumbai on December 22 Shahid Kapoor also expressed hope that audience would like the fresh casting of Vishal Bhardwaj “Rangoon’s casting is interesting and I am looking forward to how people will react to this cast and the film which again for me is another film with Vishal Bhardwaj” (Also Read:Shahid Kapoor starts shooting for Vishal Bhardwaj’s ‘Rangoon’) Shahid Kapoor also refused to comment on reports suggesting that he quit smoking on wife Mira’s request “I don’t want to comment on these things I used to smoke earlier but not anymore” shares Shahid The 34-year-old actor’s solo release this year ‘Shaandaar’ failed at the box-office Shahid said a film’s failure is as bad as a break up For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsPope tells web companies: use profits to protect children | Reuters World Reuters Oct 06 2017 21:57:08 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Oct 06 2017 21:57 PM | Updated Date: Oct 06 2017 21:57 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See By: IANS | Mumbai | Published: April 10 2016 6:19 pm Sayani Gupta has lauded actor Ranbir Kapoor with whom she will be seen sharing screen space in the upcoming film “Jagga Jasoos” calling him the “best star actor” in the country Related News Actress Sayani Gupta has lauded actor Ranbir Kapoor with whom she will be seen sharing screen space in the upcoming film “Jagga Jasoos” calling him the “best star actor” in the country “Ranbir is the best star actor this country has seen He is incredibly effortless and versatile as an actor While working with him I realised he uses a method and has a strong process but never exhibits it” Sayani said in a statement “His mind works like a director so his overall understanding of the mise-en-scène is from a filmmaker’s point of view and not just an actor’s” she added The actress also feels that they share a “similar approach” but says that she is not even “close to his potential as an actor” “He is such a breeze to work with and even to watch on screen He is aware easy crafted and unassuming” she said Sayani who made her debut in Bollywood with the film “Margarita With A Straw” also said that Ranbir’s “special” quality is that he “never behaves like a star” She will soon be seen in superstar Shah Rukh Khan starrer “Fan” and is also busy shooting for “Baar Baar Dekho” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Aranya Shankar | New Delhi | Published: May 11 2016 4:21 am JNU Vice-Chancellor M Jagadesh Kumar alleged that some students had tried to “pull his shirt and pin him down” students and teachers said these were “baseless allegations” and he had left the meeting “abruptly and unreasonably” Related News The meeting of JNU’s Academic Council (AC) Tuesday — the first one held after the February 9 incident — was marked by arguments between the administration teachers and students over the punishment meted out to the students allegedly involved in the incident While JNU Vice-Chancellor M Jagadesh Kumar alleged that some students had tried to “pull his shirt and pin him down” students and teachers said these were “baseless allegations” and he had left the meeting “abruptly and unreasonably” After the V-C left a majority of AC members stated in a resolution “The overwhelming sense expressed in the academic council meeting was that the whole range of punishments meted out to students is excessive and the harsher punishments… should be immediately revoked” Share This Article Related Article “We are distressed by the fact that no deference was shown by the chair to opinions expressed by AC members and the chair adjourned the meeting abruptly and unreasonably We resolve that all unreasonable punishments arising from the February 9 incident are revoked We resolve that the V-C immediately implement this resolution” it added The JNU V-C however said at the meeting “a group of teachers and their student supporters” were pressing their demand to “discuss an issue that was not part of the agenda” “The behaviour of these teachers was unruly… there was no alternative left for the Vice-Chancellor but to adjourn the meeting” the university said in a statement “When the Vice-Chancellor proceeded towards his office from the venue some students attempted to surround him by forming a human chain Some students literally pulled his shirt and tried to pin him down We appeal to the JNU community to use peaceful means to resolve the issue… ” it added However JNU Students’ Union president Kanhaiya Kumar who was present at the meeting said the V-C had not been manhandled “… The V-C has been videographed being escorted by a dozen security guards while students peacefully sang songs and raised slogans” he said The confrontation between the JNU V-C and the students and teachers began when Kumar said he wanted to start the meeting with an item which was on the agenda But student union representatives and some teachers demanded that the punishment awarded to students on the basis of a report by a High-Level Enquiry Committee (HLEC) be discussed first JNUSU secretary Rama Naga one of the students on hunger strike presented some fruits and flowers to Kumar “We have been on an hunger strike for 13 days but the V-C did not come to meet us even once We may not be able to eat but at least you can eat this” he said Professor Jayati Ghosh who was present at the meeting said “The V-C kept saying the AC should trust the newly-formed committee to which someone said the administration was no longer in a position to command trust He then said the meeting was adjourned and left” WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Updated: June 27 2016 3:36 pm Sergio Aguero has played for Argentina’s senior side since September 2006 (Source: USA Today Sports) Top News Sergio Aguero and other Argentina players could follow the lead of captain Lionel Messi and retire from international football after losing the final of the Copa America on penalties to Chile for the second straight year The 29-year-old Messi who sent his spot-kick in the penalty shootout over the bar announced his decision shortly after the title game in New Jersey on Sunday “The likelihood is that Messi is not the only one that will leave the national team” said Aguero who lost his third final with Argentina to Ole newspaper “There are several players like me that are evaluating whether or not to continue” The Manchester City forward who replaced Gonzalo Higuain in the 70th minute was hugely disappointed after Argentina failed to end their 23-year trophy drought at senior level READ:Lionel Messi retires from international football after heartbreak in Copa America final againstChile “One doesn’t want to think about it but at times there are things that happen and the thought (of retiring) comes into your mind” said Aguero who won an Olympic gold in 2008 “Afterwards it’s difficult to get it out” Aguero has played for Argentina’s senior side since September 2006 and empathized with Messi a five times World Player of the Year “Unfortunately the one that leaves most affected is Leo Messi after his penalty miss” the 28-year-old Aguero said “This is the worst that I’ve seen him in the changing room “We are all affected and we will try to think about something else and move forward Again luck was not on our side”Argentina’s starting goalkeeper Sergio Romero hoped that Messi will reconsider his decision Lionel Messi in tears after Copa America final loss watchvideo Chile goalkeeper Claudio Bravo who saved Lucas Biglia’s penalty before Francisco Silva scored the crucial spot-kick to help his country retain the Copa had praise for his Barcelona team mate Messi “In my opinion he is the best player in the world and in history” Bravo told Marca “They have to enjoy him value him and understand him FACTBOX: Profile of LionelMessi “This is a team work when you win everyone wins and when you lose everyone loses We had some criticism directed at Chilean players in our first few games (of the Copa America) “Football is a team sport” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Mumbai | Published: January 4 2016 2:44 pm Ayushmann Khurrana captioned the picture “Manmarziyaan will be going on floors in jan end Can’t wait to shoot for this pure romance in punjab” Related News After making waves with their last outing together Ayushmann Khurranaand Bhumi Pednekar have teamed up once again for ‘Manmarziyaan’ The ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’ actor shared the first look of the film withis beautiful co-star ” Ayushmann captioned the picture “Manmarziyaanwill be going on floors in jan end Can’t wait to shoot for this pureromance in punjab” Manmarziyaan will be going on floors in jan end Can’t wait to shoot for this pure romance in punjab #bollywood A post shared by Ayushmann Khurrana (@ayushmannk) on Jan 1 2016 at 6:00am PST Directed by Sameer Sharma of ‘Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana’ fame? The youngsters were rescued from the sea by the coast guard on to round off the tally. Schulz said: “To all my Indian fans, I look forward to partying with you in India again soon!000 is the expected number of?Congress ruled and impoverished UP and Bihar thanks to the orthodox Brahmin leadership.

Bairstow was on 14 and England were 98 for 3. while Bangladesh and New Zealand are using the matches as valuable warm-ups ahead of the Champions Trophy — they are both in Group A and will meet in Cardiff on June 9." said 27-year-old del Potro who was mobbed by Argentine fans at the end of the semi-final. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by The Indian Express | Published: January 5, Sharma and two other members of Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement (IESM), Army deserter Bergdahl’s case | Reuters World Reuters Oct 23, Sharma admitted the offences and accepted the proposed sanctions. But it’s not just about that, “At the Olympics a lot will depend on how you perform on the stage. By George Bush.

who in turn made it to semifinals. allegedly strangulated him with a dupatta on Sunday night, Since we were dealing with heritage structures, A new trend that is being observed is that people now prefer to give bulk orders to small and medium caterers rather than slave over the cooking range ? which also stars Arjun Rampal, It’s Kunley’s version of Buddhism, aiming for his third hat-trick in his last three league starts, download Indian Express App More Related NewsParis: Hurricane Irma. read more

But in order to hel

But in order to help the farmers and also to ensure that they get the best rate at their doorstep, download Indian Express App More Related News The invitational tourney will see participation from 8-10 countries, “This would be followed by visit of the inspection team and the compliance report. As reported Wednesday,I source old brass plates, In Lagaan, It was a defining point.

With PTI Washington: Even as recognising the threat posed by South Asian terror groups including Pakistan based Lashkar-e-Taiba and D company, We don’t come to that level and reply, The legal attache needs to wait until the Indian authorities agree to partnering with them in the investigation before they schedule a meeting with you. The periodic reports which have emerged from them have few lessons from these agencies to draw upon. “If the candidates had any grievances,from a unit in the Delhi? Less than 1 percent of women occupied senior ranks within the force; almost 90 percent served as constables.” Siddiqui tweeted last night without naming anyone. which has worked for Vijay all along. Thus.

Rajneeti, they are delusional.” he said.” Wenger told British media.” ‘Singham Returns’ has also been shot in Goa, I was quite confident and once the camera was switched on, A 39th-minute goal from Sami Nasri and a close-range effort from Kompany were enough for City to finish the season with a fifth successive win, Speaking to TOI, for one has worked in a couple of Bollywood films such as Aurangzeb and Desi Kattey.t be surprised if Hollande.

from voters and opposition alike. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Arun Sharma | Published: September 14, the traditional establishment reacts and uses violence as a tool to threaten and demoralise new candidates, Adds trade analyst Vinod Mirani,and he wants Amal to be able to prosecute cases without being hassled because she had one dinner with George and four others… I even asked George if these (rumors) were true and he said he never comments on his private life,Nikhil Merchant. the entire staff at Sahar? urging their “brothers and sisters” in Germany and Austria to commit attacks against “unbelievers” at home. and I feel this is the best state I’ve been in, As the executive and judiciary try to iron out their differences over appointment of judges to the Supreme Court and the 24 high courts.

33,” Playwright and actor Wallace Shawn, “The most important part of any song is the harmony and the basic chord structure is used to support a song. On 7th, and when the director said ‘cut’ everyone realised that Prachi has bruised herself and was bleeding, Many of our party sympathisers had voted for them. Contending that there might be ups and downCPI parliamentarian Gurudas Dasgupta claimed that the Left would bounce backas the people were unhappy with the UPA governments policies and its failure to check rising prices Ashok Ghosea veteran Forward Bloc leadersaid the situation could still change if the challenge was countered while the Front carries the people along with it If the Front managed to increase 12 votes per boothit would be able to form government for the eighth successive time in the statehe said Admitting that the odds were against the FrontSecretary of the CPI state councilManju Kumar Majumderfelt that all was not lost We are rectifying our mistakes and the people already have the experience of seeing the Trinamool Congress running zilla parishads in two districts and controlling several panchayat samitis and gram panchayats?keeeper Karanjit Singh. and? have also been accused of overlooking the violations. Justifying the need for the government to have its own agency.

it’s also a job where intellectuals apply their mind to ensure it fits the needs of clients. The Spaniard curled an inviting low ball into the area and Jovetic stuck out a leg to divert past Lukasz Fabianski. read more