t’s a stupid way to build a network blacklist

with the rapid development of the Internet, especially the rapid development of WEB2.0 users manufacturing content, governance issues, management issues become increasingly complex, "blacklist" has become a regular means. For example, yesterday, two news about the blacklist:

(News) the national copyright administration, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of industry jointly held a news briefing to announce the 2010 special treatment to combat Internet piracy "sword action" to start, will establish a piracy website blacklist system after the operation. The list will be in the National Copyright Administration website regularly publish and copy submitted to the three major telecom operators, telecom operators to the blacklist website provides access, service again to pursue its common tort liability, in serious cases will be a criminal attack.

(news two), a celebrity, "look at your micro-blog blacklist, it’s 12 pages, hundreds of people. This is micro-blog’s own principle, and not to seek different, boring and repetitive what he? Including those not polite, make impertinent remarks, feel uncomfortable, then pull the black, so black people while a lot."

in the news 1, we can see that the measures adopted for infringing websites are:

(1) after the national copyright bureau finds out,

(2), the three major operators no longer provide access, such as the provision will be held jointly tort liability, or even criminal assault. That is, the national copyright administration finds that piracy has legal benefits, and the access provider must stop access.

, there are four problems:

(1) whether the National Copyright Bureau has the corresponding law enforcement qualification, even if the National Copyright Bureau has the corresponding authorization;

(2) is not the only three operators are access providers, the site may also be abroad, the three operators may not be able to stop access;

(3) many sites provide user upload, if a user upload content for piracy, how to deal with, there is no clear statement here;

Who should the

(4) website complain of illegal or unreasonable access to


is it right to say that?. But there is a very clear question, that is, here after the blacklist was stopped access, the implementation of infringement (that is, piracy profits) did not receive the corresponding punishment. The cost of building a website is very, very low. It is possible for a copyright infringement person to build multiple sites simultaneously, or start a new website once the site has been blacklisted and stopped accessing. Such blacklist does not effectively crack down on illegal and criminal acts, and with the blacklist continues to lengthen, governance will become worse and worse.

in news 2, the celebrity put hundreds of people on micro-blog’s blacklist, which is more interesting. Put the other party on the blacklist, but the other party can’t automatically receive your micro-blog by adding you as a friend, that is to say, >

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