Copyright has become a top priority in online music and user experience and personalized service is

Abstract: online music as the year of online video, the primary state of copyright and content competition only big companies and capital intensive after entering the user experience and personalized service is the core competitiveness of the industry of the logo.


Internet information technology has revolutionized all sectors of the industry, has promoted the transformation of production and lifestyle, and has made people pay more attention to intellectual property rights. But the Chinese music industry has moved into another lane with the Internet: the brutal Internet is a "haven", and the music copyright has been in limbo. The platform uploads all kinds of music without copyright without any cost. But in recent years, the pay and the copyright protection is more and more big voice, the music industry gradually clear logic, between the various online music lawsuits and blocked events occurred frequently, the copyright prices began to surge, many years alone online music began to hold together the legal battle, regulators also followed, copyright began to become a top priority for online music.

copyright war of words, the meaning of drunk is not in wine

November 2014, Tencent paper sued NetEase cloud music broadcast 623 songs violated the copyright purchased by Tencent. Then, the Wuhan intermediate people’s Court of appeal upheld Tencent, NetEase that cloud music platform and its downstream distributors through the Internet, mobile Internet dissemination time "where" network music alleged infringement, ruling NetEase cloud music to stop this behavior. You know, normally, the Tencent should first start a lawsuit against the NetEase to request the release of the infringing music works. However, the direct action either shows that the communication between the two sides is not smooth, or Tencent intends to do so, and this is not the beginning of the Tencent copyright struggle for the music, not the end.

the same copyright fight also in Ali and cool dog, in June this year, Ali’s music in the company to Hangzhou Yuhang District People’s court submitted a preliminary injunction application, prohibit the cool dog music play its exclusive copyrighted songs, the company also submitted to the court injunction application, denounced the Alibaba (Hangzhou) culture creative limited in the case of unauthorized, unauthorized music of its products to the public "small shrimp music" to provide the company has exclusive rights of copyright. The day before the court has ruled that the music stopped by Ali "small shrimp music platform provides involved recordings to the public, including Sherry, Momoco Tao, Julie So, Huang Lei and many other famous singers of popular masterpieces, such as" early "" can I hold you "" "" listening "ohh" orange red "total 456 works.

but the action is far more than these, before and after the NetEase cloud music and cool dog, QQ music and NetEase cloud music also sued each other, even some foreign record companies to the domestic online music platform launched a lawsuit, at the end of last year, in the United States copyright Chinese singer Taylor Swift to universal music well wrote letters to everyday sounds, NetEase, small shrimp other sites, warning >

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