Soft Wen marketing conforms to the modern people’s soft and soft taste

modern people are becoming more and more comfortable and soft to drink white wine. The entrance is pure and fragrant, but not spicy. Yes, during this period, many old brands are moving to the flexible type, such as Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, Guizhou Moutai and so on, all following the footsteps of consumers, and constantly introduce soft cotton series. In marketing, consumers will no longer accept that can bring a strong visual impact of media advertising, which is the | spicy flavor liquor". With the rapid development of the Internet, people have tended to Mianrou marketing, for example, in the marketing of the network marketing is the marketing of soft style liquor". read more

Site operations should pay attention to backup to avoid the server was lost

in addition to the old welcome, we finally sent off the difficult 2009, ushered in the economic recovery of 2010, new year’s new weather, the year of the tiger is destined to be an extraordinary year: Expo, the Asian Games, the economy has been revived.


‘s economic recovery has been, the country’s highest leadership thinking will change, "expanding domestic demand" clearly was the focus of the work mentioned in a prominent position as the "national service", which is an urgent need to improve the reform and opening up 30 years of "strong people are not rich" policy, start a new strategy of sustainable development gradually "relevant"! Will be second of the global GDP results of economic development more inclined to livelihood, improve policies and regulations and system, to all kinds of social harmony and social risks as far as possible to minimize the tragedy. read more

Chinahr com evening on the end of the storm the past 7 years in giant itch


is experiencing the third owners of the, because of layoffs, the staff suffered violent protests. Employees reflect: yesterday, still working overtime, today was told all employees to lift the agreement, the company has no written commitment and related payment process, there is no labor supervision department approval documents. Many employees told reporters that the company’s approach is violent layoffs.

"business" reporter learned, is experiencing the third owners of the, because of layoffs, the staff suffered violent protests. Employees reflect: yesterday, still working overtime, today was told all employees to lift the agreement, the company has no written commitment and related payment process, there is no labor supervision department approval documents. Many employees told reporters that the company’s approach is violent layoffs, today do not give a statement, never leave. read more

Rice and vegetable roll Forum marketing we should decide on what path to follow

entered the 09 year, in fact the site for an ordinary Internet users often removed from the Internet has been a very common thing, why? With the rise of the domestic most open source web application, to build their own websites, blogs, portals only need to install software as the next step, the next step can be installed. It is also because of the reduction of the site threshold, so that website construction can be popularized at a time, so that more people who do not understand the technology can build their own websites in a short time. Last year’s CN domain name, one yuan registration, a year of activities, but also so many small and medium-sized sites have mushroomed built up. read more

Navigation website experience sharing one month P1600

I do

site navigation beginning just want to own and friends like to collect together, convenient for future use, for example, when I have time to do some small sites, I set up a webmaster navigation part, collecting various resources website; my brother love texting, I set up a special message column, collect a large number of excellent text inside; I and my friend often go to see the film, I set up a film column, all types of movies in which to collect, also recommended to the more friends to watch. read more

Ten lessons of a CEO’s failure to start a business stops updating after 3 months, officially announced the closure, wrote an open letter long founder Mark Goldenson, summed up the 10 lessons from the failure, the ongoing Internet business and will be business people, is a valuable asset.

1. as soon as possible to get venture capital

, Find, quick, money, first.

Mark says they are lucky to know some of Silicon Valley’s most powerful venture capitalists. But later found that this is not beneficial. Because of this risk, investors have a large selection of projects in their hands, so they are usually reluctant to jump in early, preferring to wait until the risk is minimized. But for entrepreneurs, money is more valuable than advice and networking. read more

Look at the status of video sharing sites copyright King

because there has been a special focus on video class websites, there are separate categories of podcast viewing in the blog post category. Suddenly found himself a long time did not write video class articles, the last time written by the end of 08, more than 1 years of time passed, and then take a look at the status of video sites.

, the remnant is king,

07 years, because responsible for the promotion of a video search engine, with many video sites have dealt with, and established a more in-depth relationship of cooperation. At that time I was mainly cooperation and ALEXA ranking within 1000 video sites, well-known video site is also called the flow of the brand, and now look at the situation before the cooperation of the video site is how. read more

How is the local small forum valued by TV station

, the local TV station found me last week. Said that the TV station is going to hold a local dialect contest, and hope that our website can become an exclusive network reporting platform for this event on the Internet publicity campaign. At the same time, they will also advertise for us on television, and play a win-win role.

I couldn’t believe it. Because our website is currently only one thousand registered members and dozens, the average daily amount of post only six hundred or seven hundred (some time ago is about 1000, recently dropped). As an official media, the television station will take the initiative to look for our grassroots website, which is not very influential. read more

About looking at other people’s articles want to say a few words

almost every day will open Admin5, take a look at the article, not every read, see also not necessarily learn things, seems to be more a habit.

since the Admin5 website, the article comments back less than before, more abuse and scorn, ha ha, in fact, personally think that is not the webmaster heartfelt contempt, is more likely to vent, anyway, hit a sb, also is the knock on two keys and has, but also allow yourself to relax a the.

I never against abusive and despised, these things should be, as a writer, we come here to write something, all with such a purpose, this is I, is to promote the, even if not to take. I think I will not write, no one will do boring things, unless he is really boring. read more

China marriage website depth survey marriage website happy who

after ten years of development, the Internet has become an essential tool for nearly 300 million Chinese Internet users, Chinese friends and marriage, has already begun to enjoy the convenience of the internet. At this stage, China’s Internet users are happier, they have more extensive channels of friendship, but also get more willing marriage.

1, Chinese dating site users have exceeded 100 million

according to iResearch released "2007-2008 China online dating industry development report", with the development of Internet Chinese, China users will quickly expand online dating, online dating 2006 China users to 61 million people, accounting for 44.5% of the total Internet users. IResearch predicted that in 2008, China made more than 100 million online dating users, up to 110 million. read more

How to make the local real estate network and real estate business and government to form win win co

although the government issued the regulation of prices will not have any loose, but from some local governments, in order to make their local land not depreciate, always from overtly or covertly will continue the good wind blow to the real estate market, so the real estate market still exists a huge opportunity, as the real estate market Internet base local real estate, natural network, also can be in the real estate market big cake, a piece of the cake of their own points.

the current real estate market, the family just to be still in wait-and-see, but inevitably, they will be far more than the concern for real estate investors, this is the reason why many of the local real estate group popular popularity, when a city to develop a new production project, this project will attract the QQ group to follow up, and although the house is very big, visible doesn’t sell, but related to the real estate downturn in the popularity or not, which provides the basis to bring stability and loyal users of local real estate network traffic sources. read more

Why do Chinese people insult the China domain name

"China" domain name National Open Beta activities have already started, a large number of netizens expressed high enthusiasm and active participation. However, some discordant sounds also took place. For example, a friend wrote a "China." why to toss domain user habits "boring". China Bowen, "the domain name was also lower down, mixed with a trace of insulting. In this regard, the author is very puzzled, why should the Chinese insult "China" domain name? read more

Set up only a short span of three years why Himalaya FM valuation over 3 billion

Abstract: in August 2012, Chen Xiaoyu and Yu Jianjun founded the Himalaya station, as of August 2015, Himalaya FM has 180 million users, 60 thousand certified anchor, 15 million monthly active voice, online number 45 million, become the largest audio sharing platform.

orange greenhouse, a night to create a 1 million book library? For many people is impossible to complete the task, Himalaya FM employees will be completed in this year’s Shanghai book fair, they received the leadership of the company, from 7 pm start scaffolding, continue to drop from the ceiling inside the headset, 2 in the morning, nearly 100 headset basically finished, at 5:30 in the morning, the library can accommodate 100 copies of the completed audio book. read more

The webmaster checks the importance of the website every day

when you open this article, I have to tell you a very important thing, that is, the website is also like our own plants and animals. Love every day. So before that, I’d like to give you a quote from the Webmaster: "did you check your website today?"

site must be checked every day, because our site meets some unexpected things every day. For example, the following happens frequently among our webmaster.

1. in the search engine above to see their own site, found that my site has been poisoning, or Trojan horse. The effect of flow on the site is great, there is the old users of the integrity of the site will be reduced, will certainly reduce the integrity caused by PV decreased, IP traffic decline, but this problem we can be completely avoided, if you can check your site every day. (of course, some friends say, I’m a lot of sites, I can’t insist on coming, I want to tell you, and do well 1-2 sites, than you do 10 sites, the effect is much better. read more

New Adsense included doubt and peach blossom luck

first, give you a reminder: (I just upload the wrong format because additional articles did not write for a long time so everyone is good (embarrassed) a draft on this machine, also called boast drafts.

I am a new webmaster, just made a stand, and as many new Adsense, well how to promote it, how to let more people to see it!? my friend made a stand in Baidu Post Bar mad propaganda, less than 2 hours, Baidu play out, your domain name XXX is a permanent ban, Khan ah * * with be in the hands of Baidu so that Baidu is obviously a bit iffy, look at the online About Baidu legend, ah… Love dearly, ** read more

Zoupian Jian Feng Management of my website

from spring to winter, pronto party network has gone through nearly a year. Review this in the adjustment development, in the development front line, although also has the sweet and sour, but looked at the website day by day the growth and oneself day by day progress, strengthened my website confidence. I learned a lot of things in A5, here, also write down and a bit of insights, and share with you.

site must first start from my own work, I was engaged in the work of Party building, and everyday words, also has five years of history are all but do stand, then, was extremely. At the end of 08, I wrote all kinds of summary and planning, wandering around the Internet all day, looking for information and promoting students. I set up a website belonging to enterprise political personnel, enterprise oriented workers, service enterprises and political workers. As a brand new website, in order not to repeat the previous road, I almost every day on the A5, share the experience of others. read more

My two year webmaster career and feelings

to do a website is very simple, but as a webmaster is very difficult, especially when a powerful webmaster, difficult! This is my deep insights in the past two years experience in career, also let me understand a truth, that is a famous saying: Yifengengyun one harvest. In fact, this sentence is wrong, a hard, can only be said to be an accumulation of two copies of two copies of work, accumulated N pains, only N accumulation amount accumulated to a certain extent will have a qualitative change, this time also does not have the harvest, there may be a qualitative deterioration, tired people the National People’s Congress, give up halfway there, stick to the end, is dying, the success also numbered! Many webmaster friends just for fun and hard work, to raise his own website, as their own son, any hungry, hurt is not allowed. read more

Personal summary of four ways to improve website traffic


website is to make money, how to make money this is all done and want to do the people are most concerned about the problem? Here is the way and I share, 15 days from 2000IP to 150IP, but it is not very difficult, because I was a lazy man, now put my experience out and everyone share, master not to see below, IP below 500 to see below.

1, find someone else to do links

, if you are a new station, you must find someone else to do links, or in major forums and blogs on the article, remember to bring your own web site. It took me 3 days to get my two stations included. To show you, read more

Personal webmaster success experience talk about how effective market segments

as a webmaster, specifically, grassroots webmaster, there is no good team behind, strong financial support, but not a huge background. Some are just confident and eager that they can succeed by doing it. Perhaps a lot of people have similar situations with me, with the passion for entrepreneurship, and firmly moving forward on the road to do so. However, five years ago, ten years ago, the Internet is still in the infancy stage of development, individual owners who are also in the initial stage, has not grown as we know the success of the Internet giants who, compared to the current age of the Internet, they are "pioneers", but also have more opportunities than today lucky. read more

Why don’t you do a web site without your own stuff

has just done the station, just a few months time, perhaps the newborn calf is not afraid of tiger, dare to take a challenge, now a lot of web titles. Here not to say only to earn a lot of money on the professional garbage station, only to talk about some so-called formal Station – there is no content of their own garbage.


had no website, when Baidu or Google search for the information they want, numerous repetitive web pages came into view, and I will choose a relatively famous website to enter. The content is the same, the famous plays a decisive role, those who have never heard of, but also the content and major websites rarely patronize as like as two peas. read more