From site to now PR is 1 bit by bit

from 07 years on September began on the webmaster nets, to now is not long, webmaster gave me a lot, now every day on the webmaster network has become my daily essential thing,

08 year Spring Festival holiday for 7 days, every day from noon to get up sitting in front of the computer and then to one or two at night, DEDE built my personal website — Nanjing is the first formal exchange network, the exchange of skills and exchange of goods as the theme of the site, this also thanks to my friend OSKILL, is he let me have the construction idea of the site, but also determined to operate read more

Along the way have always been willing to be a grassroots

often meets on the Internet and asks myself how to study. My usual answer is self-study. After all, practice is the truth,.

recalled the first time to contact the computer now, in its own way is very difficult, then still in middle school. Ha ha home with the computer after the germination of my enthusiasm to the computer, because the computer does not understand, often bad, for holding the computer from the computer city is a lot! How bad, is it prolonged illness, soak themselves in books read computer books, and then go home to repair themselves, in the course of time will touch the principle, this is the first time that I feel a sense of accomplishment, on the high school classmates often discuss the blog thing, no speaker meaning, listening to the heart, can be considered continue to go forward, can not stay in the computer repair. Then went to Internet cafes to collect this type of information. More and more excited, so there are so many things I don’t know. Especially strong curiosity. So with a friend around to see if it can be a Which play a website or something like that for a long time in visiting the various forums, until a chance that Admin5! See many webmaster articles, learn a lot, but also know a lot of enthusiastic webmaster! So, by virtue of these resources, began to step into the first network. A station chose a relatively simple DZ forum program to do! I’ve never come into contact with PHP, HTML, ASP, domain name, server, search engines like, especially when looking at a modified template string code was worse than watching English, post also made a lot of people, also asked a lot to, but not much, no way, qiurenburuqiuji! And he bought many books by rote, the results were disastrous! Dare not give the family know what to get these, learning by doing, many, gradually understand! Slowly forum is huge, ask the server Problem has become a wall ahead of me, a high school student, home a week to 100 fast food, still have to save 50 dollars to maintain the operation of the forum, all this just for the sake of their own network of hobby! No way, at the end of the transfer, after a long period of time is very empty often, the global forum website, but suffer from cash strapped, failed to develop. read more

He Lixiang how to do nternet soft Wen marketing in traditional industry three

traditional enterprises do a good job of network soft text marketing steps

1, do a good job in the market competitors soft text marketing survey

"know, baizhanbudai" survey of competitors marketing situation, determine marketing which can be used for reference and taboo, differentiation strategy can also be applied to marketing.

2, grasp the development trend of the industry in the Internet

according to the market investigation, analysis of application of Internet industry market and the basic characteristics of the industry, grasp the development trend on the Internet, and follow the development trend in the soft strategy, not counterintuitive routine. read more

How complementary advantages of small and medium sized websites to expand market share

for personal webmaster or a small team of management and operation of small and medium-sized sites, facing various fields have huge amounts of money and large Internet companies a large number of operators, in direct adversarial competition are often difficult to account for cheap. The "head" type of competition is not what we advocate, should take not wise strategy. When the sheep and giraffe race, the sheep will certainly not choose to compete with giraffe, to see who is high enough, but should see who is flexible, to play their own advantages, competition with rivals is the survival and development of smart people. read more

Baidu stick to occupy the market era the promotion of local forum strategy

Intel of the United States by the Japanese company out of business in the last century in 70s, the market by the Japanese company phagocytosis calculator processor. It is not thought of how President grove in the current competitive market and Japanese companies. (such as the result of vicious competition and as you know, like Chinese TV market, the original Leroy TV is so closed) but the thought of the new direction of development. The birth of the microprocessor brought new vitality to the company and created a new era. 386486586…. Dual core processors so far. I think the development of the company, the main thing is to see the direction, grasp the strategy. read more

Copyright has become a top priority in online music and user experience and personalized service is

Abstract: online music as the year of online video, the primary state of copyright and content competition only big companies and capital intensive after entering the user experience and personalized service is the core competitiveness of the industry of the logo.

Internet information technology has revolutionized all sectors of the industry, has promoted the transformation of production and lifestyle, and has made people pay more attention to intellectual property rights. But the Chinese music industry has moved into another lane with the Internet: the brutal Internet is a "haven", and the music copyright has been in limbo. The platform uploads all kinds of music without copyright without any cost. But in recent years, the pay and the copyright protection is more and more big voice, the music industry gradually clear logic, between the various online music lawsuits and blocked events occurred frequently, the copyright prices began to surge, many years alone online music began to hold together the legal battle, regulators also followed, copyright began to become a top priority for online music. read more

Analysis of profit model of wife’s ELLE

changed it second times. Before all the construction process of elle. It’s kind of like a running account. Just delete the 15000 word. Start over. Just talk about the profit model.

community I built, and management is her management. I’m only responsible for some of the basic operations in the background, and if he doesn’t feel good, I’ll reset it. So I got this

from the articleWhat’s the name of

?. My wife was dragged into the water, I started the station.

well. The stationmaster who doesn’t want to make money is not a good webmaster. The community has just opened, with very few members. But later planning is still to be done. So my wife and I just designed the profit model and the model of the members. read more

t’s a stupid way to build a network blacklist

with the rapid development of the Internet, especially the rapid development of WEB2.0 users manufacturing content, governance issues, management issues become increasingly complex, "blacklist" has become a regular means. For example, yesterday, two news about the blacklist:

(News) the national copyright administration, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of industry jointly held a news briefing to announce the 2010 special treatment to combat Internet piracy "sword action" to start, will establish a piracy website blacklist system after the operation. The list will be in the National Copyright Administration website regularly publish and copy submitted to the three major telecom operators, telecom operators to the blacklist website provides access, service again to pursue its common tort liability, in serious cases will be a criminal attack. read more

Comprehensive analysis of the importance of Web visual design principles

in the network company, you see a lot of the website, must have their own aesthetic vision, some beautiful, some are too vulgar to be endured, here, many people may think that a web site do not need to care so much, as long as customers love it. Sun Chen believes that any web site can not be done alone to do, but you need to consider whether the site is really meaningful. Look at the network, will do too many sites, but really do good, there are a few, which in response to why people only a few. read more

Reflection at present the public number of operations encountered in the end what kind of dilemma

now has a lot of people who compare the WeChat public number to the PC era site, where grassroots operators are free to use their ambitions and ideals on this platform. In your side, I believe there will be a lot of great God, relying on the public number, and constantly accumulate fan resources, and constantly use the fans, economic development and expansion. But more is the flourishing of the platform is more need to be cautious and careful, don’t look at the others they covet fast. When you go into it yourself, you’ll find that there are too many problems that need to be addressed and resolved. All good things are built on the opposite side of the dark. And I also want to say a few thoughts about the operation of the public number. read more