About looking at other people’s articles want to say a few words

almost every day will open Admin5, take a look at the article, not every read, see also not necessarily learn things, seems to be more a habit.

since the Admin5 website, the article comments back less than before, more abuse and scorn, ha ha, in fact, personally think that is not the webmaster heartfelt contempt, is more likely to vent, anyway, hit a sb, also is the knock on two keys and has, but also allow yourself to relax a the.

I never against abusive and despised, these things should be, as a writer, we come here to write something, all with such a purpose, this is I, is to promote the www.591sex.org, even if not to take. I think I will not write, no one will do boring things, unless he is really boring.

the publisher should not be afraid of abuse, work in just ways of AD, write their own experiences and feelings on the line, the other, is in charge of it, who cares, and the owners do not need to explain. Of course, if it is too bad, bad to outrageous proportions, it deserves to be scolded, as for copying others articles directly in his own web site, also should be nailed shame, out of the mix are to also, who let you be a dog in the manger?

as detractors, I am one, especially for some people, never saw a soft mouth, direct sun greetings to his family, but we should also see catharsis, in Admin5 the grassroots platform most of the article are some of the webmaster personal experience, there are some things or it is worth careful taste, no one will be directly printed yuan sent to your home, but if you are careful enough low-key, you will find every day there will be two or three or more valuable articles, some things worth carefully to figure out, and these things are your tools of RMB india.

purely personal thoughts.

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