Foreign hosts and domain names and some problems in filing

want to make a station recently, but there is no cost, in the Internet all day to find which one server is stable speed and cheap, I am a student, in the bedroom with the campus network, the speed is not to mention, super card! So I have to choose a server can speed the server, at least I can the office in my bedroom!

              but a lot of home server, even the web are particularly difficult do not try! Finally see a foreign server purchasing website, see the line speed, but cheaper than domestic, just do not know what are the limits of foreign space at home? Can record? What site must record? Such as I want to make a deal of foreign website, domain name and space for record filing? Easy? I found a Public opinions are divergent. on these issues for many days, and I don’t know what the server are not ready now! What! We want to point


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