A novice webmaster site of the process of confusion

in fact website has been almost 1 years, but in real earnest management can only be said to be from the beginning of this year to the end of April.

the original purpose of the site is very simple, because the city outdoor group QQ too much, so it produces the establishment of the idea, just make friends have a release and share experience activities where he has little to manage. Traffic is negligible every day.

in April this year, I lost my job, I want to say can from the site of the road in a certain way, so the new revised detailed rules, the development of integration strategy, and beautify the related activities of the forum, have done a lot of publicity in the original QQ group, every day, and keep the information related with the city the new release of the post, but nearly half of the month effect is not good, only in the activities, to a little traffic, otherwise it is 10 20 ip. Now I’m confused and I don’t know what to do next to improve this situation,


I know to do insist, I told myself not to give up, but sometimes looking at online the number of digits, really feel confused and helpless, read some articles of SEO, many people have said to keep updated, I have been doing this, and some say that we should exchange excellent links but, I this site in other webmaster eyes is nothing more than a garbage station, who is willing to exchange links with me a lot?……

, however, can only insist on, and slowly groping, I believe you can,


, my little station, www.inludao.cn

I do not AD, I know there is one point instant today, several hundred IP to me, but tomorrow you might not see in this moment, the flow of no use, I sent a link to, hope to have people who give me advice, help me. To overcome this difficult process of

finally, thank you for looking at my bad article,

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