Shantou e commerce youth entrepreneurship contest millions of bonuses waiting for you to get30 year




grassroots origin Zhu Weikun in the Internet field received millions of sponsorship investment, many people said it is difficult to understand, always considered speculation. This time, Shantou e-commerce industry entrepreneurship competition, made a very good proof, believe that with the real case of their own, will let more people have dreams can be put into the Internet business, to show their extraordinary side. As long as you have the ability and the executive ability, the Internet is a very good platform. Wrote an article before, "no background, only the back of the young people, the Internet is the opportunity" has been a lot of grassroots entrepreneurs recognized. The Internet is really a place for everyone who has a dream, or who can stick to it, to find a platform for development. Perhaps, can not guarantee that all can make a millionaire or billionaire everyone, but at least this is similar to the beginning of 90’s, as long as the courage to go into business, many have become wealthy boss! Opportunity for any one person, are the same, are equal, and the lack of the people themselves, is if you can have the chance to catch him

but the argument changed quickly. Four or five days after the broadcast, "exaggerate the amount of financing", "false users", "elite education fraud", and questioned throughout the platform. From "overbearing president" to "bragging boy", Yu Jiawen was thrown into the whirlpool center.

That afternoon

called "90 overbearing President Wang Sicong is rich seckill!!" is self willed! Article by WeChat public account "CCTV1 speak it" after the release, the amount of reading quickly broken one hundred thousand. Yu Jiawen’s speech on the program appeared in many people’s circle of friends. Fresh as before many high-profile publicity, "dazed and confused" become better than the new label.

is that the download of the super curriculum has soared. In the August 2012 release of the campus schedule App had announced in August last year exceeded 10 million users, in the "youth Chinese said" before 12 million, "the fire has added 3 million, of which 500 thousand people".

many people now know that the Internet is the future, is to venture to choose the choice of industry, and the Internet industry, of course, is broken down by product trading operation, with people in the industry say is electronic commerce. Just go to Taobao ghost foot seven in a campus recruitment channel YY, the program is very exciting, a lot of beautiful women, the 7 brother’s answer is also very good, for many young people a lot of very awesome advice, Alibaba’s branch are hiring, this time to recruit more than 1000 graduates in here! Here to help 7 brother an ad, you can go to micro-blog or WeChat follow @ Taobao ghost foot seven.

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The most direct result of


| Guo Wenjun


real name reading guide, as Shantou local Internet grassroots I, always want to do something for home, finally hope, then we should try our best to publicize. This time, Zhu Weikun had the honor to become the "Guangdong Bo fly" navigation entrepreneurship in Guangdong Province youth e-commerce business competition first quarter of the guest lecturers, write your own impressions a little, also invite each Shantou fellow, to struggle together, to do a pioneering impulse, let guanghuo with e-commerce platform, to farther. Young people who have dreams and dreams are worth seeing. Of course, millions of bonuses will be waiting for you to come here.

some people hate him, and some people like him,

lead: more than Gavin said, before the age of 30, not arrogant, not to play, it is not ambition; after the age of 30 are everywhere to play, insolent, it is naive.

said CCTV-1 is "youth Chinese" at the end of April last year launched a television show, Yu Jiawen appeared in the fifth period. As the last speaker, before he has made the rocket 21 year old Hu Zhenyu and outdoor adventure reality show "hero" companion respectively to share. The experience of these two guests is enough "hard", but only "good", "slow fire".

writes here, I feel, have incomparable envy everybody. For so many years in my career, I’ve never seen big games to win millions of venture capital funds. And my venture capital fund, that is to knock out with the head, a variety of hit, ah, chuang. These will be in "do one million of network marketing" will write in a book, in fact, for the Internet business, I personally feel that the network is the most important, because each step


to accept the "entrepreneur" interview, Yu Jiawen spoke a bit low fever, occasional cough. "You don’t know how happy I am," he said, referring to the amount of downloads he made in the year ahead of the annual goal of the super curriculum."

wants to know if Yu Jiawen is elected entrepreneur under the age of 30 entrepreneurial upstart? Please pay close attention to the January 8th annual meeting of entrepreneur! It is said that the day also choudaijiang!! please mengchuo link > > > > 30 years of entrepreneurial upstart


Internet is suitable for the ideal person to realize

questioned the biggest sound at the end of November, Yu Jiawen wrote a response to the article, is almost "Daniel, move" explains the question several issues most concentrated.

Yu Jiawen spoke speed fast, a lot of gestures, but this does not hinder to the audience’s attention: "90" CEO "serial entrepreneur" and "one hundred million employees", these striking words like a small shell, one after another in the audience exploded.

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