From site to now PR is 1 bit by bit

from 07 years on September began on the webmaster nets, to now is not long, webmaster gave me a lot, now every day on the webmaster network has become my daily essential thing,

08 year Spring Festival holiday for 7 days, every day from noon to get up sitting in front of the computer and then to one or two at night, DEDE built my personal website — Nanjing is the first formal exchange network, the exchange of skills and exchange of goods as the theme of the site, this also thanks to my friend OSKILL, is he let me have the construction idea of the site, but also determined to operate

look at the domestic " skills exchange " class website is not a few; for local is almost no, my can be regarded as the first to local based skills exchange site

from the station to the now almost 3 months. During the PR update for a while, the PR is now 1, Baidu included GOOGLE included about 1 thousand, during the period of using some cheating software to do GGAD, then to nearly $300, GG K was dropped, the heartache, so don’t cheat. Or don’t cheat

and do stand, that is, to keep updated every day, and now basically do not need to update myself, there will be members released under the update, the results are not large, but has been very satisfied with the

is the biggest turning point appeared in April 24th, appeared on my website one day reports of Oriental guardian, the day website popularity soared, but also let more people know Nanjing, I stood there (because there is no money, so do not do what, just in the search engine submission page), now IP is not high, is so little, but thankfully, the guest came to my station, have a good

for the first time to send the article, write more confused, forgive

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