Three views on click rate of website CPC adYou can through the 24 hours for the latest GG account He

now formal channels to apply for GG advertising has been difficult, many friends because before cheating K many accounts, and now want to reapply, but it is difficult to pass. What? No GG would be a lot less profitable. Let’s talk to everyone here today:


first name name, for example, your name is " Wang Kangmei " and then there is fill in " Kangmei"

browser login flixya/, see figure 1

username fills in user names, such as rabbit

number 1: the ads on the website will always be crowded. It looks like nonsense speech is actually the truth, even if you have N many people said that any advertising he never any point on the site for you, even if there are N many people say to you, he saw the ads on the website is bored, will immediately turn off if the advertising is provide the closing function. Some might argue that the site has 1 million PV, and there must be some advertising, but the vast majority of personal websites or small websites are definitely not going to be able to do that. That’s true, but it’s not as embarrassing as it is. In fact, general website alliance ad click rate in 0.1% to 1% between, of course is also high, if your website advertising is particularly eye-catching, and the ratio of the content on the website also attract people, reached 50% or even higher is possible. But you can achieve so high, alliance will dare to put your account, have obtained income to you deducted. So, or go steady, do not use some not very legitimate means, the pursuit of excessive click through rate. With 0.1% calculations, 1000 AD displays, 1 hits; 1000 ad impressions by 1; 10 hits. Basically, if the click rate can reach a high click rate in 0.4%-0.6%, this is the overall situation of the industry. Of course, if your site has a click through rate of 4%-6% and the Advertising Federation doesn’t close your account, you should give a book about your experience. Many people claim that they don’t want ads. They don’t lie, because there are as many as 990 or even 999 in 1000 people. Your ad doesn’t give you income, but it only consumes your traffic and bandwidth. But as long as there are people in 1000, that’s enough

please fill in the exact description of the scarlet letter on the map:

, as shown above, this page is used to recommend friends to this event. Fill in the form of email address in the form of email., which you recommend to join. The following message form is the.

for writing messages

and then click Signup for AdSense to figure 4

diagram 2

diagram 3

second step: point " Sign Up" this time, the page jumps to figure 2

how to make money?


on this issue, personally, the following three points are considered:

, Enter, text, above, fill in the checksum, such as ", 6K7V",

is all filled out, point " Start Now… " go to figure 3


scribble, then point next.

, as shown in ", Do, you, already, have, a, shlf1314, Adsense, account, ",; here, select " No"

password and confirm password fill out the password the same

email fill out the email address

last name is a surname, such as your name is " Wang Kangmei " and then there is fill in " Wang"

step 1:

diagram 4

many non webmaster friends will say that they never point ads on the site. Many of the new webmaster friends will have the question of who will advertise on the website. Of course, these two issues are based on a premise, that is the website advertising is on pay per click, which is called CPC, which is currently the main profit pattern of most small and medium-sized website or personal website. Since it is paid by the click, that is the point once, how much money, no point, no income. In other words, advertising on your site, even if there are more visitors on the site, if no one clicks on the ad to enter the target page, then the site is no income. Therefore, many webmaster friend’s distress is the website advertisement spot hits rate is too low, but many webmaster circle outside friend also vowed that he would never click on any website advertising. So the problem is that many people never click on ads on your site, because they see ads bored webmaster Comrades advertising on the website click rate is very low, then we make the website


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