Chou Donghua talk about the shortcomings of some famous spatial agents

I am Chou Donghua, which is now the main supermarket BOSS, has an absolute power in the Taobao 5 diamond credit domain hosting stores, soon the crown. (hey, certainly the envy of many colleagues, asked I would steal, I truthfully tell you, the customer is a little bit of accumulation, there is profits have enduring power) began to do a million net, from 04 years of the new network, Chinese channel, Western Digital Era, the network of agents, so from the perspective of qualified qualification should be said this several space business shortcomings:

under the first million net, really let me love and hate, love is his service customer service is really on the ball, so with many years of understanding, along the way, it is groundless talk, 800 support, Deputy Commissioner to support, once let me from the nets of an unknown small agent into a large agency, 07 years won the best host award sales channel network in Southern China area, the host sales this fairly small strength, with the nets with or inseparable, now users have accumulated 4000 valuable customers, a successful business, not bragging, hate this is a big company and even some system is too rigid, some services too standard is a little human, I have been advised that they improved, that the road can go longer


again under the new network, a new network channel, it was when my fellow in the Beijing branch channel manager added, oh, so far, the main reason for the new network consumption not much because the net is too old new consciousness, some things are too lazy, behind Taiyuan. The beginning, the last time I went to a new platform to open a space, even after the open real-time is not opened, the customer’s name had prepared the case, but also to fill a record information, can be really annoying, so much of my identity card where to find it, I depressed for a long time, so far, the new the platform shelves after the reaction of many problems, but it has changed not seen! Is really disappointing! Praise for my new network specialist, the attitude is really didn’t say


said the Chinese channel, as the old consciousness is too serious, compared to the original host platform, in addition to a 150 bit Zhiqiang advantage, other types of host or is expensive to die, or resource constraints to die, you said that the host is not stable to blame, because the basic business users only dare to use, generally find I buy this for a certain understanding of the users of China channel, that bought China channel stable! Chinese channels in order to separate the direct sales channels with, even product names are not the same thing, in fact is the same as

!Space management panel of the Western Digital

is none, powerful, disadvantage is that their family room is not good enough! The opening room into multi line and double line, some places open slowly, and I remember the time I want to turn their Western digital direct customers to me this renewal, the results I ask no, the other day, or can, then they said a few words, of course I took advice that results is their boss replies, "

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