Look at the status of video sharing sites copyright King

because there has been a special focus on video class websites, there are separate categories of podcast viewing in the blog post category. Suddenly found himself a long time did not write video class articles, the last time written by the end of 08, more than 1 years of time passed, and then take a look at the status of video sites.

, the remnant is king,

07 years, because responsible for the promotion of a video search engine, with many video sites have dealt with, and established a more in-depth relationship of cooperation. At that time I was mainly cooperation and ALEXA ranking within 1000 video sites, well-known video site is also called the flow of the brand, and now look at the situation before the cooperation of the video site is how.

changed, had worked with the video site, now some domain names are already open (represented by tvix), although some live, but the site has been watered down, hanging out of order or some advertising struggling (represented by mofile). Some will be merged (CCTV to merge storm video), some curves listed (do not know Cool 6 count), of course, there are still a small number of firmly in the video class site of the first legion.

video live

from 2005 to 2010, the video sharing site, after 4-5 years of washing, eliminated many video sites, but also a lot of new force. These new forces share a common identity, both of which are powerful web sites. For example, Thunder KanKan, CCTV, Sohu HD, have joined the ranks of online video on demand, as well as Baidu video will soon join the online video sharing family. With the accession of some giants, the market pattern of video websites is basically stereotyped. But what’s the real core competitiveness of video sites these days?.

core competence

as the network speeds up, user tastes improve, changes in national policy, the video site’s core competitiveness is also changing. Before doing video sites, as long as the video playback speed, video content is rich, comprehensive, perfect (full screen, fast forward, etc.), and then throw money advertising, you can attract a lot of users. But now, no, because some good video content is not you want to broadcast can broadcast, the user is not just pursuit of playback speed, the quality of the picture is also getting higher and higher. Therefore, now mainly than the "film and television copyright and high-definition video", the former is to ensure rich and exciting video content, the latter to ensure that the user experience.

The pursuit of


HD video for most video sites, there is no too high technical threshold, but most high-definition video sites, users need to install a plug-in, which is a big threshold. Because many users are lazy, troublesome, reluctant to install the client or plug-in. Thunder KanKan HD video is because of the thunderbolt download this has been very popular client >!

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