Reflection at present the public number of operations encountered in the end what kind of dilemma

now has a lot of people who compare the WeChat public number to the PC era site, where grassroots operators are free to use their ambitions and ideals on this platform. In your side, I believe there will be a lot of great God, relying on the public number, and constantly accumulate fan resources, and constantly use the fans, economic development and expansion. But more is the flourishing of the platform is more need to be cautious and careful, don’t look at the others they covet fast. When you go into it yourself, you’ll find that there are too many problems that need to be addressed and resolved. All good things are built on the opposite side of the dark. And I also want to say a few thoughts about the operation of the public number. read more

New sites on line 2 days profit 30 thousand high transformation type website construction share

a phone, an order, a website, a team site time 1 months and 20 days, on-line time to generate a small 2 days of the order, this is not Arabian Nights, this is the charm of SEO. The core of the website is to bring profit to the enterprise, thereby make the enterprise profit. This is what everybody knows, of course, the author is even more clear. When the site produces such benefits, I think this is not just accidental, and then a comprehensive analysis of their own website, found a few more core reasons to share. read more

What kind of industry to earn money

entrepreneurship is a way to achieve their own value, to a certain extent, the failure of the business is not related to lifestyle, depending on your entrepreneurial ideas and mentality. Choose the right industry will make you more entrepreneurial platform, so the next Xiaobian for you to analyze the industry’s most profitable.

* A: industry personality in the mature market and competition intensifies, did the traditional retail space is very limited, popular a few years ago that "follow the trend of entrepreneurship" is already very few market. The shop is only in the pursuit of individuality in the efforts to attract customers critically; only has a distinct personality, in order to make your shop in the fierce competition in talent shows itself in competition at the same time, reduce development space. read more

WeChat operations must collect 101 universal WeChat Title Formula

WeChat users first see the title, if the title is not attractive, then they will not click, the user does not click, no matter how good your products and services are, everything is 0……

writes a good WeChat article, and the most important part is to have a good title. A good headline often affects your copy is able to attract people, easy to be remembered, you can spread the soft spread very wide? About how to write a title, sangdoo bacteria and senior operators after the interview after the following experience. read more

Read Zac network marketing learning speech password

the day before yesterday in reading Zac eldest brother’s "network marketing actual password" in a chapter, found that is really right, especially that article, the specific title forget what is it. When it comes to the market is marketing and the network is very similar, but the market moved to the network up, so some market can also be applied to the appropriate operation to the network, but the network also needs to show more and more ways, especially the section, "originally take 1000 ready to buy a washing machine, when the sales staff ready to buy to recommend to you a better, more perfect, and the price is about 200 of the time, you would think that, since the 1000 are spent, and then spend 200 to buy a better way. You may decide to buy, the sales staff will be a giveaway if you recommend, you can also get more out of 100 other package free of charge, and what to pay 100 can also be free to extract our prize Opportunity to get spree……" Wait, wait until you get home. One estimate is that you’ve risen from $1000 to $2000, and that’s one of them: bundling. read more