Baidu stick to occupy the market era the promotion of local forum strategy

Intel of the United States by the Japanese company out of business in the last century in 70s, the market by the Japanese company phagocytosis calculator processor. It is not thought of how President grove in the current competitive market and Japanese companies. (such as the result of vicious competition and as you know, like Chinese TV market, the original Leroy TV is so closed) but the thought of the new direction of development. The birth of the microprocessor brought new vitality to the company and created a new era. 386486586…. Dual core processors so far. I think the development of the company, the main thing is to see the direction, grasp the strategy.

Japan’s Canon Co broke the American monopoly of the Xerox Co in a copy of the market in 90s, as the industry leader, market competition strategy is based on the company, when the United States Xerox Co is a copy of the king of the market. But the Canon Co sees its weakness. High above the monopoly means that the market space is huge, which means that new opportunities can be found.

I think of my own forum:


forum Dongguang Forum (Hebei province Dongguang)

address: (meaning "I love Dongguang")

space is my domain, free of charge. (I see my territory free forum faster than 200 yuan to buy their own space, the forum developed to a certain extent, and then transfer it out)

location: Dongguang County local forum, my county people most familiar with the Baidu forum is Post Bar, no other forum for a long time, I found that there are many disadvantages of Post Bar. Too messy too complicated, like a noisy grocery market, not beautiful. In addition, I found that most of the people who posted it were born 80 years ago. The content of the post is mainly social problems, social phenomena, more types of advertising. After 80, after 90 people posted very little.


I studied the problem carefully, 90, their hobbies are different, they are considering how to play happy, how to get a job, to learn how to play online games, racing to update their QQ space what time…. They try all the new things on the internet.

want to make their forums develop rapidly, that is, to seize the 80, 90, this part of the crowd.

program: 1, forum to create entertainment based classification: photography, personal files, love speech, club, network game

2, the promotion of the existing high school students and junior high school students based. In school, Internet bars distribute advertisements.

3, the use of the Mid Autumn Festival opportunity to release "online message, bless the family" activities. (Forum unique blessing message board)

4, develop their own team, and strive for several like-minded friends to join.

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