Site operations should pay attention to backup to avoid the server was lost

in addition to the old welcome, we finally sent off the difficult 2009, ushered in the economic recovery of 2010, new year’s new weather, the year of the tiger is destined to be an extraordinary year: Expo, the Asian Games, the economy has been revived.


‘s economic recovery has been, the country’s highest leadership thinking will change, "expanding domestic demand" clearly was the focus of the work mentioned in a prominent position as the "national service", which is an urgent need to improve the reform and opening up 30 years of "strong people are not rich" policy, start a new strategy of sustainable development gradually "relevant"! Will be second of the global GDP results of economic development more inclined to livelihood, improve policies and regulations and system, to all kinds of social harmony and social risks as far as possible to minimize the tragedy.

in-depth understanding of the social environment, we can expect the new year: "rich people is expected to end"! The wealth of society will be more inclined towards the general public, an important economic industry will get greater development opportunities and profit margins — even the recent national key rectification and attention of the Internet industry, we can also maintain the development of confidence well, after all, the Internet is the latest human wisdom and high-tech products, will continue to develop! Short pain may get longer and more rapid development.

the Internet is a double-edged sword, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages! The key is how to scientific management and guide the Internet! Standardization is necessary, standardized management must be the main theme of the year of the tiger and the future development trend, the ordinary non operating site implementation of "ICP records" (at least 100 thousand network stations so close, network company) business website this year will fully implement the "ICP card", estimated 50% Internet service providers and individual agents in this year will be forced out of business or profession.

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so it can adhere to the survival of the site is greatly reduced, being included in the search engine ranking and promotion, website use value and the creation of performance promotion, pay attention to the website data backup, to avoid bankruptcy or closure site service provider server is blocked and the loss of information website. The other due to increased operating costs, the inevitable price rise if the host domain name, also need to use the host domain name and website, can be considered ahead of time to renew the business, save money.

dragon network company has business card of ICP, providing a complete range of domain name, host, email, website and other one-stop supermarket site service, won the national domain name registration agency star, is one of the top six domain agents, the domain name registration authority of the state approved the recommended five-star service agencies in the "unique domain name registration supermarket" the website, can guarantee the stable operation of the user site.

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