Our name is webmaster our voice is helpless our slogan is to persist

on the Internet, there is a group of people, they silently in the background hard, silently looking for information, yes, they might have the advertising revenue, they might have the alliance business, but they are still under great pressure, the server costs, the stability of the space, the security of the website, seemingly young Internet is behind a helpless stationmaster.

in some of the spectator, the webmaster is happiness, the accumulation of website advertising, and one can control a webmaster website. The bitterness behind who knows? There are websites but not necessarily have traffic flow, but not necessarily have advertising, advertising does not have income, facing the huge economic portal the strength and technical strength, we also face the challenge of the website webmaster. Visitors decide on what path to follow, the same competition, our future what is the fate of.


in the face of helpless, only the owners know that in addition to economic tensions, the more our spirit is quite huge, they often wait for the night attack, began to promote the journey. They often get up early in the morning, timely update the latest information. To stay up late, for hunger, they did not complain, they still insist on always adhere to.

owners still face the helpless, hard boil, face does not rise long flow, in the face of PR a chance to update in March, has included the hard face, they quite helpless. No traffic, no equivalent to their spiritual sustenance. Without PR, they are being blocked. Not included, the consequences can think and, friendship connection can only on the rigid waiting for.

in the face of frustration, we never sad. For the website, again called " waste ". For promotion, and facing it mercilessly plunder. We had the moderator said nothing. Garbage continue to update, delete to promotion. Do not abandon, do not give up the faith. For the webmaster webmaster since we choose, will not retreat, insist, still insist on


in the face of frustration, we still continue to exist on the Internet, we have to have Internet fantasy, carries the dream, in fact we didn’t lose, is the opportunity, luck, or other? But continued, wonderful also continued, we in this industry and proud, we can for the Internet service is proud of.


as a matter of fact, we can not lack of Internet portals, if only, if only the professional network, it is far more than the monotonous. We don’t is the Internet’s new power? The webmaster, let us stop each other’s abusive, to stop each other’s deception, we are the same kind of people, we have a common the name, called.

webmasterIn addition to

from the outside world in frustration, there are also helpless. Owners of the brain preservation site, any article you want to connect with their own. Look at the comments, see the content. Including myself again don’t want to add your link to


for the helpless, the webmaster, please share, face together, spend together.

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