New Adsense included doubt and peach blossom luck

first, give you a reminder: (I just upload the wrong format because additional articles did not write for a long time so everyone is good (embarrassed) a draft on this machine, also called boast drafts.

I am a new webmaster, just made a stand, and as many new Adsense, well how to promote it, how to let more people to see it!? my friend made a stand in Baidu Post Bar mad propaganda, less than 2 hours, Baidu play out, your domain name XXX is a permanent ban, Khan ah * * with be in the hands of Baidu so that Baidu is obviously a bit iffy, look at the online About Baidu legend, ah… Love dearly, **


, but I know a little, so the search engines love new articles, that is, original articles, grab and reprint often not get their favor, then we don’t know is dead, inclined to do in the dead. Thus, the original plus reprint staged. Write a lot of that why I just said for engine Baidu! Is the 7 day I A thing has its cause., because the site has more or less let those engines, now is Baidu and SOGOU as SOGOU, I can not talk about, as if he is higher than that of search and search, usually other search are included a lot, began his collection, it is a high starting point, as the reality of the star hotel in the first high starting point.

Baidu does not receive a problem, online article about SEO is innumerable, cloth like stars, as he China the biggest search engine is not included, not scold us is a problem, included is the kingly way.

Now I

documents, articles, add up to several files but also 100 50, less content may also be one of the reasons not included but other search engines have included but I doubt on his collection mechanism, Baidu temporarily confused, most makes me feel a sense of achievement GOOGLE is included in this period is probably the website of the night of the fourth day, I went to apply for a GGAD, which is GG advertising, which I am not very understand, anyway, I feel if GOOGLE a message he will not ignore, but there is a secret in it, is that I not only the application of advertising is the most important of my own site to complain to GOOGLE their own website, but also I think is the core reason for my site quickly included.

I think that if you are a concern to your disappointment, released their negative information in advance, it will definitely accelerate the search for him to come to you, as search engines often say how human nature, it is nothing but the truth, not unexpectedly, second days from the collection of the most hateful ah Oh, Baidu, what time can be included, other search I think within a week will be on your website, if there is a good article, he has his own not included no problem, is the so-called: the good from it, it does not and close. Here we are, too

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