My two year webmaster career and feelings

to do a website is very simple, but as a webmaster is very difficult, especially when a powerful webmaster, difficult! This is my deep insights in the past two years experience in career, also let me understand a truth, that is a famous saying: Yifengengyun one harvest. In fact, this sentence is wrong, a hard, can only be said to be an accumulation of two copies of two copies of work, accumulated N pains, only N accumulation amount accumulated to a certain extent will have a qualitative change, this time also does not have the harvest, there may be a qualitative deterioration, tired people the National People’s Congress, give up halfway there, stick to the end, is dying, the success also numbered! Many webmaster friends just for fun and hard work, to raise his own website, as their own son, any hungry, hurt is not allowed.

In fact, any

industry is so outstanding, also had a few, I do sales, sales is low before that work, everyone can do, as long as the hardship, hard, thick skinned can do, actually do sales the most fancy is talent, if you have no talent, try again then, thick skinned, vain, not all are suitable for sale, this is what I do sales experience four years


well, this two years experience of stationmaster life, learned a lot of things that previously failed to learn, can be said to himself raised a notch on the Internet, blog produced, not only the production of high quality blog, occasionally a few days will be discontinued; SEO learned, but only learned the moves, strength the heat is still in the primary level; the website will also do, just play also can produce a night, but only HTML and ASP, the other can only rely on others to modify the source code! Dear Kung Fu also can only do three streams of stationmaster, tens of thousands of traffic the envy of others, holding his own thousands of IP secretly laughing, finally broke through 1000, the jubilant ah, maybe you will laugh at, perhaps you also like me, maybe we can make friends, to learn


two years to do countless websites, of course, also died of countless hardships, not earn money is spent, time spent money, learned a lesson! Speak so much nonsense, tired, I only talk about the several websites, website is just like stocks, short-term investments and long-term investment the site is a waste site, short-term, can make money, but can only earn a lot of money, but the long-term website, time will pull long, there may be two years or even longer, but if the location is no problem, no problem comes, there will be harvest. I now retain two types of sites, one is the health class, and the other is financial stocks. Why did I choose this two class? Is my reason, along with the rapid development of the national economy, the improvement of people’s living standard, people will pay more attention to two aspects, that is used when there is no money not to think.

is a healthy, wealthy people, of course, want to be healthy, or.

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