Experience change the space of website optimization

this is all do not want to see the results, also lost the old Cao for timely replacement in space before and after, in order to make the site optimization will not cause more severe damage, so no matter from the chain or from the original are under a lot of effort, will miserably recruit him. Have to say is lucky. In fact, I have a doubt, now love Shanghai to replace space punishment so big, before this factor is almost negligible, we can see that this factor in the love of Shanghai seems to have very important, so we late for space also needs to be oh, there is a website space as far as possible not to use cheap, inevitable could you change the space one day.

website rankingThe first is the snapshot of love

many webmaster friends certainly changed space, there may be many reasons, such as spatial instability, space access speed can not meet the current amount, the size of the space can not meet the current file size, Laocao a few days ago because the site space is not stable to replace the * * * * * * * space, but this is not changed matter to me at that site optimization effect is too big. The main effect is as follows:

3, facing the stand by K

in the above three aspects will have a direct impact on economic income. If you happen, what need to take effective measures, it is actually very simple, is replaced in the space before the data backup, so as not to lose, then prepare some original articles, and some mature high quality of the chain, don’t go to Canada, when space is replaced, then the regular the chain and content. Do sometimes, love Shanghai will reduce or ignore you for space. May the old Cao do in place or not, there may be just to catch up with the Shanghai love big update, no matter what the reason, in here and everybody was a wake-up call, look after you in action, but also need to be cautious.

Effect of

website ranking, because the station is the pharmaceutical sales site, replacing the space before the search "how to cure beriberi" the keywords ranking third, the word "beriberi" ranked ninth, second days after the change, the first words fell ninth, now just some recovery. The second key words fall directly to the fourth page, in a short period of time is expected to be difficult to bounce back. These two words everyday love Shanghai average is about 1500IP, so the loss is not generally heavy.

2, Shanghai


is a snapshot of the impact on the love of Shanghai, replacing the space before the snapshot of the slowest is love Shanghai yesterday, sometimes half an hour after the release of information can be included, it can be said that such website is the second, and most of the original articles have certain relations. But after the replacement of the snapshot space for three days later is not updated every day update, until now is to replace the space about 10 days time to return to a snapshot of yesterday.

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