Baidu bidding how to save more money on site bidding

way to make money through the SEO marketing promotion, but the form of advertising there are two types of search engine advertising is divided into advertising and non paid advertising two, in fact, a form of which is good, good use of the benefit, use is not good that your ability to see the Baidu bid form, Baidu bidding very addictive, once through the auction profit, this is suitable for the rich operation. Do not say that the rich are sure that people can operate, look at your choice. Baidu bidding is a big consumer. No pay, of course, you can, this will take a long process to achieve, for example, you optimize a small station, you want to get rankings, you have to do some in line with the search engines to grab the conditions. What we do is how to save money in the form of competitive bidding.

two years ago Baidu bid

two years ago in the first row only needs 10 yuan, 300 words every 500 yuan budget can be maintained for at least 8 hours, which means that what means consumers how many transactions list in the eight hours. Profits can be described as considerable income. Think about a popular keyword auction, there are thousands of IP every day, and eight hours is 1/3 of the day, of which at least hundreds of people came to this site. Hundreds of people have come to this site and the turnover rate will not be lost. Bidding revenues two years ago went far beyond today.

Bidding for

two years later,

is now bidding form, now in the first row of at least 21 yuan, and 200 key words every day 1800 of the budget can only maintain 6 hours, as can be imagined two years ago and after two years of price gap is quite large. This development, Baidu bid keyword prices rising space, but many companies daunting, so that more should be calculated. It’s got to be well calculated. Bidding can be said that the rich people burn money game, playing in it, enjoy it. What we want is to save money. How to save money, please look down at

how to save money

saves money can be so, the form of bidding is in time form, then we will not investigate which stage, at that time stage, more people come to search for products. Can you control the active time of the user?. In fact, the reality of the network is the same, as long as you carefully investigate the time around you, women have to investigate the shopping time of women. When some user habits can refer to this, advertising 10 points on-line, but the company requires 9 points on the line, offline time, of course, a little later. The idea of setting 10 on the line is because I analyzed 9 points, -10 o’clock is generally a wide range of services industry, including almost all of the industry, why do you say so?. First of all, users of this phase are in a state of leisure. How to leisure? Business to work at nine ten in the work, it is time to solve the problem, so at this stage in the service is the most appropriate. 10 colleagues, respectively, click on my most popular keywords, different IP, click advertising limit within the time of multiple clicks, only a consumption, unit price 20, then I will not have a.

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