He Lixiang how to do nternet soft Wen marketing in traditional industry three

traditional enterprises do a good job of network soft text marketing steps

1, do a good job in the market competitors soft text marketing survey

"know, baizhanbudai" survey of competitors marketing situation, determine marketing which can be used for reference and taboo, differentiation strategy can also be applied to marketing.

2, grasp the development trend of the industry in the Internet

according to the market investigation, analysis of application of Internet industry market and the basic characteristics of the industry, grasp the development trend on the Internet, and follow the development trend in the soft strategy, not counterintuitive routine.

3, analysis of online and offline consumer demand characteristics of products / services

enterprises are facing consumer groups are those online consumer groups, the purchase of the crowd are those corresponding people under the line is the line, people choose online consumer usually what is the difference between the main factors driving consumers to buy what they receive is, what is easy to spread and then list? A few needs, to develop marketing strategies according to the demand of the.

4, refining the core value and selling point of products / services according to requirements

list of needs, for enterprise product / service characteristics, refining the core value and selling point, match up, for its needs, nature can resonate among consumers.

5, determine the soft Wen delivery position,

analysis of online consumer groups, not limited to the consumer demand, consumer behavior and habits of online consumer groups, study online crowd behavior, clear they usually gathered in the community what? They usually go to the product / service information channels through what channels? What is the nature of all these? Determine the soft writing style and genre. For example, your target audience will usually gather in the Tianya forum, well, your soft, it should be in line with the characteristics of the horizon, if specific to a section of hot section also need to do a careful analysis. Therefore, to determine the location of the launch, in order to carry out soft writing.

6, looking for an entry point, subtly embedding product / service information in the article

after the first five work well, you also need to find a good starting point, will be marketing the fuse or cap some beautiful, look like is dedicated to your target audience ready, and in the packing box inside the product / service information will be cleverly implanted into, so, to greet the audience the eye of the moment, attracted the audience always click and browse down.

7, according to the soft steel marketing execution, and constantly adjust the soft text marketing strategy

finally, marketing is a continuous system engineering, it must be based on the marketing situation of the implementation, to adjust the soft strategy, experience and lessons, to pave the way for the next "wonderful marketing

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