Why is the survival rate of O2O startups only 1% The collapse of foreign alliances in the country; t

1, O2O innovative internal power

    foreign Union has more than 30 to enter China to develop, or the business into Chinese websites, have collapsed, the only strong is shlf1314 Adsense, and intensified. Let’s take a look at the causes of the collapse of more than 30 other alliances.
1 is not familiar with China’s national conditions; most of the foreign League concerned about the system itself, and ignore the market variability, the domestic station of human feelings. Zanox    Germany’s largest network alliance to China network, can not find the north, after spending millions of money in Shanghai, not even a ripple, quiet indifferent.
    2 are not familiar with the mainstream of domestic league market, to promote their own behavior to decide the market, guide the market, it will take great effort to pave the way for South Korea, two Cps    pluslink took a about 100000 run away not see hyperlink marketing Alliance pluslink run away, please pay the webmaster the registration! Linktech was struggling after three years on the road.
  3  because of payment problems, because many domestic are using checks, or paypal payment, to the domestic grassroots webmaster bring great trouble on the payment, but also operating difficulties, third major league ADbrite’s business in China has been developing up to, also lies in this.

  4  foreign alliances and foreign and domestic conditions system does not meet the development difficult, energy-saving 96 years from the beginning, also is one of the world’s first website alliance, but this 10 years, in the domestic development has been very hard to break, in gradually decline, they are using the laws of the United States, and all the laws do not fully comply with.

  5  in foreign words, especially Chinese recognition, communication and contact, there is great difficulty with the domestic webmaster, so many foreign allies not to carry out the

  6; many foreign alliances underestimate the domestic webmaster genius, in the face of domestic webmaster cheating, brush little skill, is a foreign League anti cheating team cannot follow. In the battle of wits, mostly foreign League defeat, only closed China users withdraw troops in a hurry. Whether it is before CJ, or more foreign Wangzhuan, can only be closed Chinese users, Chinese flow.

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1, O2O tuyere

traditional enterprise net has not been good, to sum up in a word: with the lack of Internet genes, the lack of funds to support force, new business and existing business not compatible with other strictures. But the mobile Internet is different from the PC Internet, O2O is not a pure electricity supplier, traditional enterprises are mastering the unprecedented opportunities and advantages to carry out O2O Innovation:

2, O2O innovative outside help

Internet plus enterprise reform, industrial upgrading, is the popular sentiment, at the same time for reflection and exploration represent the general trend, O2O business model also has a clear result:

Abstract: since 2015, many O2O project is also tragic fall, the bubble burst; but as the depth of fusion and Internet plus business, O2O will not end, but the transition from the O2O implementation of the traditional business enterprise as the protagonist, "thinking and practice of the store + mobile phone" as the main line.

what makes O2O a rare "black hole" in business, which allows countless entrepreneurs to be scarred and

1 have been successful innovations in the traditional business enterprise O2O is in the existing customers accumulate, store operating outlets, procurement and supply chain scale, ERP information system foundation, will undoubtedly have a richly endowed by nature advantage;

in 2016, frequent online "O2O death list", some have donated a O2O project in which. As investors led by the famous Xue Manzi community in 001, Allen Lin founded by singer rice ye, multi point Dmall online supermarket also broke out, founder of turn by investors to offer commercial Wumart insider. Today, the survival rate of O2O innovation projects is only 1%, it should be the consensus reached by the industry.

3 preliminary net success: traditional commercial enterprises have been more or less "net", a typical form of self construction of WeChat public, to carry out online communication with customers, reputation, or join Meida platform, try online sales, so as to the overall development of O2O independent management experience, wheted team also opened the mystery of O2O.

2 the establishment of small and beautiful O2O mode: compared with the Jingdong, Meida home reputation, covering the whole country, the whole category of the O2O platform, the traditional business enterprise O2O clearly focused upon itself at the regional, industry and product category, to segment the docking to avoid the broken segments, across the board created by the expansion of capital the pressure and risk management, and corresponds to the new economic well-known media people Luo Zhenyu "the future of the business model will be a small but beautiful logic" point of view;

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