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in the United States Shuoboliandu when students of the dictionary is very strong demand, in 2003, the founder of the online dictionary "". Because want to do about the brand promotion in China, chose sh419 and two portal to cooperation, we provide content licensing and platform support, help to build a portal "dictionary" channel, to help us get the "sea" brand play out.


I was so indignant that I found a lawyer friend and asked if I could go to law. But this matter needs to collect evidence, must seal up two servers, moreover the other party has made the revision to the later thesaurus, but how deep is the change, has not the standard to appraise and to limit. So complex, how can only give up?.

: the case is copyright infringement, into the "Venice"

contract made it clear that no entry was allowed, and that all adjustments were subject to our agreement. Later, a cooperative door had a problem: the contract required to expose the "sea" brand, and put the sea word website link, they took advantage of our attention to remove the link. We found that after the past, the other side said that technical personnel do not understand, immediately put up, and a few days to see again. Then the other complaints, said product manager think our brand is not harmonious with Logo interface, user comments, suggestions for the black text, we didn’t think there was agreed later changed to grey, when third years are not even grey.

Presenter: "sea Ci" founder Fan Jianmiao

what we’re going to talk about this time is how startups deal with intellectual property issues, especially the "copyright" and "patent."".

as an entrepreneur, you may be accustomed to common but not fast breaking type of war, had to "used" flattering. Wait a minute, "bring in" and "fast iterative" at the same time, are you worried, their products may violate the rights of others, or lack of innovation consciousness to protect their own

above, these types are slightly more common, there are many types of slightly rare, here is not much to talk about. Below, Hu Yibo will give you a detailed description of these common categories, how to operate, the effect can be achieved very good results.

, let’s start with a concept. If you have a cheque of 10 million dollars a person to go to the bank and you can get the 10 million, but if there are 100 people how to get you the check you? 10000 of you have? So now Taobao customers can be said to have tens of thousands of people to be divided the cake, so do Taobao customer is not so simple! Taobao customers like the other project "one hand" is always the most profitable ones, "second-hand" will get a hand rest to earn, and so on, so do Wangzhuan time is one of the key to.


this may not be an immediate problem, but it is enough to be a latent bomb.

I found

| Lynn

from the return of the network after the beginning of the rebate network continues to increase, the current rebate can say too much, the biggest feature of the rebate network is to allow users to save shopping shopping costs. Its commission can be said that each rebate network to the user is almost the same, so this competition is also relatively large. For example: now each portal has a rebate network, so the best is 360 browser, add a rebate on the web browser function is to save a lot of trouble, so many users to buy simple and get a rebate. Therefore, if the rebate network needs better development, it must be realized by means of mobile phone, software and so on.

single page pin >

rebate type:

common Taobao guest mode of operation:

"Taobao", I believe we all know it, mainly through the recommendation of Taobao merchant goods earned Commission, you can imagine that income is very high, and some goods even more than 50% of the split. There are many people doing Taobao now, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to do because more and more people are doing it.

this type is generally more difficult to operate, because other people shopping around your shopping mall, it is better to go directly to Taobao, right? Common operations generally rely on local portals and related types of websites to do relevant types of mall. Local portal traffic and weight can be said to be great, do a mall page similar to Taobao, navigation on the local site to enter this page, but the link anchor text to do better Taobao. At least Taobao’s last brand, some people go to Taobao, is because of this. The relevant types of site practices, such as: weight loss information network, a shopping mall sales of main products of positioning and slimming products, so you can get the shopping flow so as to enhance the orientation, the specific mode of operation is not to say because I know that you know "".

mall shopping guide, rebate type, Taobao shopping navigation website Daquan, single page sales model, shopping mall + rebate type

. The

in 2010, I decided to terminate the cooperation. Arguably, the contents of our channel should be off the shelf, but they have left half changed in order to continue to use, at the same time everywhere to buy those many years do not update the old dictionary content, finally give users the feeling of "network", lists several dictionaries, allowing users to pick their own use. Another door to us more respect, has been hanging sea words, and the advertising bit to us. But I do not intend to be authorized as a warning for the future.

Mall Shopping Guide:

a few months ago, there are companies using sea words content, this time I did not tolerate, and told the court, but it has not yet closed. That’s an online business startup

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