Reflection at present the public number of operations encountered in the end what kind of dilemma

now has a lot of people who compare the WeChat public number to the PC era site, where grassroots operators are free to use their ambitions and ideals on this platform. In your side, I believe there will be a lot of great God, relying on the public number, and constantly accumulate fan resources, and constantly use the fans, economic development and expansion. But more is the flourishing of the platform is more need to be cautious and careful, don’t look at the others they covet fast. When you go into it yourself, you’ll find that there are too many problems that need to be addressed and resolved. All good things are built on the opposite side of the dark. And I also want to say a few thoughts about the operation of the public number.

public price has no market, the development bottleneck continues to emerge.

everyone knows that in the context of massive information, there are few brushes to survive. So everyone desperately to do the content, do experience, want to change the market in the new and old, to find their own place. But six million of the public, and is not a joke, everyone to do their own, for competitors which is bound to be a protracted war There was no parallel in history. What you want to do is not the original two days a day, but the original. Of course, on the basis of the original, but also add value two words. Of course, this is not the end of it, you have not thought about those old media erosion? See WeChat public, so strong, they will let go of it, apparently not. In the mobile Internet. On the occasion, the old media will vigorously develop mobile terminal, using its own strength will continue to break the grassroots public number, at that time you my roots and how to resist the public from these powerful attacks the enemy. At the same time, WeChat public, Daxing civil, after all not have user groups to pay, but WeChat user groups in the saturation stage, had no obvious advantage, which led directly to the public, WeChat is no longer popular.

original content is not universal, reading more does not mean that the conversion rate ideal.

has been doing public figures all the time. As long as the number of users, click on the amount of reading, then the public value will be valuable. But is this kind of technique and idea really right? The God of wealth worked hard for two months to make 2000 powder, perhaps in the eyes of many people, it is not worth mentioning. But when you think about the conversion rate you will find this 2000 fly all Yisifumu, have extremely strong accuracy and conversion rate. No. do not instant success, nor the pursuit of surface exaggerated, some people want to get to do it, and then sell at a good price, but you think about it, the same is done, if the number of your conversion rate increase is not able to earn more? There is a problem that some friends blind I believe the value of the amount of reading, to the amount of reading is also constantly take measures such as the implementation of paid powder activity, bribe, give preferential…… Pay attention to the advantages. This method is effective in the short run, but standing in the user’s point of view, only a dozen will be interested in the public number, even if pushed over, not really do not look at, if the frequent push, there will be removed

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