The first garbage station remember the eternal classic

now, I’ve written my experience of building a garbage dump that’s history. It’s just to motivate more individuals to move forward,


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The first

network, wonderful attracted my.

contact network is probably in 2000, I was in this place, China Telecom began to have broadband, small town of big and small game room after another began to put on a computer, there are some students who look younger and in and out, some day mixed games and surfing the Internet in Internet bar.

this street from game consoles to computers, narrowband and broadband Internet access, and eventually formed a "Internet cafe Street", has a considerable scale. There are more than 20 Internet cafes on both sides of the street, all day long and lively. On Saturday and Sunday, there are about five or six students and young people on the internet. Just know later, the number of students and youth to youth and dreams are buried in this street.

has never been in touch with the Internet before, and has only heard that the online world is wonderful. But also know that to the Internet, it is necessary to be a little bit of technology, unlike reading, a text opened on the ground, so often in there, never dare to go in, afraid of those little guy jokes.

for the first time to enter the Internet bar is purely accidental, that just want to buy a pack of cigarettes in a cafe door, inside the young people waved to me, is my neighbor, never graduated from junior high school entrance, doing nothing, all day long bubble Internet bar. I gave them a few cigarettes, sit there and watch them online, they are not much of network knowledge, very stiff QQ chat with Pinyin input and more people are playing online games and what the lakes community. They asked me to come and play with me, and with the five input methods I learned at college, I was interested in communicating with all kinds of avatars in the QQ panel.

they motioned me to rent machine on the Internet, I seemed ill at ease, but the strong curiosity overcame all this, when I’m here and there, just don’t know how to "network", the network has come, call me pointing to a similar satellite around the earth. When you double-click, finally know the Internet to use a "browser" that thing.

then the Internet, if not Baidu, no blog and space, the most commonly used is the QQ chat, and chat rooms, so distant and authentic communication that kind of feeling is very good. Because there was no camera, also just imagine the computer on the other side of the man’s appearance, until now, there are a lot of friends have not seen in the video, some have not been on line, in my mind, too many friends also have a say, a sign. I wonder if they were walking through the sky far away,


has written for a year and is looking forward to having an independent website,

a few years later, there was a blog on the Internet. I applied for an account. After that, I started my own

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