Do anchor text and URL exposure diversification diversification

a few days ago I wrote an article "on the construction of the chain to say a few things" in A5, received many webmaster friends recognized, recommended in the A5 page, many of my friends are in the bottom of the article to deliver recommendations, the article has been in the TOP this week to occupy a position, since this I also wrote this article for the first time to get such good results, ha ha, a smile.

main keywords have a long tail, anchor links need to diversify

accepted at present

: 2 bases a keyword exchange or anchor text;


keyword is indeed the most concern is an indicator of many webmaster, through good ranking the keywords, there are many precise target customers through the search engine to the site, but this has several disadvantages of

1 long tail words flow is an important source of traffic of

now we see the sea tour so that many people are doing all the anchor text links are pointing to the home page, and then look at the rankings every day happy, only to find that the flow of small, even ranked >


issued after the article, there are many webmaster to consult with the following URL find my contact, because there are a few points is that they do not agree:

1: their home page link exchange, do not pay attention to the inside pages;

part of the webmaster cannot accept, my website clearly only one of the words, I do not do the anchor keywords? There is only one of my key words I must link to the home page, I also link to the page? In fact, this problem is very simple, we work together to discuss why not all the anchor link is just a keyword, or anchor link all point to the home page.

optimization in keywords, anchor text link is a very good method, but the webmaster want to know how to find the keywords, especially the long tail keywords, so we can through multiple flow to improve website ranking.

2 a large number of single anchor links will be considered cheating

do the long tail that would be a huge source of traffic, it is without rebuke, I believe that the flow is very important for any one site, do the main keywords to customers are accurate target customers, but increase the long tail traffic, first improve website ranking, secondly shows that the web pages are to a certain weight.

in this aspect is a profound lesson, many friends do stand exchange links and the anchor text of the chain, is one of the words as the link text, it is extremely easy to cause the search engine antipathy, because quite natural to see that this is intentional, so we need more weight by keywords anchor text links to improve the relevant keywords.

two don’t put all the anchor text link page


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