Analysis of profit model of wife’s ELLE

changed it second times. Before all the construction process of elle. It’s kind of like a running account. Just delete the 15000 word. Start over. Just talk about the profit model.

community I built, and management is her management. I’m only responsible for some of the basic operations in the background, and if he doesn’t feel good, I’ll reset it. So I got this

from the articleWhat’s the name of

?. My wife was dragged into the water, I started the station.

well. The stationmaster who doesn’t want to make money is not a good webmaster. The community has just opened, with very few members. But later planning is still to be done. So my wife and I just designed the profit model and the model of the members.

, let’s talk about the membership model first.

1. first pulls dozens of loyal moderators.

2. set up to promote integration activities. Promotion to a certain number of gifts, preferably cosmetics. The price is not too expensive, the mind is heavy,

3., kicking floor and other activities are essential.

4. has a selling point that is different from other communities. For example, I am a community store, which I have seen in some of the more famous communities. DZ forum is not without this function, they are useless, and I through the investigation, a lot of people need this function.

5. organizes activities regularly because it is regional.

and so on,

1. set ALLY coins, the use of props. With DZ (which can be sticky, discoloration, MOP has a similar function for sale).

The development of

2. members can directly sell zhidingtie, or advertising.

3. has a certain membership to make the cover page and insert the ad.

actually, it’s very difficult to choose Beijing, because it has a very famous forum, and there are so many online members. Irons are also many.

but my wife and I are confident that we can get a slice of the soup. Bandwidth and server problems need to be addressed. It does not work for the time being, but it must be taken into account in advance.

finally, I just want to compare with my daughter-in-law, my labor insurance information network and her two new stations, who can do it,


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