Personal summary of four ways to improve website traffic


website is to make money, how to make money this is all done and want to do the people are most concerned about the problem? Here is the way and I share, 15 days from 2000IP to 150IP, but it is not very difficult, because I was a lazy man, now put my experience out and everyone share, master not to see below, IP below 500 to see below.

1, find someone else to do links

, if you are a new station, you must find someone else to do links, or in major forums and blogs on the article, remember to bring your own web site. It took me 3 days to get my two stations included. To show you,

86gps blog

, I’m going to study

2, the content of the website

I also copied it on other websites in the early stage, and changed the head and tail. The article can be arbitrary, but can not be the same as others, or it will be boring, even if you put your daily work content written into it. The content will have to choose, there is a search in Baidu in the 50 and the 50 fastest rising strong rise, I do the fastest 50 strong, because I do not want to search and 50 strong competition, I said, I was a lazy, lazy lazy approach. I don’t mess with it, but I can add it.

3, in the Baidu Fengyun list to find their own key words

must choose their own keywords is not cheating, will be updated every day, I can always find a suitable 5~6 station keywords, such as: today I chose Guo Jingjing T-shirt gate of Old Summer Palace auction and other words.

4, don’t pick too many keywords,

In the

page of the meta keyword label on the inside to fill in the keywords, keywords appear, bold and red, there still is not cheating, because I collected articles are complete, not to heap keywords

other work is to write the soft text, in the QQ group to send information, a lot of ways, and look for yourself, can not be afraid of tired, want to go up than the chicken go to bed than the dog late, do webmaster is originally very hard thing.

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