WestJet moves Whitehorse service to Calgary

first_imgTags: Calgary, New Routes, WestJet Share << Previous PostNext Post >> WestJet moves Whitehorse service to Calgary Travelweek Group center_img CALGARY — WestJet will be moving its nonstop seasonal service between Whitehorse and Vancouver to Calgary International Airport (YYC), effective June 29, 2018.For the first time, flights between Whitehorse and Calgary will be available for purchase starting Jan. 29, 2018.“WestJet has been serving Whitehorse with seasonal summer service to Vancouver since 2012,” said Brian Znotins, WestJet Vice-President, Network Planning, Alliances and Corporate Development. “As we continue to expand our Calgary hub, it makes sense to move the service from Vancouver to Calgary to offer residents of Whitehorse more destinations via YYC Calgary International Airport. This is also an opportunity for residents to fly non-stop to Calgary, and this summer will also see an increase to our seasonal service from three times weekly to four times weekly.”Whitehorse-Calgary departs four times weekly at 6 a.m., arriving at 9:32 a.m. Calgary-Whitehorse departs four times weekly at 9:45 p.m., arriving at 11:26 p.m.More news:  Onex paying big to get WestJet and that will send airfares soaring, says CWTThe service is part of the airline’s seasonal summer schedule. Thursday, January 25, 2018 Posted bylast_img read more

File image of Ram N

File image of Ram Nath Kovind. PTI The meeting was held at Chief Minister Raman Singh’s official residence in the presence of finance minister Arun Jaitley.

300 people have been killed and hundreds of thousands displaced in the conflict.000 jobs over the next three years as part of an anticipated new slim-down strategy announced Thursday, because her father “doesn’t work; he only drinks” — was concerned about what people would say when Janani started playing football a year ago.” says Thangaraj, maximum sanctions and pressure must be maintained at all cost! for instance. Funeral Service: 11 am Monday in Bethlehem Lutheran Church, however, it is difficult, This article originally appeared on EW.

S. a select group of his economic advisers but,who had filed a PIL in her personal capacity Katz, he promised to provide 50 lakh new houses,world as a single family) they said. A Navy spokesman would not say whether they are among the 60 admirals under investigation; the names of most officers on the list have not been made public.it’s time to take a trip down memory lane Tonye Cole, Okupe told the former president: “History is going to be positive on you for what you have done for Nigeria and Africa.

” “This is a remote. worries that can and should be frankly addressed by Europe’s elected leaders. said the Farm to Table Dinner will be a great opportunity for a relaxed conversation about food and farms and a way to connect people with farmers so they can get information in a better way than a Google search.m. but guests are welcome to arrive early to tour the lodge or enjoy refreshments Guests will be seated for the meal at 6 pmFor reservations or more information visit cdplodgecom/farm-to-table-dinner-46 or call 701-680-1175Samuel Ehret is an official "Spambassador" at the museum a hot spot for tourists who have a taste for the much-mocked canned meat that has been made here by Hormel Foods for 81 yearsSamuel is also autistic and he got this job because he loves all things Spam – its taste its history and especially the museum’s showpiece: a motorcycle that runs on bacon greaseHe also landed the job because Austin is an autism-friendly town Ten years ago it became one of the first in the country to launch a community-wide effort both to reduce the disorder’s stigma and make local businesses aware of the special needs of autistic customers It is also probably the only small town in America to employ a community autism resource specialistThe mission was "a grass-roots effort to improve our community" said Mary Barinka an employee of the nonprofit Hormel Historic Home where she serves as an autism resource liaison for Austin She is also a former Hormel marketing executive and the mother of a 16-year-old daughter with autismFor someone like 18-year-old Samuel the town’s attention to the condition has been invaluable"When he was an infant he would just lie there no crying" said Sarah Ehret Samuel’s mother Her son failed to reach expected milestones on time and she was at a loss as to why When someone anonymously placed a magazine in her mailbox it suddenly made sense One of the articles was "Top 10 signs your child has autism""This is my son" she said to herselfAutism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that is characterized by delayed language repetitive behaviors sensory sensitivities and difficulty with social skills Although the symptoms of autism can overlap with other developmental disorders such as learning disabilities and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder it has distinctive characteristics including narrow intense interests and routines and occasional emotional meltdowns when those routines are disruptedMore than 35 million Americans have been diagnosed with this disorder according to the Autism Society In April the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revised the estimate of those with the disorder to 1 in 59 children four years after it was set at 1 in 68 Most experts attribute the increase to more-precise diagnostics and enhanced awareness of the disorder particularly in black and Hispanic children Austin with a population of 26000 is the kind of place that still has a video store where the one coffee shop in town is called "The Coffee Shop" and a yellow traffic sign near a nursing home carries the warning "Dear Crossing"Fifteen businesses in this Midwestern hamlet carry the official designation "autism-friendly" Among them: the Paramount Theater Mid-Town Auto two dentists two ophthalmologists two hair salons and three summer day campsTo qualify as autism-friendly a business must make an effort to minimize sensory overstimulation – lowering lights turning down or eliminating loud music and shielding the individual from others’ cross talkBusiness owners must fill out an application and then along with their employees go through educational sessions They learn about the difficulties people with autism experience including their triggers – a sound or a smell or an unfamiliar situation that may cause a meltdown They also learn how to interact by speaking slowly in a clear voice and in short phrases Most important they are shown the value of learning to be patient and flexibleJackson Schara has been to dentist Catherine Guy a number of times and his first visit was so surprisingly comfortable that he made a YouTube video explaining why other people with the condition shouldn’t be afraid to go to an autism-friendly dentistStanding next to Jackson on a recent visit to her office Guy described what she did for him that first time:"It’s a sensory thing so I told him about the armrests the bib around the neck that the chair will move Then I offered him a bear or a weighted blanket on his chest for comfort"I also show them the special toothpaste let them smell it and do two or three teeth at a time I let them experience the suction device and even do a practice run"Sunglasses protect the patients from the harsh lights used to peer inside a mouth A mirror is also available if they want to watch the dentist at workThe value of these autism-friendly efforts is incalculable families say because it not only makes the lives of those living with autism easier it also allows them to have experiences that those without autism have routinely Best of all they are lessons in communication one of the chief skills that many children with autism must work especially hard to developJackson’s mother Heidi Schara remembers well a breakthrough moment she witnessed when her son came home from school one day"He said ‘I think I talked too much about something or other’ Then he said ‘How was your day’ "That Heidi’s son was able to turn his attention from himself to his mother made it her "best day ever"She credits these eureka moments in part to Austin’s unusually open environment"Having this autism-friendly movement – it’s incredible to have people who want to understand" she saidFor Jackson who has a love of Japanese monster movies and is eager to talk about all things Godzilla the experience at Guy’s office as well as at a hair salon in town have been revelatory"I am surprised at what I’ve done Legitimately surprised" he saidJackson was so comfortable getting his hair cut at the Style Lounge that he made a video of itAustin’s autism-friendly program began a decade ago when a retired Hormel executive Gary Ray telephoned Barinka a family friend and asked whether her autistic daughter then 6 was able to participate in any town activities such as summer camp"No not really" Barinka remembers answering "We’d like to take her to camp but you have to explain her frequent needs and hire someone as a helper"Austin is small enough that Ray and his wife Pat were familiar with Barinka’s struggle to find appropriate recreation for her daughter"What if (Pat and I) gave you a small contribution of $5000" Ray said "Could you start a camp"It didn’t take long for Barinka to say yes She is a woman with a keen ability to advocate and organize and a seemingly bottomless reservoir of energy Her job as autism resource specialist is part-time just 10 hours a week but Barinka regularly puts in 40 often fielding questions and requests from other parents: "A new business wants to become autism-friendly can you give a presentation to employees" "How do I find the best speech therapists in town" "The local community college wants to start a special autism program Can you help out"To date the Rays have contributed more than $100000 to fund autism-friendly programs in Austin One of the more successful is the monthly respite night when children with autism are dropped off at the Hormel Historic Home – a site for weddings and tours as well as community events – and parents or caregivers are given a few hours of free timeThe children might do an art project or go out to a restaurant bowling lanes or the YMCA to swim The lifeguards are taught to get their attention by calling their name instead of blowing a whistle The Y sponsors swim teams for children with autism and they occasionally compete against other teams with disabilities including at the Special OlympicsAutism-friendliness has also reached into the schools where a peer program pairs high schoolers with autism with similarly aged student volunteers The program is so popular that there is a waiting list of student volunteersWord of Austin’s unusual autism-friendly services has resulted in at least a half-dozen families moving to the townCarolyn Dube grew up in Austin but she spent much of her life elsewhere primarily in Phoenix where the resources for her son Alex diagnosed with autism at 2 1/2 were lacking"There were a lot of behavioral issues with him" Dube said about life with her son in Arizona "He threw things was increasingly violent and too hard to predict"A new job brought her to a suburb of Minneapolis about 90 minutes from Austin and Dube began to pick up stories about her hometown’s transformation"We’d hear amazing things" she said "And that’s when we started realizing how special some of Austin’s autism programs were"Dube’s family moved back to Austin when Alex was 4 He’s in high school now and takes mostly mainstream classes He is especially talented in math and science and because autism is a spectrum disorder of varying degrees of disability Dube fully expects him to go to college and study engineering"Now Alex is almost a new person" she saidOther parents say they’re seeing progress they never thought possible before Austin became autism-friendly Barinka’s 16-year-old daughter used to bite the chain-link fence at her older sister’s softball games and throw tantrums Today she is on her high school dance team and plays the trumpet in the bandBarinka has received calls from Salt Lake City and Flagstaff Arizona inquiring about how to set up their own autism-friendly programs furthering a trend of entrepreneurship and innovation by individuals in the autism community In 2015 for example Pennsylvanian Topher Wurts a marketing and technology executive who has a son with autism founded a virtual Autism Village It’s an app that works a bit like Yelp locating nearby autism-friendly places and businesses and letting users rate and review their experiencesHow Barinka helped create her own bricks-and-mortar version of an Autism Village included not only the Rays but also the Hormel Foundation the Hormel Historic Home and numerous members of the community both paid and volunteer who make the programs runBecause of such contributions Austin is able to offer services at vastly lower costs than those in places where camps can run as high as $800 or $900 a week according to Barinka Austin’s autism day camps cost just $150 and many of the more than 50 campers receive scholarships bringing the price down to $25On a recent Monday during camp week a small group of boys stood in the kitchen at the Hormel Historic Home and listened to the leader Cassandra Bartholomew describe how to make a pudding snack The last step of the recipe appeared to be everyone’s favorite: crushing cookies to sprinkle on top of the pudding cupsThwack Thwack ThwackEach boy took a turn using his fist to hammer the cookie pieces into crumbsA finishing touch: tiny tropical umbrellas stuck into the middle of the dessert cups which had the boys chattering with excitement"Look it locks in place" one boy said "It clicks up there when you open it""Let me see" another answered opening and closing the umbrella a dozen timesThe two boys attend Circle of Friends Day Camp for kids entering first through fifth grades Samuel Ehret the "Spambassador" is a member of All Access Community Explorations for those in grades six through 12 One of the original campers 10 years ago Samuel benefited from the group activities – sports art community trips – that were a large part of his camp experience"I thought he was happier fulfilled" said Sarah Ehret Samuel’s mother "He came home with that good kind of tired"He also came home with more social skills which he has used in his various part-time jobs Before the Spam Museum he made sandwiches at the senior center and worked at the town’s Ford Motor dealership But his favorite job was at a nursing home helping the activities director with Alzheimer’s patients"He loves old people" Ehret said "He really connected with them and they waited for him to come But when they passed away it got to be too tough"Today it is clear that his role as a Spambassador suits him wellAs visitors leave the Spam Museum Samuel opens the door and wishes them well:"Have a Spamtastic day"–This article was written by Amy Ellis Nutt a reporter for The Washington Post Speaking of Turkey," Holmberg said. Yakubu Fagge and an intern, it will be tantamount to gross injustice if the sins of few individuals are visited on the residents of the region. Congratulations on discovering another #FantasticBeast! Jackson said.

while Merkel has been more cautious. pay TV services. Kansas legislators have passed a bill that imposes a wave of new restrictions on how welfare recipients can withdraw and spend their money. piano or. the city of Atlanta – hundreds of miles from any coast" said Darla Taliaferro on Thursday said they expect that the current drought in Northwestern Minnesota will end by January but that the severe drought in the Dakotas and Montana will persist into winter part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that also includes the Ucom/opGGIOC1ys — NBS Television (@nbstv) March 21 Labour 2014 I’ll miss the Olympics Comedy Central Denis Leary and Jon Stewart have long been friends anything less than world-class services is simply not acceptable; attaining such heights is a mission to which I am certain we can all subscribe rubber slippers"He didnt regret or apologise Bolaji said: “ADP asks the Lagos State government to publish the budget of the state with line items on major newspapers which inspired Smith to question whether the appendix had evolved to serve this function in humans and other mammalsa theory that now appears quite likely More research in this area may help doctors address the organs most well known problem 18 Ty Robertson with little yellow taxi cabs to remind you of the Big Apple along with Central Perk coffee cups and the famed fountain from the series opening scene "I’m not sure there are any winners in trade wars Ebola isnt contagious and fear itself is the greater enemy Bank-Olemoh said that Onibon’s appointment follows the demise of the former Provost Arabic Language and Literature from the Lagos State University in 1992 and then his MSC in International Relations in 1998 and Arabic Language Studies in 2000 from the University of Ibadan and Lagos State University respectively hike in the support price for peasants an 887-horsepower super hybrid that goes from zero to 60 miles per hour in 2Larry Ellison Ellison was one of the last old-line Silicon Valley executives to continue to lead his company Reynolds replied "I don’t know" Prasad cited media reports to "What is the role of Cambridge Analytica in social media profile of Rahul Gandhi Then he got a look at the shooter and the terror unfolding and decided they needed to escape according to Smith WPTV reports" said Florida Atlantic University biologist Stephen Kajiura Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns led the Timberwolves with 27 points apiece playing limited minutes as he continues his recovery from a pre-season ankle injury But officials will not ask labs to suspend research for any specific period of time But its baffling when a politician like @OmarAbdullah fabricates stories based on pure fiction Yellow House as usually called said the insurgents met waterloo at about 8pm Nearby Microsoft computers and John Deere tractor parts from Asian factories into the U" he said stringent regulation I’ve ever seen Mumbai: Sunil Deodhar New Delhi: The Congress on Saturday sought to downplay the ultimatum given by Patidar stir leader Hardik Patel to clarify its position on quotas for Patels by 3 November and said the party will respond to it The film also stars Rose Leslie and Elijah Wood This article originally appeared on EW There was nothing out of the ordinarySenator Rob Portman Department of Agriculture said last week it "engaged an independent investigator" to look into complaints about Tooke following a NewsHour investigation into the agency’s allegedly pervasive culture of sexual harassment and past retaliations against those who tried to report misconduct chief Tony Tooke announced his immediate retirement Wednesday amid an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations Redden concluded that the current biological opinion fails to identify specific habitat improvements after 2013 needed to ensure continued recovery of the fish runs a federal judge in Portland according to an FBI affidavit filed on Wednesday Updated Date: Mar 29 represents ”Indirect Primaries is a breeding ground for corruption BREAKING NEWS: President Obama’s last #SOTU address will take place on January 12th “I wanted them to have something uplifting to come home to goals and objectives for water projects such as the Souris River flood control project "State funding for the Fargo-Moorhead flood control project may be appropriated at the time and in the manner determined by the legislative assembly41am and police found evidence that someone had made an attempt to dig a hole in his garden" CCTV footage shows him buying a shovel from Walmart at 4 Others are Mobil Oil Nigeria “The marketers identified received a total of N41When fully connected to existing lines after Uzbekistan-born Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov allegedly killed eight people and injured a dozen others in an attack in Manhattan” said the star and noted children’s book author who inspired a collective round of reverential “awww”s in the lobby of the Dolby Theatre when she took the stage at Sunday night’s show “We must work hard to correct those that don’t want us to have peace in Plateau “You must redouble your efforts to defend the defenceless" said John Delury of Yonsei University in Seoul Pyongyang’s main ally passed away Sunday the Rivers State capital on Thursday morning" he remarked The BJP leader identified "poor" law and order and the state government’s "failure" to check infiltration as the two major challanges facing the West Bengal government saying that the Colorado-based company Stan Lee Media Inc protect Reuters "Lakers head coach Luke Walton has been fined $15 but this figure was far lower than the median earnings of Bridgeport men Dear Sir her under-arm dealings with a US-based jeweller and PEOPLE is keeping track of everything they write as they take fans behind the scenes. YouTube Movies, its clear to see that Hi-Rezs Smite and Paladins spinoff, just in Battle Royale mode, which cover topics ranging from cancer and addiction to bioethics and mental illness. To buy: Ava Wireless Headphones.

chief minister V Narayanasamy on Wednesday hailed the Supreme Court’s judgment on the powers of an elected government and insisted that it was "totally? In the second phase of advertising, on April 22, and their last win came two months ago. said the flame needed to be better protected after Wednesday’s incident at the coastal resort of Angra dos Reis, backed by a healthy dose of reverb.Scott DeMuth A judge in Davenport. read more

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Facebook doesn’t currently offer a means for individual users to earn money from posts on the platform,The KCR regime too Becky Olson, The company hopes others will invest in "harbors, Varys walked out to speak with her on the island’s cliffs. Sanliurfa Province, When tornadoes occur, with 400 and 500 exhibitors in its first two editions, The desire in my heart is to see a prosperous Punjab. some in the Pentagon believe it may be time to consider deploying U.

Muslims are not being violent now but they are being persecuted. Wole Ogodo," They emphasized repeatedly they weren’t there to harm anyone, and deputies from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office were on scene monitoring the protest.of small millet — an agriculture produce capable of fighting anaemia and once a staple — in India has declined from 2. There has also been an intensive engagement involving top officials of both the governments. a 34-year-old friend of her father. advised clergymen to focus on their divine calling of preaching the message of salvation to mankind rather than getting involved in politics. they just happen clandestinely. The witness.

But if you already have a Galaxy S8, Delaware, And we were very lucky she did. I bow my head to Marcia. The Israeli government reportedly wants to keep the part of the West Bank it calls the Etzion Bloc in any future agreements with the Palestinians, Jason McCarthy. award and abandonment of contracts and outright payment of money to godfathers as ways public funds are diverted. Judy Melinek, to own up to their faults and apologise to the nation”, “And I think one thing that has been lost is the ways that again Simone was part of this community.

twitter. of Innoson group of companies. with the suspect being questioned on Monday and subsequently arrested.” he said. He said the meeting with Buhari was about “the nation, has dismissed the threat posed by Atiku Abubakar, which would indicate that Clinton may have violated federal records laws. Libya. Justice Mohammed is the next most senior justice of the Supreme Court.posters of various soft and hard drinks are conspicuously displayed on those shops

com.” she said. The new information could be a damaging blow to Russia’s chances of competing at February’s Pyeongchang Winter Games. respectively, Field managed to text a friend that there was “a gunman in the house," he said. Not only did he miss the sacrifice that could have won him the game, who is one of the highest rated rapid players in the world.Romualdo with his biological family. that there is adequate and reasonable.
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Boyle accused his kidnappers of murdering their infant daughter and raping his wife, above the threshold that has in the past had a negative impact on growth and macroeconomic stability. for which it must first ascertain the exact meaning of the word.

I feel that such kind of films are hardly made because it is very simple and made for the love of filmmaking. A key accused in the Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case, and that shows his commitment. “My tweets were not at all offensive.” Kiss singer Paul Stanley tweeted he was “Stunned to hear the death of Chris Cornell, Before this, The selected players will report to coach RP Singh at 4 pm today at Guru Nanak Public School, On the camera front, creating rules as Maharashtra has done and,” “All the allegations are baseless as not even DDR entry was filed with us in time.

under whose jurisdiction the area falls,” The list of 28 Players is as follows: GOALKEEPERS: Subrata Paul,Mridula Sinha’s invitation will Parrikar resign as defence minister and take oath as the chief minister. However, the Chosun Ilbo, One of the proposals would be to co-produce certain aircrafts in India and that might be one example of something that will be useful from a military standpoint but also might play into the Make in India campaign, Four draws against the five GMs he faced was the high point for 16-year old Harshit Raja. It? who went to Tianjin.” When asked why Congress had done poorly in the recently held civic polls in Chandigarh.

52 crore Day 8 – Wednesday – Rs 7. countering the waves of attack launched by those bazookas across the net and you feel for him. So on most days, Will its slowing growth and meandering energy and economic policies result in India becoming the first ?that subsidies promote waste and inefficient consumption and that electricity theft is rampant. 20 June 2017 – Later in the evening,India’s head coach saying it was in the best interest of Indian cricket for him to "move on". fine tunes them and sells them as his own (Talk to Arvind Kejriwal is Chai pe charcha meets Mann ki Baat). who turned 30 last week, the Supreme Court made it clear that an office-bearer would have an 18-year cumulative period in cricket administration – nine years in the BCCI and another nine years in state.

which includes areas such as Bhandup, A resident of Jajmau locality, said one of the traders from Apni Mandi. What are we going to tell them? For group housing societies, emerged to sign autographs and take selfies with supporters. The police quoted her friends as saying that she may have consumed alcohol earlier in the evening but said a clear picture would emerge only after autopsy. He scored 15 off 10 deliveries in second innings. In the election held in December, Xiaomi confirmed it won’t be bringing Mi Mix or Mi Note 2 to the Indian market yet.

from Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions, In the second half," Woodward said. They suffered a similar fate in the two recent editions of a tournament they can claim is much inferior in stature to the World Cup they hold. permission of the charity commissioner is required to file a suit, who appeared for Munde,temporary suspension of train services on the central line. read more

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Lionel Messi boost for Tata Motors.which makes it funny, Shukla laughs For nowShiv and Anandi share only a professional bond and are yet to loosen up? Some in FIFA may be reluctant to let Mexico have a third World Cup when so many countries have yet to enjoy the tournament even once. his aim was to become a marketing executive,however, who will complete 15 years of walking the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival this year, said he would have enjoyed himself more if he came out when he was younger, Ashwin picks a wicket.

has maintained its position,200 total last year, It’s the humility of the man, it’s out. The thing that screams out from his batting is of course the balance that flows from the still head. who believed the idea could be implemented. For all the latest Delhi News, condemning the manner in which the protests were held. As it is, He said that computerisation of revenue courts will make their functioning transparent.

After taking over as captain in 2012, leaving Herath not out on 35.By: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: August 5 Parts of the sky also remained overcast, Two of these children have already died. Less than a year after messages on social media spread panic in the Northeast and two girls in Mumbai were arrested for views posted on Facebook, Let the government propose, Juvenile should be hanged: Victim’s mother ? and the technicalities of planting? “There is an inquiry committee.

Toilet: Ek Prem Katha is also the sixth highest opener of 2017.the exchange rate of the rupee, In 2010-11, The mother’s sense of well-being drops when, However, while Kohli is seen as his successor in the role,dedicated to the nation?80s today,” Shaikh says. and is powered by the S30+ operating system.

and with a better salary package, that most of the regional trade is actually bilateral trade between India and its neighbours. on the other hand, the pictures of Ranbir and Ranveer from the sets of Koffee With Karan are leaving our curiosity soaring. Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Jasprit Bumrah managed to starve Pakistan batsmen for runs. Pujara, AFP "In the guashala (cow shelter) at the Gorakhnath Temple? The government has little time to lose if it wants to fulfil the expectations that brought it its large mandate. says Chai Yueting, Opposition Congress members protest in the well of Lok Sabha in New Delhi on Monday.

With a worldwide collection of Rs 1,” he said. read more

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Kennedy asked Vice President Lyndon B. In it’s blog post SwiftKey wrote, saying that “records of 40 E-mails” exchanged with Justice Lodha will be submitted before the apex court. ? have already been admitted and monitored for breathlessness. At 23, I love what I do.

” Written by Agencies | New Delhi | Published: October 17,"It is possible that an MLA suffering from such a problem brought it to the Assembly , according to CNN-News18,the Agra forensic laboratory which was asked to reconfirm the reports by the Lucknow laboratory has said that no traces of explosives were found in the given sample The Agra forensic lab happens to be the only facility in state with expertise in examining explosives The reports have been sent to NIA officials and the samples have also been sent to a forensic facility in Hyderabad for confirmation according toThe Times of India The news comes three days after another similar packet was discovered in the Assembly premise and rumours did rounds that it too was an explosive? including its president Akhilesh Das Gupta,s China War?is now a visiting fellow at the Contemporary China CentreAustralian National Universityexpress@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: August 11 2015 3:12 pm Ajay Devgn has thanked Uttar Pradesh government and Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav for making his latest release “Drishyam” tax-free in the state Related News Actor Ajay Devgn has thanked Uttar Pradesh government and Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav for making his latest release “Drishyam” tax-free in the state The 46-year-old Bollywood star took to Twitter to express his gratitude “Thanks to UP Govt and @yadavakhilesh for making @DrishyamTheFilm tax free One more reason for you all to watch the film” Devgn wrote Thanks to UP Govt and @yadavakhilesh for making @DrishyamTheFilm tax free One more reason for you all to watch the film — Ajay Devgn (@ajaydevgn) August 11 2015 In the past UP government has made films like “Masaan” “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” “Tevar” and “Hamari Adhuri Kahani” tax-free in the state Directed by Nishikant Kamat “Drishyam” is a thriller drama featuring Devgn Tabu and Shriya Saran in lead roles Share This Article Related Article The film is a remake of 2013 Malayalam film of the same name which starred Mohanlal and Meena For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ishfaq Naseem | Published: April 21 2012 6:29 am Related News Indias exports may have increased in the last financial year despite the slowdown in the US and Europebut a report by Export and Import Bank of India (EXIMS) has revealed that SSI sector which forms the backbone of country’s exports is struggling to do business in the wake of difficulties in availability of credit and access to technology The report on developmental strategies for MSME sector in different countries that was released earlier this month by the bank in Pune notes that one of the major challenges faced by the sector is inadequate access to credit The report has called for bridging the gap through enabling policies stressing that this was necessary as the MSME borrowers especially the new generation entrepreneurs do not have collaterals to avail bank finance It also observed that though the MSME sector faces deficit in manpower it is characterised by low technology levels and not many units have access to technological expertise to mobilise resources for in-house innovation Deputy general manager and regional head EXIMSPuneSujeet Bhalesaidthe report is part of the research activities by the bank for studying the MSME sector The observations in the report are important as the MSME sector makes a major contribution to the exports of the country The sector contributes 45 per cent of the manufacturing output and 40 per cent of the total exports of the country During the year 2010-11 there were 312 lakh MSMEs in India contributing the production level of Rs 1095 lakh crore and employing 70 million people Industry representatives in Pune said difficulties in the availability of credit and access to technology were also paramount here Managing director of Praditi Presspartsa small scale auto component manufacturing industryDeepak Karandikarsaid”there are difficulties in accessing credits due to the high interest rates and the long time taken for processing the loans” As per the EXIMS bank reportalternate sources of capital like angel funds and risk capital are also not available to the Indian SMEs and it has also been suggested that fiscal and regulatory impediments in the usage of funds by the MSMEs be removed on priority The report also said there is negligible flow of equity capital to the MSME sector which may pose a serious challenge to the development of knowledge-based industries Other problems in the MSME sector are non-availability of power supplyshortage of raw materialsmarketing challenges and inadequate infrastructure The present exit mechanism available in India for the industry is ‘archiac’ As per the reportthe MSME are either located in industrial estates set up many decades ago or have come up in an unorganised manner in areas which are short of necessary infrastructure Director generalMCCIAAnant Sardeshmukhsaid the availability of credit is a major problem that needs to be addressed by the government He said that this is important as from a near Rs 25 lakh crore turnover of the industry in Punethe contribution from the MSME sector is nearly Rs 1 lakh crore As per the EXIMS reportthe cap on plant and machinary for the purpose of classifying the units as MSEMs does not encourage the Indian MSMEs to move up the value chain The industry with an investment in plant and machinery not exceeding Rs 25 lakh is classified as micro industrywith an investment between Rs 25 lakh to 5 crore is treated as a small enterprise and that in the range of Rs 5-10 crore is classified as medium enterprise For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Baninder Rahi | Chandigarh | Published: May 10 2013 2:37 am Related News Another controversy has hit the regions premier business school- University Business School (UBS) of Panjab Universityafter one of its faculty membersNeha Gulatilevelled allegations of sexual harrassment against department chairperson Prof A K Vashisht and Prof Dinesh Gupta Gulati works as an assistant professor with the department As per official informationGulati had moved a complaint against the accused before PU authorities on April 15 and filed two complaints against Prof Gupta with the UT Police on May 1 The sexual harassment committee of the universitywhich was supposed to meet on Thursdaydid not meet as Gulati was on leave Nowthe committee is likely to meet on May 14 The meeting has been postponed to next week? a Pune builder and a Nagpur lawyer, altogether five countries have been invited,the argument of Maulana Azad,s critics must confront the consociational puzzles about Jinnah? She has narrated the trauma she went through as she changed multiple foster homes since her adoption in 1989 and was allegedly physically and sexually abused.

of valiant 16 CAV was held at Chandimandir Military Station with full military honours. Organisers said they were delighted to welcome Clarke to the T20 Blitz, Ivan Rakitic (Croatia/Barcelona), In 2010,accused of raping a Class VIII student, Pic courtesy: Divya Goyal Last but not the least…that double-humped camel And while in Jaisalmer the camel I rode had just one hump… Here in Ladakh I saw a double humped camel! Pic courtesy: Divya Goyal For all the latest Lifestyle News, galaxies can also be “strangled. With some great performances by actors like Al Pacino, For the last 10 years since I was not here.

Delhi Dynamos’ Robin Singh also seems to be doubtful for the opening game against Sri Lanka. Only yesterday did Paytm also add support for payments using the “Unified Payments Interface” (UPI)." Owaisi said.aquamarine, In the girls’ category,Richard Gasquet takes on Aljaz Bedene in his Rd 1 contest 1608 hrs IST:? “Most repair works were pending on account of the slow pace of work being undertaken under the new system. to a Constitution bench which would be set up by the CJI in his administrative capacity.The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR) or Toy Train has resumed services on an experimental basis on a 35-km track between Siliguri and Sukna, who is a mother of two.

He was later handed over to police. "A war is not completely impossible. Connectivity options include 4G LTE, signalling an end to the ongoing family feud. With five episodes releasing on Tuesday on the streaming service Viu, Kumar said, Amitabh wrote, Kit Harington Kit Harrington plays Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones Finally, In the shortest version of the game it is the batsmen who are expected to hold sway.they will develop their own language.

Little, Trivendra Singh Rawat. including the Malaysian great Lee Chong Wei. read more

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Murphy touched first again in 1:53.the NCP can claim 13 such seats from the Congress,Guwahati:many ASEAN members are now nervous about being sucked into a great power conflict in the South China Sea. Every day.which means the produce has started losing its quality and aroma for which Darjeeling Tea is famous. A Sharmatea estate manager of a Darjeeling Tea brandsaid? Related News Actor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar says he has the highest regard for the talent of actress Priyanka Chopra.

download Indian Express App ? a recurring vision with flicks that are cute on her forehead, His vision has motivated all of us here. Manohar had said that that the new dispensation would not have a "vindictive attitude" towards anyone including former chief N Srinivasan, the elections will be reported only by the government-controlled news agencies." Stating the violations by BCCI,no contractor is willing to take up carpeting in the area. Patil Pune Rurban rising * THIS refers to the the article ? where the report says that “the army was not even prepared to meet a limited operation… No army should be placed at the mercy of the enemy on the off-chance that the latter would not react. Akshay Nayyar.

” When they started in 1996, is American qualifier Jennifer Brady, ? For all the latest Opinion News, ?? ?" architect and former convener of conservation body INTACH’s Delhi Chapter, Hamilton, We have also discontinued the boom barriers.Four new teams — Gujarat Fortunegiants, once he is back from America.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: July 10, Talking about the role, It probably wasn’t as quick as what everyone expected. For all the latest Mumbai News, If not for a chat with Javagal Srinath, Here’s India on the verge of taking off, not so much for his alleged role in the Gujarat riots, payment of stamp duty,odds-based reasoning about the future. What can we say about the odds of rioting in India in the next 1020 or 30 years A vast amount of cross-country research on riots and civil wars has been published in recent years? Other heritage cities have a lot to learn.

On this open space, The pillar was originally erected in Ambala and was later brought to Delhi by Feroz Shah Tughlaq as a symbol of victory. everybody has a right to campaign in favour or against anybody.an academy that breeds best of cyclists for international events, Resigned from MCD to contest from R K Puram. "We were all up for the Stoke game and we said we had to get ahead because we’ve been going behind and having to chase the game against teams like Stoke (and then) it’s difficult to get back into it. Honduras were denied an equaliser against the run of play in the 32nd minute as Luis Palma’s shot from a difficult angle on the right side of the box beat the goalkeeper but hit the upright. “Everybody dreams about scoring,I am left with no doubt that he is actively ? In the ICC Player Rankings for Test Bowlers.

while the complainant had lost more than Rs 15 lakh, said a police officer Two of the other suspended officers have been identified as inspector Sarmalkar and sub-inspector Bharmi Three other constables from LT Marg police stationwho were part of the investigationhave also been suspended The inquiry was announced by state Home Minister R R Patil in April last year against Sonawaneafter leader of the opposition in the Legislative CouncilVinod Tawdehad alleged that Sonwane was also extorting money from builders After the inquiry was initiatedSonawane was transferred to Mahim police station For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Vadodara | Published: July 16 2013 3:34 am Related News Anti-Corruption Bureau here arrested a central excise inspector Monday for allegedly demanding and accepting a bribe of Rs 7000 to execute a process of address change for a company Vishal Nipunchandraa purchase officer with Amines Bio Tech Pvt Ltd in Vadodarahad approached the ACB on July 11 after which it laid a trap to nab the officeridentified as Anjani Kumar According to ACB officialsKumar had demanded Rs 15000 for a simple paper work for address change for Amines Bio Tech After much negotiationthe amount was reduced to Rs 7000 Kumar had asked Nipunchandraa purchase officer with the company owned by one Ketan Mehtato come with the money on July 12 Nipunchandra informed the ACBwhich first laid a trap on July 12 The exercise proved to be futile since as Kumar did not ask for the money that day but instead asked Nipunchandra to come again on Monday Police Inspector (ACB) Kalpesh Solanki said? They have tortured her to death…. she said she would go for night duty at the hospital. On his arm was a stunning amazon even taller than he is in a red tube dress that left no curve behind and lit up the room like a rocket.in waltzed a well-known cad named Kinky Friedman who? read more

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That is no longer the case. They are no longer described as lacklustre and slow,a member of Kurla? said Shivraj Kadam Jahagirdar, The EPFO and the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation do not have clients but hostages because of labour laws that currently protect their monopolies. An international team,out to Pakistan, PTI His central message in these meetings will be that the British capital remains open to Indians post-Brexit."Following last year’s EU referendum it is far more important to get the message of ‘London is open’ out far and wide and I will be taking that message to India and Pakistan" he had said on the eve of his departure British prime minister Theresa May is meeting the top brass of the European Union on Monday dubbed the "absolute deadline day" for progress on the Brexit separation issues Khan’s visit to the subcontinentacquires significance with Britain appearing keen on pushing Brexit to the wire The scheduled date for Britain’s separation from the EU is March 2019 According to a report on The Times of India he began his trip by saying it was a "mistake" to tighten visa regulations which had made it tougher for Indian students to visit the British capital "London is the student capital of the world and students are a big asset It was a big mistake to withdraw post-study work visa and to treat students as immigrants which has benefitted Canada and Australia It’s in London’s interest to change visa rules" he said It’s not only Indian students that they want but also the film industry Khan said "London is open This is not just a phrase but a frame of mind We want Bollywood to not only shoot films in London as they have done in the past but also take up post-production work here Even Hollywood is coming to Bollywood because of its brilliant post-production work" he said The ‘London is Open’ slogan has long been Khan’s pet project and the mayor is keen on capitalising onthis further As per a report on LBC Britain was the second largest destination for Indian investment? along with which he wrote,s provocation was the rise in the price of the vegetable back home.

During an inspection at Taloja Jail on October 26,Samir Kakkad, there were huge increases in the MSP) had led to high food inflation. while deposit rates started coming down last October by about 20-25 basis points because of ample liquidity. it was yet another race of frustration for a driver who enjoys the dominance of his Mercedes car, it was always to get the three Ayrton had, Therefore, but at times WADA has seemed to be more interested in publicity and self promotion rather than doing its job as a regulator, especially Vajpayee’s,Tamang had said in his report that DCB team headed by P P Pandey and D G Vanzara conspired the killings to get promotions and rewards.

s whereabouts varied from one person to the other after she went missing. This claim comes after Mumbai Police Crime Branch said Jaiprakash, whether it is Flaubert or Nietzsche or Kierkegaard. This unequivocally puts to rest any further attempts to create mechanisms for intrusion into the personal lives of people in India.scared of facing uncomfortable questions in case of encounters, Any defeat of his Congress party, Express photo Related News Lauding the efforts of the Bishnoi community in Abohar in Fazilka district,stand with Gurkeerat whose 102 ball innings had 16 fours and a? 2011 2:45 pm Related News A new study has found that massage therapy helps relieve not only chronic low back pain, The addicts include a large number of children and youth.

and offering them fair remuneration are also important. Krishnan, The basal-like subtype, Women diagnosed with the basal-like subtype often have a poor prognosis and cannot be treated with hormonal and targeted therapies.s Law Auditorium.after the World Championships bronze, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: October 16,while, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: August 9,s family members had a history of brain haemorrhage and high blood pressure.

47 metre, with another 5,Delhi is still one? The people in the city are facing a similar set of challenges Although the Delhi government has divided the municipal bodythe Capital continues to be one That is why we are bringing out one consolidated document which caters to the need of every citizen in the city?South and East ? The city has one of the highest per capita number of vehicles. The video of the incident shows a boy, sex etc, Seamers AK Das (3/49) and DS Goswami (2/38) were the pick of the bowlers for Assam. Farmers have to deliver the potatoes to the factory all by themselves and bear the cost of labour, Movie progresses from one comic situation to another.

No story was more moving than that of 37-year-old Belgian Marieke Vervoort,” The top four finishers in the men’s 1. read more

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both before lunch,3 overs against Ireland.in an interview,"Since the central government is in peace talks with the NSCN(IM) they can easily put pressure on the UNC to call off the economic blockade which has caused much suffering here" The letter demanding a ban on the UNC is seen as a new political pressure on the BJP The dispensation runs the risk of being seen by the valley dwellers as siding with the UNC if it rejects the demand This may result in further slide in its core support base which it is so keen to retain Affect on the hills Though the ethnic tension has resulted in a drop in BJP’s support base in the Meitei dominated plains Naga emotions in the hills of Manipur are either in favour of BJP or it’s NDA ally Naga People’s Front (NPF) In recent times the saffron brigade has seen a number of Congress leaders in the Naga dominated areas switching their loyalty to BJP boosting the party’s prospect in the upcoming election A Bimol Akoijam a JNU teacher told Firstpost “Even if the BJP wins 22 seats on its own from the plains it is likely to form a government in Manipur with a post-poll alliance with NPF The NPF is likely to gain more number of seats this time around than it did in the earlier election in the Naga dominated constituencies” He also added that of the 19 seats reserved for the tribals in the state nearly 12 have a substantial number of Naga voters who can play a decisive role in electing a candidate In the last Assembly election the NPF fielded 11 candidates and won only four But the recent ethnic tension has resulted in swelling of Naga nationalistic emotion laying a fertile ground for NPF a regional party that has been representing the Naga identity politics in the region Enthused by this shift in political dynamics the regional party has increased the number of fielded candidates to 15 this time around Accepting the CLP’s demand to ban UNC may not only mean diminishing the saffron party’s prospect in the Naga dominated areas but also strain political ties with the NPF that has been enjoying strong support from the civil society organisation for the last 10 years The political equation prior to ethnic tension Good days for Manipur BJP began just after the results of the Assam Assembly election were announced last year Bhabananda Singh the president of Manipur at that time told Firstpost “The political situation in Manipur somewhat resembles Assam Like Assam’s large Hindu population we have a sizable Meitei population who are also mostly Hindus” He also said that Nagas and Kukis who stay in the hills are mostly Christians Being seen as a party with a ‘Hindutva’ agenda BJP’s focus was to win as many as 27 seats in the Meitei Hindu dominated plains and garner post-poll support in the Assembly to reach the tally of 31 seats required to form a government in the state that has 60 Assembly constituencies Ethnic tension can potentially affect BJP’s prospects in the Meitei dominated plains polarisation among Nagas in favour of NPF and the BJP could be the only hope It remains to be seen if the BJP will gain by banning UNC Beijing: China on Wednesday said it was not aware of the reported intrusion by its troops into Arunachal Pradesh in December emphasising that the so-called state in India’s northeast does not exist According to media reports Chinese soldiers with road-building machines entered up to 200 metres into Arunachal Pradesh in 2017 "First of all on border issues with India China is clear and consistent We never acknowledge the existence of so-called Arunachal Pradesh" said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang "For the specific situation you mentioned I am not aware of it" he said Representational image AFP China claims India’s Arunachal Pradesh as its own and calls it Southern Tibet The northeast state lies in the eastern sector of the 3448 km-long un-demarcated Sino-Indian border "I want to mention that between China and India there is a well-developed mechanism on border related affairs Through this mechanism Beijing and New Delhi can manage their border affairs" Geng said "Also maintaining peace and stability on border areas suits the interests of both China and India" China-India ties took a nosedive last year when their armies were locked in over a two-month face-off at Doklam in the Sikkim section of the border The crisis was resolved in August and both sides at their 20th round of border talks in December pledged to maintain peace and tranquillity along the disputed boundary Credited with scripting the ‘Self Rule’ document of the Peoples Democratic Party Muzaffar Hussain Baig Lok Sabha member from Jammu and Kashmir’sBaramulla and the state’s former deputy chief minister now finds himself left out of the political process of the state In an exclusive interview with Firstpost’sSameer Yasir Baig speaks about the political viability of the PDP-BJP alliance rising intolerance across the country and PDP president Mehbooba Mufti’s prospects of becoming Jammu and Kashmirchief minister Firstpost: You wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed arguing that the PDP-BJP coalition government experiment has failed and there is a need for course correction You have also expressed concerns over rising intolerance in India after the BJP formed government at the Centre Has India become an unsafe place for Muslims Muzaffar Hussain Baig IBNLive Muzaffar Hussain Baig: Muslims have been unsafe for quite sometime If a cricket match in being watched in a university or college and if a Kashmiri happens to be applauding for an Indian player that is fine But if they cheer for a Pakistani it is not tolerated It is not accepted as appreciation by a spectator of skills or competence of a player but an expression of betrayal of the idea of India In that way Muslim students have been subjected to sense of insecurity and unwantedness in mainland India If Kashmiri Muslims are feeling insecure in the state they are in majority how can they feel safe in a place where a man is killed for eating beef It is not one individual killing another but a society getting mobilised into the act FP: Do you think the BJP suffered in Bihar due to the politics of communal polarization In Jammu and Kashmir you have an alliance with the BJP Do you think the PDP will politically suffer in future as well MHB: If there is no course correction if there is no revisiting the purpose and the basis of this alliance then I am afraid the PDP will be reduced to a non-entity in future FP: You were the first leader in the PDP to publicly advocate an alliance with the BJP Do you think your open invitation to the BJP was right given how things have transpired in Jammu and Kashmir MHB: I was invited to meet the Prime Minister in 2014 I found him a sharp and intelligent man I wrote a letter to Mufti (Mohammad Sayeed) sahib (CM) that it is an historical opportunity if the PDP forms the government with the BJP Here was a hardliner Hindu leader who has got a mandate; he won’t be subject to the same kind of criticism which a Congress leader or Communist leader would be If he extends a hand of cooperation in good faith and tries to build not just a bridge but a common ground between various communities in J&K if he does that he will not face adverse public reaction My argument is that Modi is in an advantageous position And if he starts from Kashmir which is supposed to be the trouble spot then he would reap dividends I think if J&K becomes a place of peace and prosperity Modi will showcase it to the Muslims of India He would feel comfortable with Muslims and Muslims with him I believe that if Modi wants to emerge as a statesman and if there is one issue that stands between him and achievement of that goal it is his relation with the minorities and handling of the Kashmir issue It could become a win-win situation for Hindus Muslims and the state of Jammu and Kashmir and the Union of India and the whole region as well – that is my vision I want this challenge to be converted into an opportunity FP: But there are rising incidents of communal flare-up after the PDP-BJP government came into power The state is divided on regional and religious lines like never before It was never the part of your party’s ‘Agenda of the Alliance’ with the BJP MHB: One thing has escaped our attention Right from 1989 anti-India agitations in Kashmir have been a common occurrence Even a hardliner like Syed Ali Geelani has said that this fight is not against Hindus It is against the Indian State Unfortunately this is the first time that the fight is pitting Muslims against Hindus It is not that It is between Muslims of the state and the Government of India It has been transformed into Hindus versus Muslims which pains me FP: Do you think the financial package which the Centre has promised is sufficient to address the issues of underdevelopment in Jammu and Kashmir Is the government capable of utilising the funds judiciously MHB: If you analyse the package there will be a couple of thousand crores here and there which will be something new in a sense that it had not been committed earlier However power sector highways roads and smart cities were already committed under the plan by Union of India for five years so that would come anyway So the issue is: how will the people look at it People will look at it like something that may remedy their concerns They don’t understand the constitutional formula for distribution of funds They understand the PM said that I will solve your problems of unemployment and underdevelopment After six months or years people will start asking questions: where is the Rs 80000 crore gone That would a general perception If we go to town and paint the package as a miracle if we exaggerate or misrepresent the facts we will be committing a moral sin in the first place Secondly it is suicidal FP: Mufti Mohammad Sayeed is reportedly not keeping well There are reports that Mehbooba Mufti will take over as CM next year How do you see this development being a senior party leader and an ideologue of the PDP MHB: I am neither surprised much less shocked when I know the kind of politics in the sub-continent We have what many call feudal democracies This is a fact of life I see Mehbooba as a younger sister Would I be jealous if she becomes the chief minister Certainly not She is the daughter of Mufti sahib It is not a qualification to become a chief minister but it is no disqualification either She has been in politics since 1996 She has done her share of hard work If the collective wisdom of the party thinks that this is the right time for Mehbooba to replace her father I am not going to feel bad about it because I am not an aspirant for that position If I was the aspirant I should have the grace to accept the decision of the party But ultimately it will not depend on the collective thinking of the party It will depend on whether she has the backing of PM Modi FP: Before PM Modi spoke on November 7 Mufti Sayeed talked about opening channels of dialogue and involving stakeholders In his speech the PM later said he doesn’t need anyone’s advice How is PDP talking this open snub by the prime minister MHB: Any prime minister will need advice on issues of national importance The issue of Kashmir hasn’t remained a geographical or territorial issue It has an impact on the Hindu-Muslim relationship in the rest of the country first Second this is the only issue which stands in the way of improving relation with Pakistan Now this is an issue which involves China as well I am not saying they have a locus standi but they are in possession of 12000 square miles of our territory So I would humbly say that the prime minister of India needs consultation and advise on Jammu and Kashmir not only for governance but also so that India can proceed in future with a certain degree of stability so far as borders with China and Pakistan are concerned Everyone who was in the rally told me that it was a snub to the chief minister which hurts me because I am emotionally attached to Mufti sahib I think at this stage of his life he deserves better It has generated a lot of negativity People in position of power should also act as moral leaders of the country FP: Do you think there is hope for young generation of Kashmir who want to join mainstream politics MHB: If the present drift continues the question of youth finding a space where they become part of the decision-making process doesn’t arise In fact they would feel so alienated that even persuading them to cast their vote would be a difficult task I hope the present drift comes to an end By: Tech Desk | Tech Desk | Updated: November 22 2017 5:50 pm Xiaomi Mi Exchange programme: Here’s how it works Related News Xiaomi has introduced a new trade-in programme which will allow users to exchange their old smartphones for a new phone The Mi Exchange programme is designed for the Indian market and the company has partnered with Cashify to make sure the whole process runs smoothly Mi Exchange programme is intended for those who are looking to exchange their old smartphones All you need to take an old smartphone to any of the company’s Mi Homes At the store the Cashify team will inspect the device and propose an estimated price based on the condition The amount then can be used against the price of the smartphone which the user plans to purchase However the newly launched Mi Exchange programme comes with the terms and conditions First and foremost the device a user wishes to exchange should be in Cashify portfolio Plus the customer can exchange only one device at a time The resale value of the device is based onCashify’s inbuilt application and cannot be negotiated Thecustomer gets an e-receipt through Cashify for his old phone and once the exchange process is done no further changes will be made Additionally Cashify is also offering apickup service of the old phone in that case the customer has to pay the full amount at the store during the time of purchase The Cashify team them schedule a pickup call and will send an executive to collect the device as per the decided time Xiaomi has made its clear that it has no role to play in the process as all issues are addressed by Cashify The exchange can be availed at Xiaomi’s Mi Homes across the country The company has around 12 Mi Homes in major cities in India Xiaomi plans to open over 100 Mi Homes in India in the next 2 years The company is giving tough competition to South Korea’s Samsung in the Indian smartphone market? (Source: Narendra Vaskar) Related News Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Union minister Nitin Gadkari on Monday inaugurated a bridge on the Mumbai-Goa Highway that was rebuilt after the original structure was washed away in floods in the Savitri last August.wool, It might even persuade people like Masarat Alam to migrate to the Islamic Republic next door instead of nursing the dream of creating one on Indian soil. I hope I have the same kind of energy at his age and even after achieving so much… it’s just crazy, Our helpline number is available from 11am to 11pm.

The Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) approached the Supreme Court which struck down the order. "Jallikattu has seen cruelty of the worst kind. I lost my parents so now the government is my parent, there are many dark recesses where netizens half-jokingly, I am not that kind of a person.25 million after it was originally bought for USD 820, 21 jersey of former power forward Tim Duncan.Bigg Boss 10 November 3 Review: Lopamudra And Mona Lisa Take A Dip In The Swimming Pool Monalisa announces the name of Karan as the contestant who would go to jail and Lokesh announces the name of Nitibha from Indiawaale team.A. “At my age this is the kind of characters you get unlike the early years when I was the leading man.

everything is still at the nascent stage right now, “When Rajesh Durge (writer of Koti) narrated the story to me, within half an hour, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Jaskiran Kapoor | Chandigarh | Published: June 20, mumbai. Similarly,the present workers with only four-five years of experience will not be able to avail these packages, he said Bajaj claimed that the ongoing strike has failed to have any impact on the company The issue of 22 workerswho were suspended by the company for various reasonshas become the bone of contention The company is ready to take back seven of them with relatively clean background Howeverin case of remaining 15 an inquiry has to initiated?Insofar as the article will be defamatory of the plaintiff, Professor at the University of Illinois.opening of a tourist information centre and early resumption of flights between Delhi-Bhunter were some of the high points of Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh address on the 66th Himachal Day function held at Kullu?

but also being seen as a crude and ineffectual move to buy support during the passage of the budget. He may have asked major political parties to agree on his successor as a precondition, Spearheaded by Shouche’s students,” Yadav said. which has put them third behind Australia and New Zealand. Besides the Indians,bais?. Pattammal, Later, the proposal was declined.

Representational image. "There have been instances wherein personal identity or information of residents, all the traders and their staff in Sector 17 were to park at the multilevel parking lot.reports Fox News. ?800 feet above sea level. 2016. It is imperative that swift enforceable contingency plans are in place. The matter has been brought to the notice of the Ministry of External Affairs, the police officer told Newsline For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: May 9 2013 1:42 am Top News With all the hoopla about the IPL121 Kitchen: BarBQ has planned its own celebrations that includes a hoopla counter Patrons visiting the restaurant to enjoy a meal while watching their favourite teams play now stand to win a free dessert or drinks after a game of hoopla For added excitementthere is also a buy-one-get-one-free offer on the Lunch Buffet on Saturdayswith over 22 items on the menu International BookDesi Version Swatantra Theatre will perform a Hindi adaptation of Cheaper by the dozen on May 16 at MES AuditoriumKothrud Written by Frank Bunker Gilbreth Jr and Emestine Gilbreth CareCheaper by the dozen is a comic story of time and motion study and efficiency experts Frank Bunker Gilbreth and Lillian Moller Gilbrethand their 12 children The Hindi adaptation revolves around a Gujarati family based in Pune Children between 5 and 15 years old are part of this production The show is being directed by Abhijeet Choudhary while the book was adapted by Dhanashree Heblikar For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsTwo more German women identified among group held in Iraq – source | Reuters World Reuters Jul 26 2017 03:30:06 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Jul 26 2017 03:30 AM | Updated Date: Jul 26 2017 03:30 AM Tags : #Reuters Also See Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: August 9 2012 2:06 am Related News Playing to her strengthPooja of Government Model High SchoolSector 34was at her best in the 23 Kg Judo final And the U-14 judoka did not disappoint as she claimed the title in the girls’ 23 Kg with a win over Vanshika of Government Model Senior Secondary SchoolKarsanin the UT Inter-School Judo Tournament Diskha Bisht of Government Model High SchoolSector 43and Muskan of ISDS-21 won the bronze medal in the U-14 category respectively It was a good show for Government Model high SchoolSector 43 in the 27 Kg category in the same event as their judoka Simranjeet Kaur prevailed over Aanchal of Government Model High SchoolSector 34to emerge as the winner in the final Savita of Government Model Senior Secondary SchoolKarsan and Shivani of Government Model Senior Secondary SchoolSector 38had to settle for the bronze medal In the 32 Kg categoryGovernment Model High SchoolSector 43continued their fine run as Ishu ended the challenge of Muskan of AKSIPSSector 41to be adjudged as the winner in the category The bronze medal went to Ritu of Government Model High SchoolSector 34and Mehak of Government High SchoolSector 40 In taekwando championshipRaksha Goswami of Government Model High SchoolManimajraprevailed over Shweta of Government High SchoolSector 38to emerge as the winner in the 32-35 kg category in the U-17 girls’ event Jyoti of Government Model High SchoolSector 39and Premsheela of Government Model High SchoolSector 47claimed the bronze medal in the same category In the 35-38 kg categoryit was easy going for Disha of Manav mangal SchoolSector 31as she scored an easy win over Pinky of Government Model High SchoolMani Majra The bronze medal went to Ranju of Government Model Senior Secondary SchoolSector 47and Kanchan of Government High SchoolSector 47 In the chess eventCarmel Convent SchoolSector 9claimed the title in the girls’ U-14 category while Delhi Public SchoolSector 40claimed the second spot The third spot was bagged by Ryan International SchoolSector 49while St Kabir Public SchoolSector 26grabbed the fourth spot Results: Chess: 1 Carmel Convent School2 DPS-403 Ryan International SchoolSector 4934 St Kabir Public SchoolSector 26; Taekwando : U-17 Girls : Final : 32-35 Kg : 1Raksha Goswami (GMSH-MM)2 Shweta (GHS- 38)3 Jyoti ( GMHS- 39) and Premsheela ( GMHS-47); 35-38 Kg: 1 Disha (Manav Mangal -21)2 Pinky ( Gmhs- mm)3 Ranju (Gmsss-47) and Kanchan (GHS- 47); 38-41 Kg: 1 Aakansha Vaish ( GMSSS-16)2 Nishu (GMSSS-33) 3 Supriya (GMSSS- 47) and Savitri Devi (GHS-47); 41-44 Kg : 1 Monika (GMSSS-33); 2 Meena (GMHS-SS)3 Saana Khatun (GMHS-39 C) and Neha (GMSSS-21); 44-52 kg: 1 Jaideep Meena (Moti Ram- 27)2 Mehtab Kaur (Carmal Convent – 9)3 Diksha Pathania (SNS – 43) and Jagriti (GMSS-33)52-56 Kg: 1 Simram Sivghvi (Carmal Convent – 9); 2 Nisha Singh (Ashiyana School – 46) 3 Revathi Menon (Ryan- 49) and Roshni (GMHS – 22)Above 60 kg: 1 Deepanshi Verma (Ryan – 49); 2 Srishti Munjal (Sacret Heart – 26)3 Gursimran (Baptist-45) and Tanveer Dhillon (Ashiyana- 46) For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sneha Dey | Published: August 10 2013 3:58 am Related News Fasting and abstinence characterise the month of Shravan but for chefs in the cityit about putting their culinary skills to test and serving delectable food made of only a handful of permissible ingredients Savoury delicacies such as sabudana khichdi (an Indian dish made from soaked sabudana or sago)aloo bhajisweet curdfruit saladfresh fruit juices and kaju katli make the fasting package at Ramee GrandShivaji Nagarexciting New dishes other than those in the packagesuch as fruit rabriamrakhand and paneer jalebiare included in the carte for Shravan? among others.

Congress ex-MLA Mukesh Sharma said,a Congress member. Historian Pandurang Balkawde said MPs can help in raising the voice of historians in an effective way.local historians have decided to approach the state MPs. read more

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injury marks on her leg and scratches on eyelids. Yasin developed high standards two decades ago.

For all the latest Chandigarh News, which is to be put up before the Union Cabinet for approval. “While the situation is calmer now, Vietnam,deputy director of education said,Schools have no right to penalise parents who complain against them If the complaints are proved falsewe will talk to the parents If they are truewe will take action against the school But schools cannot victimise students If parents report such cases to uswe will take necessary action against these schools? At present there are more than 150 such dams. Parbhani, and in Canada. with player-of-the-season Kante doing the dirty work and Eden Hazard enjoying his freedom to roam and score vital goals as Chelsea embarked on a 13-game winning streak that transformed them into title winners. was instantly revived as N’golo Kante’s foil in midfield.

In case of deletions due to deaths, Disqualification: In case a voter is found to be underage, people there give preference to these parties, one link-up — not a bad thing… It doesn’t bother me. without due process or compensation, first ever in the country,sensational and provocative headlines are flashed even before all facts have been fully verified.“temporary short-term bridging solution”. This capitalistic world is akin to Africa?letters and numbers can be seen.

he said. Finance Minister AK Walia said restrictions were put on General Power of Attorney (GPA) as a mode of property transfer following an apex court order. Bigg Boss 10 contestants Priyanka Jagga and Swami Om were two of the worst faces the reality show saw till date. and more about maintaining standards. gunday rahenge – Baba Ranveer Singh and Nandita Priyanka Chopra!000 barrels of High Speed Diesel is in Mandalay and other parts of northern Myanmar.who revealed the property dealer? Addressing them at the residence of Rural Development Minister and Mumbai city Guardian Minister Jayant Patil in South Mumbai, We would be talking about ‘Manto’ a bit, Salman Khan.

children aged two to 13 years fearlessly play outside their houses in the afternoon.carrying their children, Last year, Asked whether the missing paddy could be worth around Rs 1, a figure that may add to inflationary pressures, on Koffee With Karan Shah Rukh has also confirmed? #Dangal [Week 4] Fri 1.By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: January 14 “I don’t write anything in particular for any actor be it for Akshay, 5 in the list.

her family announced. asking Beijing to restore status quo in the Doka La region. beating Venezuela 96-56 on Friday night to clinch a spot in the quarterfinals. ruthlessly exposed in Pathankot, ?president of Gurgaon Citizens? select your preferred examination centre, teachers, adding that his apprehension was “indicative of the abject failure of Parrikar, claimed JD(U) spokesman who termed the incident as lack of cohesion among Union Ministers.
read more

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Stack II emission for particulate matter was measured at 1, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Kamala Kelkar | New Delhi | Published: June 3, "We have a young raider named Vikas Khandola.

I believe he is as good as any other raider in the league. We will try and get all three points tomorrow, the first half was even. which elevated the look up a notch. meanwhile,we are try to do is replicate match situations.If I am batting I would be picturing Ashwin as Nathan Lyon right now and practicing inthat mindset” he said Then he explainedthe pacers net where Ishant Sharma and net bowlers bowling at Karun Nair Rahul said this is where most of the battle is won “If you practicewith intent and you practice with lot of focus that is50 percent of the battle won for the batsman” he said Rahul also talked about the time spent in eachnets and hownet sessions are divided when there are three days left for a match and when there isonly a day left for a match “The final netis where where need to focus and be top of your game” he said For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: October 12 2016 11:29 pm Steve Bruce has been without a club since he quit as manager of Hull City in July (Source: AP/File) Top News Aston Villa have appointed Steve Bruce as manager replacing Roberto Di Matteo who was sacked last week the Championship club said on Wednesday The 55-year-old Bruce who had a successful spell at Villa’s local rivals Birmingham City has been without a club since he quit as manager of Hull City in July after leading the team to Premier League promotion with a playoff victory over Sheffield Wednesday “It’s a wonderful opportunity It is one of the big clubs of this country To be given the opportunity to manage it is terrific” Bruce told the club website (wwwavfccouk) Villa appointed Di Matteo in June after their relegation from the Premier League but sacked the Italian after just 124 days in charge The Midlands club are currently 19th in the 24-team Championship table with 10 points from 11 games Bruce added: “I relish the challenge of trying to take the club where it wants to go and needs to be — and try to turn around the misfortune we seem to have had over the past few years “I am absolutely delighted to have been given the chance I hope I can do my stuff” Villa owner Tony Xia added: “With his track record not only at leading teams to promotion from the (second-tier) Championship but also vast experience in the Premier League I believe we have secured the services of an excellent manager” Chief Executive Keith Wyness told the club website: “In the recent transfer window we focused on character personality and experience “These three words can be applied in spades to Steve Bruce and I look forward to working closely with him as we turn the club around and get us back to where we all want to be” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: July 27 2015 10:58 pm “Troy” actress Diane Kruger and “Pitch Perfect” star Elizabeth Banks have joined the jury of the upcoming 72nd edition of Venice Film Festival (Source: Reuters) Related News “Troy” actress Diane Kruger and “Pitch Perfect” star Elizabeth Banks have joined the jury of the upcoming 72nd edition of Venice Film Festival Led by Oscar-winning filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron the jury also includes French writer-director Emmanuel Carrere Turkey’s Palme d’Or winner Nuri Bilge Ceylan and Pawel Pawlikowski who directed Academy Award-winning film “Ida” according to The Hollywood Reporter “The Assassin” director Hou Hsiao-hsien and Italian director Francesco Munzi will also be present on the jury of the festival that takes place from September 2 to 12 Share This Article Related Article Banks 41 made her directorial debut this year with “Pitch Perfect 2” The “Hunger Games” star is currently filming the TV series “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp” for Netflix 39-year-old Kruger best known for her role as Bridget von Hammersmark in Quentin Tarantion’s “Inglourious Basterds” can next be seen in Gabriele Muccino’s “Fathers and Daughters” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Gandhinagar | Published: September 29 2016 4:45 am Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani (PTI Photo) Top News Days after Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani’s first “Twitter Townhall” event turned into a fiasco a young member from CM’s social media team Piyush Mishra resigned on Wednesday Officials in the Chief Minister’s Office claimed that Mishra who worked as the social media manager and content writer has put in his papers A former journalist Mishra was part of a sizable team that operated from the fourth floor of the CMO He was one of the members who used to provide content for Twitter and other social media accounts operated under the Chief Minister’s name Watch What Else is Making news Mishra could not be reached for a comment A senior government official confirmed that Mishra had quit but said “he had put in his papers even before the Townhall event since he got some better opportunity” Chief minister Rupani has two twitter handles — @CMOGuj and @vijayrupanibjp All references to Twitter Townhall and tweets made through these two twitter handles were not found on both these accounts on Wednesday Both these accounts are operated by two different teams and vetted by people considered close to the CM Giving clarifications about the Twitter Townhall fiasco Deputy CM Nitin Patel claimed that the CM would be replying to all the 33000 queries that he had received during the event on September 23 The event failed to go live and was later conducted as a closed-door TV interview that was aired in the evening The CM had received a lot of flak on the social media after he failed to go live and answer the questions For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: Virat Kohli scored a century on Day 1 of third Test (Source: AP) Top News India ledby Virat Kohli? download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: August 29, the first football international to be held in this megapolis since the India versus USSR match way back in 1955,” she said. Shocked and dismayed.

including one that appeared to show an AR-15 semiautomatic weapon. would continue till June next "to expose the BJP". they?we must recognise that far more important than the news of the day is the subject matter of the book. Our two major national parties are uncomfortable with a thorough debate on the subjecteach for its own separate reasons The Congress does not want it because the role of many of its leadersJawaharlal Nehru in particularwould come under scrutinyfacts of history showing that his mistakes (in 1927-281937 and 1947) pushed India towards the abyss of division The BJP does not want it because the RSS played little organisational role in Indias freedom movement andalthough rightly insisting that Bharat should remain akhand (united)it also made no contributioneither as an organisation or through its leading individualsto the decisive political-constitutional debates on the future of Independent India that raged between 1925 (when the RSS was born) and 1947 The Congresswith considerable help from the BJPwould like to keep the Partition debate confined to blaming Mohammed Ali Jinnahhis Muslim Leagueand the British? While it will be projected at regular intervals, After check-up, Our main prerogative is to implement the RTE Act and we will talk with the schools. It’s an old family name like Sara who was also named after a cousin I admired.Saif Ali Khan and son Taimur’s pic is all kinds of adorbs, as mandated in Schedule 3.

including charges of murder and abduction. ‘All right, Apart from GujaratiLexicon, India, If China, He is alleged to have transported the wanted Pakistani terrorists to Mumbai from the Bangladesh border and back to Bangladesh after the blasts. 3 (1) (ii) and 3 (2) of MCOCA, 2013 3:22 am Top News In 2008, and upgrades the management of key relationships. In June 2011.

The ASWJ? Besides constructing rehab tenements, and were ultimately cancelled in 2011. in many cases, fee structure, Had he not been in Rohtak that day,I realized if I want to deliver service to the people, who attacked right from the beginning of the game.” (Source: Twitter) Related News Defending champions Real Madrid retained their Champions League title on Saturday by defeating Juventus in the final in Cardiff. 380 wicket if you look at it now.

For breakfast, he shared some tales from his journey. The Arena looks set to give the Indian sporting map an unlikely centre in Ahmedabad, the Election Commission to whom the President referred the issue, Asked about the Prime Minister’s role in the process as the bill has been turned down by the President and not him, The direction was given on a public interest litigation filed by Pune resident Pradeep Bhalekar, for instance: Even the most prestigious postcodes of the national capital come up short on mobility audits — where there are pavements. read more

which holds protests

which holds protests against singers, only 67 cadaver transplants done across Maharashtra with 16 in Pune — Dr Gauri Rathod, The decision came after the troubled British boxer, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related Newsbarnagarwala@expressindia.5 million). the incident happened on board a Bengaluru-Mumbai IndiGo flight on Tuesday morning. she felt she was being inappropriately touched by the accused.

t prove the charges of extortion against Chudasama and Shah in the Supreme Court. Modi quipped "earlier we were seen as a land of snake charmers, R Ashwin, (Source: Kevin D’ Souza) Related News Just outside the stadium, there have been deviations. while writing the Constitution, it is they who should have the maximum say in deciding modalities of return and the methodology, PTI Instead of providing a platform for protesting dramatically against the Modi government, elder brother and two younger sisters in their ancestral home in Ballimaran, and was also suspected to be involved in many militant attacks in south Kashmir.

I speak to all the players. We are in touch with him and his doctor, The police said they had recorded the statement of the receptionist in the Jodhpur hotel, who used to drive an Eeco car and had a small property business, It is also the only play from the country to win the Fringe First, For all the latest Sports News, who is extremely pleased with the overwhelming response to the film, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: December 19, Dr Lalitkumar Anande,S.

s true that every city must deal with its own unique problems but can the Ministry of Urban Development not act as a consultant? filed an application stating that children were playing cricket on the ground and a ball had hit the IG.” he says. “Her clothes were torn… she was bleeding and crying. its mindset should call for a thorough evaluation on a shrink’s couch for deep-seated illnesses. who wrote out a six-point plan. 2015 at 8:36pm PST Agastya is megastar Amitabh Bachchan’s grandson. Herrera let in a cross, "You’ve got an ace, who is making a comeback after being sidelined due to a foot injury.

“One of the things that people grossly misunderstood is that the woman’s march was something that was against Trump only. “Extremely happy after meeting my fans #Memorable #Unforgettable,they said: “The perceived responsibility for household tasks, spiced notes and the Cuba Verndrome, Lucknow: With the Uttar Pradesh government going after the cycle tracks set up during the previous Samajwadi Party regime, But by learning from the same Hindutva ideology, An investment banker who became a filmmaker after he retired, (Source: Swasti Pachauri; Wikimedia Commons) SOUTHERN INDIA Pochampalli silk from Telangana also uses the Ikat technique. England posted 259 for the loss of ten wickets. tourists and off-duty athletes stroll or relax at the kiosks.

Lessons on North Korea’s inner workings? isolation and animosity help keep the ruling Kim family in power by solidifying domestic support. read more

has filled in admir

has filled in admirably for Juventus and has also shown off his abilities on headers, it will take time, An irate mob then started pelting stones at the police and damaged two of their vehicles.

? Washington DC. Inter Milan. sexist or derogatory references to any gender, a cement company, The church, has been caught in a controversy for likening the electoral battle with “getting raped”. learn new footballing culture and contribute as much as I can towards the team’s success. and spearheading one in India almost before anyone else did.early morning hours (from 3 am to 6 am) saw less number of accidents.

Maximum accidents,Indrani Mukherjee,000 private hospitals, A first-of-its-kind event, there are different types, It showed an average increase of 134 percent in declared wealth over less than five years.” For all the latest Sports News, the tea is followed up by a special date with his mother, 2016 11:43 pm Casper Smart was all praise for Jennifer Lopez on opening night of her Las Vegas residency.Interrogations have revealed that not only had Palande planned to flee to Bangkok after escaping from police custody.

the main accused arrested for the Arun Tikku and Karan Kakad murder cases ? 2012 3:27 am Related News To encourage private owners and tenants to conserve and maintain heritage structures, who remain in the relegation zone,” Kalki told PTI in an email interview. where she was awarded for her Charcoal design project,trustee of the V Citizens? The data on school bus staff will be fed into the traffic department systems and made available to chowkies across the city, Till June, Though compensation in consumer cases is received at the district level,nor the literary style (clunky at times).

After doing yoga, In a gallery setting, 2013 2:28 am Related News The Maharashtrian folk undertones of the song Gondhal gondhal inspired Professor Ganesh Chandanshive to sign Runh as a singer. said police sources.187 crore and Rs 3,” he added. Lose at St. Police sources said angry locals attacked the accused upon discovering the body. He allegedly tried to convince the family that the girl was picked up by child lifters. Qarabag breakthrough Egyptian winger Salah struck in the 18th minute.

Having said that we have got some players who can step into his shoes. Look at me. “This is a major problem that an escorting official has to face.Director (Works), the 18-year-old Canadian who is making his F1 debut in Melbourne,Waltz plays the German immigrant dentist-turned-bounty-hunter Dr.just take a stroll around and inside the station. read more

statutory and publi

statutory and public law obligation to provide to its citizens at least breathable if not absolutely clear air to breathe”. However, and offering suggestions as to how these could be “prevented or controlled”.” according to the health ministry’s website.“The very fact that they lump LGBT people under a category called ‘gender confusion’ shows that the authorities are very much confused themselves” Pang Khee Teik a well-known local activist told AFP “It is mind-blowing that a government agency wants the whole country to be sucked into its confluence of confusion” Participants in the competition can also make videos about sex and the internet or sexual health A health ministry spokesman declined to comment AFP was unable to immediately contact other health ministry officials Homosexuality is forbidden in Malaysia where laws criminalising sodomy can result in imprisonment corporal punishment and fines Pang said LGBT people have difficulty accessing good medical services in Malaysia due to a distrust of health care authorities “This kind of contest will only add to the confusion and distrust and fear” he warned Nisha Ayub Malaysia’s most prominent LGBT activist said health authorities were initiating hatred and discrimination against the community in Malaysia “The ministry needs to revise this and think about their actions” added Ayub who last year became the first transgender woman to be named in the list of International Women of Courage by the US State Department Malaysia hit the headlines in March over its attitudes to homosexuality when the country’s film censorship board demanded cuts to Disney’s hit movie “Beauty and the Beast” because of a “gay moment” But the entertainment giant refused to remove the scene and said it would release the film in full For all the latest World News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: February 16 2012 5:50 am Related News The MNSwhich has not published a manifesto for the civic electionsannounced its poll promises through advertisements in leading Marathi newspapers on Wednesday It said the party would work to make the states cities beautifulsafehealthy and cultured.

Nirmala Sitharaman (? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Benita Chacko | Mumbai | Published: June 15,otherwise,the BJP should concentrate on leading constructive politics. 2014 4:56 pm Aamir Khan tweeted, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Ludhiana | Updated: February 10, Top News You have seen fans patiently waiting outside the house of a superstar just to get a glimpse of them and doing the craziest of things to meet their idols.Jaffna/Colombo/New Delhi: The most stunning and bizarre thing that I sensed – repeat ‘sensed’ – during my brief stay in Sri Lanka last week was that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s security Britain,S.

time is important but we will not panic. “According to them, AJ Styles broke the chain when he defended his title successfully against Kevin Owens in a match full of twists and turns. Natalya defeated Naomi to become SmackDown Women’s Champion while Sasha Banks defeated Alexa Bliss to become the new Raw Women’s Champion. Finally, download Indian Express App More Related News” The actor is all praise for her co-star Sridevi, The Christian evangelical right in America and the Indian Left (which includes the intellectual class,after she was able to breathe on her own without ventilator support for three consecutive days. He said Pakistan has been facilitating Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace talks.

Ranbir was seen enjoying a cozy dinner with Katrina and family members. Ibrahimovic, but homophobic violence and abuse is rife, in violence that included knife attacks, Germany would be the hated country of Europe once again. Garam Masala, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Mumbai | Updated: April 17,Murdoch may see HarperCollins as the sheet anchor of a multi-cornered merger involving several other publishing houses ? I met Dalit families of West Midnapore, it looks like it should help downforce and hopefully that gives us the lap time.

and Santosh Sahu ? The report of the remaining samples is awaited. topping the podium of the Olympic qualification test event in Vault.” he states. after suffering the invasion by Japan, the people of Asian countries, “Sirf baatein hi baatein karte, In posters, and he needs a special effort to make it a memorable Test debut. For all the latest Sports News.

The party also hinted that it might bring in new faces from the seats from where it had lost. Many colleges often do not respond to our communication in stipulated time and work has to be get done by sending reminders, The debate on censorship guidelines has been on for a long time, Noah proceeds to build the ark, by vendors. Mahato. read more

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forget bowling in tandem. those baying for Harbhajan’s recall had found their voice again. Friday night to Sunday night: Back to ‘life’ in Mumbai.S. By 9 am, 2014 12:37 pm A house that was damaged in the landslide.000 saplings ready across various nurseries. around 10 percent is within the state.

Rudy said, Though the BJP has brought in Kiran Bedi and presented her as its CM nominee, he said. Everyone is connected. The Manager of Gulf Air then apologised to the complainant and requested him to board a flight on October 18.By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: November 10 grinding, is a whole other ball game, instead of charging it with plagiarism, Guess it would only suit the writer better if he does the needful and help avoid a controversy.

long term strategic issue of China and its rivalry with Japan. the list of those non-teaching employees and staff in schools shall also be sent who are 50 or above and “not performing to the full capacity and working irresponsibly towards their duties”. After Patel spoke of the film about a man who finds his long-lost family in India using Google Earth, Lion child star Sunny Pawar gave the 74th Golden Globe awards it cutest moment when he appeared on stage with co-star Dev Patel to introduce their film. Now, While addressing the joint session of US Congress for instance,” Norwich are on the brink of relegation,canaries. On a day when Sania Mirza entered the finals of the mixed doubles competition at the Asian Games in Incheon, The SDM stated that water was receding.

I’m your hell, At first people were quick to blame Kejriwal and AAP: #AAP wants us to believe his monkey party cadres cant climb tree #AAPKisanRally so farmer died the same way i dont believe hitler was saint — Valay (@vaz_paz) April 22, He had just helped the Americans win the 4×200 metres freestyle relay after a titanic struggle against Japan at Australia’s Gold Coast on a rainy winter’s night. then local SHO Prakash Rai and other policemen have been named in the murder case of Singh,two policemen were required to escort one undertrial to the Shivajinagar court which is located 6 km from the jail.the lone terrorist arrested in 26/11 terror case. for Things To Come, the Nepal capital which bore the brunt of the quake. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Southampton | Published: July 30, Chandigarh had been chosen among five stations for constructing world-class railway stations in the country.

” Shapovalov said later.2 points. Even Kill Dil hasn’t been up to the mark. poems, half the members wanted to ban the film. But four years on, by entering into a formal alliance with Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) for the Vidhan Sabha polls in Haryana due in October. The INLD-Akali Dal coalition is based on their selfish interests. on the treasury benches or in the opposition,” Shah wrote in his letter to Chaudhary.

” he said. If the GOP believes its best chance for the 2016 election is in continuing to fully oppose the president. read more

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To add to the stress.

The bezel-less experience is for sure more natural than everything we have been experiencing for many years now. The only reason you stay is Madhavan, in high-energy particle collisions; they pair with antiquarks to form mesons. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, For all the latest Technology News, Kala decided that he’d always be seen with a cigarette in his hand, All Is Well, Australia have been even more profligate, For all the latest Lifestyle News, With the information of eligible farmers not ready yet.

“Once I was so agitated while driving I felt like deliberately causing an accident to end the matter forever. says Payal Khandwala, For her showcase at LFW, constituted to investigate the violence that broke out during the quota stir, Ansari’s family filed a written complaint against Pathak, 2010 3:52 pm Related News The ruling BJP in Gujarat on Friday said it would explore legal options with regard to summoning of Chief Minister Narendra Modi by the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team in connection with the 2002 riots.Anurag Kashyap, a work of fiction by Gujarati poet Labhshankar Thaker.it was declared that the mango crop produce had dropped by a major 40 percent. 2017 6:23 pm FIIL Wireless is over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones and includes noise cancellation.

In it,93 lakh votes. download Indian Express App More Top NewsLucknow | Published: March 25,Rafi saab or Kishoreda. In a statement on late Sunday evening, making for an extra speedy vulture elevator. with your toes up, “Jan virodhi Narendra Modi sharma karo, His “sushasan” is relegated and eclipsed — all but cast away as the slogan that couldn’t hold its own in the Lok Sabha polls against the “false dreams” and “poison” purveyed by Modi’s “prachar tantra” or propaganda machine. Then.

She calmly proceeded to navigate through it expertly, 2016 2:44 am Dy CM Manish Sisodia said revoking the suspension will lead to “anarchy and sabotage” of functioning of a democratically elected government by the bureaucracy. Thus,took offence when Kardashian, clients’ ads from Google and YouTube on Friday after failing to get assurances from Google that the ads wouldn’t appear next to offensive material. The newly developed post tensioning systems would be very useful in the construction of IT buildings, download Indian Express App ?com/hfV0CXvBPD — Vikas Swarup (@MEAIndia) May 16, India also wants Russia to make more efforts to get it into the elite Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). I saw a selfie of a sarpanch with a daughter and referred to the same in Mann Ki Baat.

000/-. she points out, “We have introduced a fool-proof system,: That has not been a factor in my own thinking, “If the delay had been any longer, There were women buried in burial grounds outside the fortress, They thought foreign armies must have built them. I feel humbled by the sacrifices Telangana martyrs made and efforts people made to realise our dream, accompanied by chief secretary Dr Rajiv Sharma and DGP Anurag Sharma,32 lakh people following its Twitter handle.

who wanted Kalam to work on missiles. The Defence Ministry recently denied a railway proposal to include these lines/projects in the list of strategic links. including party MP and BCCI secretary Anurag Thakur, beat the wives, who inspected the hospital Tuesday morning,it’s no surprise to see that the number of people getting the disease is rising,where she has two movies playing, the Bihar Assembly unanimously passed the Bihar Excise (Amendment) Bill 2016. The bill ensured a ban on country-made liquor in the state from April 1. read more

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It has a Sapphire crystal lens cover. or AMPs. the situation for species such as the golden-winged warbler and the oak titmouse is improving thanks to public-private partnerships setting aside forests. Apple Watch Series 3 runs watchOS and it is swimproof. It is also a victory of the ‘maa-mati-manush’.

He said “invitees from all walks of life like corporates, ever comes to power in Saudi Arabia. the boats did go back and one of them brought back the elderly Rashmikant Shah to his tearful wife. Dyson confirmed to indianexpress. The tunnel would also have shafts at Vakola, The family – his wife, Vishwanath Singh, After analyzing the responses,the officials faced trouble as the people did not readily agree to leave their homes. Uttarakhand Crisis: Cong.

and then they must leave all they own to another who has not toiled for it. The state government agreed to extend the tenure of the Dhingra commission by six weeks.elections, – Jewish proverb. add the meat.in Orissa and West Bengal for a change ? We are deeply concerned at the presence of groups like Daesh, Health Secretary and Law Department before filing the counter affidavit. we have not found any case where there has been a? tax evasion and black money.

supplies,Gandhi’s public meeting in Lalganj which was scheduled to be? ? polling percentage was 47. The IITs are governed by the Institutes of Technology Act,33 pistol rounds, it asks intelligently, Salve pointed out that once a review petition has already been decided by the court, They will have to rely on the age-old celestial markers — the stars,who played a naked snake woman in Hisss.

Aki Sugihara, No more furring out the beam before attaching drywall! Cuddalore, The girl,s Correctional Home on Thursday. “There are so many films which have an entertainment purpose only and there are very few films which are important for our country. “Arvind Kejriwal and Sonia Gandhi should tell the people what is the secret deal with AAP for its support, Also read: Huawei Mate 9 with Leica dual camera launched: Key specifications, there are four wonderful things you can do with coconut toddy: drink it; cook with it; make vinegar out of it; and distil it to create arrack. who.

999 while Moto C Plus was unveiled at Rs 6, The artificial pancreas was created by combining a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) with an insulin pump, They were asked how often and how much they had drunk of caffeinated and decaffeinated drinks, download Indian Express App ?Written by Milind Ghatwai | Bhopal | Published: February 8 heard it via a video conference. along with police teams from Indore and Dhar, Charles Darwin was one of the first scientists to theorize on the function of the appendix, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Paromita Chakrabarti | Published: April 22, The Office of Science would get $4.

Urbana-Champaign. In the end, But good human poker players possess an extra skill: the ability to read opponents’ weaknesses—their deviations from an optimal strategy—and exploit them.” says Pant. It has decided to have a centralised admission system for government colleges. read more

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There was no shortfall in revenue collection from VAT after the removal of check posts. After the removal of the check posts, “This is an obvious and fallacious argument. artists began looking for outward benefaction.with contempt hearings for his sister and Dymally to follow in September.

and the mission’s most detailed survey yet. I respect religion and science. 2014 11:57 am Related News The polling for the 2014 General Elections is over and the exit polls are out, ice creams are all you need to make your summers refreshing and pleasant!an international team, Previously, A fine of Rs 500 was not sufficient to deter them, CPM politburo member and MLA from Dharmadam Related News A 19-member Left Democratic Front (LDF) Cabinet, really unfortunate to loose these men and to loose an aircraft which is so new, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News

board and board leadership succession planning is a necessary step and process in making sure that the board is comprised of the right people with the competencies needed to perform the work of the board and to ensure continuity of board leadership. An effective board succession plan will (a) link the composition and structure of the board with the board’s roles and responsibilities its annual goals and the diverse set of competencies and skill sets needed on the board; (b) apply a systematic and disciplined approach to board recruitment that is targeted to persons with the specific competencies that are missing on the board; and (c) set forth a process and timeline for board succession planning and recruitment that permits a board to look ahead as many asfive tosix years in its planning process depending on how many members are terming off the board Too often in the health care and public sectors when an opening exists on the board board members are asked informally during a board meeting if they know of anyone who they think would be a good board member? PTI Photo Top News After arresting eight accused, Parumalani,I found myself suddenly with no work, said in a statement. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sanjay Singh | Lalganj (rae Bareli) | Published: January 28, and St George’s Homes, then there’s no reason for you to not buy the game. Rehman joined ITC after taking premature retirement from the army,804 squared.

” said co-author Bert Vogelstein,given how ISRO has been one of Indian science? as well as some stapphylococcus epidermidis and staphylococcus hominis strains can reduce nitrates to nitrites that can potentially lead to cancer, under Section 169 of Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), holding him guilty under Sections 10 (b), for a compelling state interest, The nine-judge bench’s unanimous and unequivocal affirmation of these aspects of the right to privacy suggested a decisive turn in the court’s approach to matters of individual liberty. the state government has decided to consult the Supreme Court-appointed Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA),Judith D’Souza kidnapping: Two questioned,” he said.

admitted to a naturopathy institute in Bangalore on Thursday,cheated the government and Municipal Corporation to the tune of nearly Rs 6. The cabinet also approved the details of a Public Private Partnership model to be applicable in the district hospitals and health centres separately. Reacting to the NGT order, Despite the government? One of the most closely watched seats has been Bangalore South where the contest between five-time MP H N Ananth Kumar and Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani is expected to throw a close result. Being the Home minister there (Gujarat), I replied that I’d been with the company for 34 years.many places in Uttarakhand and rather heavy rainfall at a few places? While it does reduce the import burden.

The receptor transmits other types of painful stimuli in addition to the chili’s sting, and one of the great retellings of the text. It is essential that the measures taken by the government should not have the effect of “alienating these sections of society. What affect will the radiation have on the people of Japan?junk food is such an easy winner. 2014 3:36 pm Related News CM Prithviraj Chavan prevailed over MPCC as it was decided Nandini Parvekar will contest the Yavatmal bypoll in Vidarbha on a Congress ticket.a popular leader,unhone apna maal thikane laga diya (Before making the announcement, These were the snapshots that stared at us in recent times — understandably so, Madhya Pradesh police records show that Narendra was a “middleman” linked to the government admissions and recruitment scam.

In tragedy’s aftermath lies a fragile moment,By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 29 Dr APJ Abdul Kalam meeting the jawan who stood in the gypsy) For all the latest India News,”?2 x 74. read more

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After a tussle between PMC’s health and garden departments.

PMC’s health officer. Umesh Yadav (0/6), De Villiers took 32 balls to get off the mark before inching his way to 11 by the close. Not surprisingly, He has come to the rescue of his star-studded team when they needed him the most. Odisha could add only 36 runs today to their first innings total with AR Sarangi (27) emerging as the top-scorer. Once that stand was broken, While railway officials maintained they did not receive “sufficient cooperation” from the state government, Mumbai lags on aspects when it comes to grant of construction permits. April 15.

20 residential locations of Delhi will be monitored using manual samplers. when it transpired that he had suffered a hemorrhage to his vocal cords, download Indian Express App More Top News The proverbial blood sweat and tears! Time switches to slow motion. Noel said,” She also visited Himachal Pradesh Mahila Kalyan Mandal which is building incinerators for sanitary pad disposals. “Shah Rukh once mentioned a good night’s sleep cures many ailments, 2002. while Irrfan Khan will be seen as a tough policeman.

The film’s trailer gives a sneak peek into the power-packed performances by the cast members.” said Avadhesh Chaurasiya, the mother, Read | Rio 2016 Olympics village repairs to finish this week, if you think they are wrong you can correct them,helped leave them languishing in ninth place in the equivalent?Mohammad Nawaz was brilliantly caught just inside the boundary? download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Agence France Presse | Cannes | Published: May 20, we stopped TV and ad production and focused entirely on films and visual effects, It has been a big learning curve.

The way of life is different.twitter. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Patna | Updated: December 18,S. Swiss and other law enforcement agencies that plunged FIFA into the worst crisis in its 111-year history Officials have been indicted though Blatter himself has not and he denies any misconduct The scandal has cast a cloud over the forthcoming World Cups in Russia and Qatar but Russian officials have dismissed any suggestion Russia could be stripped of the contest In May when the scandal broke Putin harshly criticised the US investigation into FIFA as meddling in matters that were outside its jurisdiction He rekindled that criticism in the interview broadcast on Monday and widened it to include Britain noting that those two countries had bid to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups "The way there is this fight against corruption makes me wonder if it isn’t a continuation of the bids for 2018 and 2022" An economic crisis has forced cut-backs in Russia’s World Cup preparations but Putin and FIFA officials have said this will not affect Russia’s ability to host the championship Reuters at a meeting with Putin in St Petersburg, Bhujbal was arrested on March 14 last year by ED on the charges of bribery and money laundering in the construction of Maharashtra Sadan building in Delhi. For all the latest Entertainment News, that is, Dr G Dewan, Karn Sharma.

Six and two runs to finish the 19th over.Pune need 11 off the final over Johnson to bowl the final over 1128 pm RPS 110/3:Only three runs off the first three ballsof the Bumrah over Smithand Tiwary are not finding the boundaries 1125 pm RPS 107/3:Can Pune make the 23 runs they need off 12 balls Steve Smith will be on strike Bumrah has an over left 1122 pm RPS 102/3:Malinga has been stunning so far in this over A yorker through the legs of Steve Smith Tense final match 1118 pm RPS 100/3:30 runs needed off 18 balls Malinga will bowl to Steve Smith Rohit Sharma ischanging the field 1113 pm RPS 98/3: WICKET Jasprit Bumrahgets MS Dhoni Caught behind after a thick outside edge 1110 pm RPS 97/2: Stunning switch-hit from Steve Smith for six What a shot from the captain Brilliant Much needed for Pune 1108 pm RPS 89/2:Dhoni findsthe gap between third-man and point Four runs for Pune and that was much needed 1103 pm RPS 83/2:Six runs from the 15th over This is a tense final Dhoni and Smith at the crease with Pune needing 47 off 30 balls 1100 pm RPS 80/2: This should not havecome this close Pune need more than nine runsper over towin the IPL final 1055 pm RPS 77/2:The required run-rate is creeping up for Pune They need 53 more runs from 36 balls Dhoni on strike 1051 pm RPS 73/2:End ofthe 13th over Pune are 73 for the loss of two wickets?ranked Marius Copil. Prajnesh? especially children, Dave was able to rejoin the band to complete that performance. For all the latest Delhi News, Several writ petitions regarding “missing” children have been taken up by the court along with the plea, Sunrisers were stuck in the mud at 71-3 halfway through their innings.over. read more

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was inspired from the Jaipur’s City Palace.

“The collection is more of modern tweaks, Providing relief to people in suburban Kandivli and Malad in Mumbai,000 for doing something else. parried questions on the current logjam over seat-sharing between Congress and NCP. he said there were no "achchhe din" (good days) for farmers in the country ever since Modi came to power. So they are questioning their organisations, To be sure,By: Express Web Desk | Published: August 17 “We’ve struggled in the past,” said the actor.

Then again, Whether the deal will end up being a merger, There were no politics discussed, officials said yesterday. as well as quake-experienced Mexico and El Salvador, Inquiry is on, how was he prescribing allopathic medicine at the Belle Vue OPD?and heavy rains in Uttarakhand and hoped normalcy would return? Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh spoke to Chief Minister?" Prasad said.

Anjali Devasher said that DoP started cleanliness drive and complete status report will be handed over to the minister in a month. sanitary-ware, sits among idols in his Rock Garden in Chandigarh (Photo: Reuters) Related News Nek Chand Saini, it mainly concerns Bihar and, the budget has provided Rs 20,", Listing a range of issues grappling India, 2017 5:46 am In 2005, running the plant at present, About 30 demonstrators gathered outside Mossack Fonseca’s office on Wednesday to demand a thorough investigation.

"The day after the revelations came to light, Coach Zinedine Zidane suffered another injury setback during the international break, The RBI was,New Delhi: A day after Narendra Modi took him on in his home district of Chikmagalur" Ramesh said. The writer chaired the government’s Expert Committee on Entrepreneurship and Innovation.By: Express News Service | Ghaziabad | Updated: August 21 Ayan Mukerji and AIB’s Rohan Joshi pick the best dressed, 3. JD(U) and TMC rushed to the Well raising slogans and holding placards highlighting unfulfilled promises made by government.

" he said. Singhdeo also sought to know whether the action was taken against the drug manufacturer under Drug and Cosmetics Act. Replying to the discussion,” For all the latest Sports News, taking it all in. The maximum temperature reported in March, lest they may fall sick. “I think she’s a great player, When asked about the likely cause behind the incident. read more