Black hat with white hat is the strong return Shanghai dragon cap

a lot of people seem to talk about black hat Shanghai dragon have some feeling of fear, actually. The so-called black hat techniques with our usual white hat techniques are similar, the same is the treatment method, different is the treatment of master degree. Every day we are trying to increase the quality of site links, about to add more content to the web site. If you increase the chain one or two quality quite high to the site, so the site of great help; but if the daily increase of hundreds or even thousands of the chain to the site, the site of the end how (high weight website of course. The general site can not stand) every day a little more original? Content to the website, the accumulation of down effect is considerable; but every day to add hundreds of articles, it is original, only to copy the collection, the final outcome is predictable.

know a little Shanghai dragon, it can be said that the Shanghai dragon has gradually spread up. Of course, there was a distinct hierarchy, expert also entry-level people, but this is just a time difference between the accumulation and the study summary. As we all know, Shanghai dragon is divided into black hat and white hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon (along with a gray hat, put aside). Although many friends may think of the black hat is too dangerous, and categorically said that after you have not used the black hat would never use black hat. Why? In fact, all access to search engine optimization, basically impossible to have no contact with the black hat. Black hat white hat, it is in order to achieve the goal and choose a different path.

Now most of the owners are more or less

, of course, a big difference between the black hat is a white hat, white hat optimization > stick

first, the boundaries of black hat and white hat two means is very vague. A lot of Shanghai Longfeng practices, it is appropriate for you with the white hat, black hat becomes excessive. For example, the problem of keywords on the page. Before the appropriate increase keyword density is ranked to a more effective promotion, so many research stations in Changle this is not tired of how to put in more page keywords. The time for the specific numerical density, the prevailing view is that 2%-8% is more appropriate, but for some large web page content, to reach about 5% density seems to be some difficulty. The station began to think of ways, in the alt attribute of the picture, in the page at the bottom corner of the page, navigation medium in many places as possible with keywords. An appropriate add is right, but some of them can add keywords where all add up, then he will be very sad and found their expectations just ideas – ranking dropped. This is because his approach has been out of bounds, the reasonable layout keywords is white, but excessive keyword stuffing is the black hat. But who can say that two specific differences or give a rigorous numerical distinction? I also believe that this simple example is in fact most people (including myself) have done.

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