A few keywords ranking factors restricting analysis

1: the stability of the chain link, we are pretty much done through the forum, account protection and maintenance is not enough, send a large number of links or spam links deleted by the administrator as well as the use of missing links, no formal means it is letter account number if the top stick machine irrigation phenomenon, directly affect you. In front of all posts outside the chain.

3: Links or to buy links. The two are the same whether change or buy, quality first, link farms do not touch, buy links should pay attention to the stability, do not suddenly increase too many links lead to cheating phenomenon. Links should also pay attention to the website of the other side is normal included and snapshots.

2: the chain blog. Many of our webmaster raised a group of free blog, early in order to save the chain to update our blog every day, the content is good, good weight slowly. Our words have gradually rankings, but this time many owners ignore a problem, when your traffic is high, poor quality of free blog is not updated or updated, leading to the administrator eye on your blog may be dangerous, direct closure of your blog, this high quality links lead to your keywords ranking directly fall.

The stability and quality of the

chain is also directly affects the site keywords ranking, of course, is also related to the weight of the site.

is a novice webmaster learn something in the process of growing up, summed up to share the hope that useful to some people, PBA my www.> cosmetics

is the first in the chain:

4: do the same keywords link to the directory page; this is very serious, the key words in the article appeared several times are only the first link, repeated links belong to excessive optimization cheating, also will give you drop right, this point should not.

Secondly, we talk about the chain

3: not in the page layout of non related links, this is not conducive to the user experience, will increase the rate of the page out, jump out rate is too high, causing the site to reduce weight, the same rights to spider will reduce this page on your keywords ranking no good.

page is the page links in this; we went to look carefully at the love of Shanghai know page on OK, to the customer experience is there.

"content is king, link for emperor" almost every webmaster think so, of course, this is also the current mainstream. It directly affects what is our web site keywords ranking factors, today arenw webmaster for everyone to collect some cyber source sorted out, and we will study together!


2: not too much back to the chain, the chain will give people the feeling to make an unnecessary move, but the customer experience is not good, you let your customers around the circle he love you feel, so to avoid too much back to the chain.

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