Fuzhou Shanghai decoration company analysis out of love love Shanghai home into the sandbox

next time, I have two or three domain name was transferred to other virtual host, independent websites. There are few domain name transfer, also built a web site or do a few pages, no longer tied in the Yellow pages.

third: when your site into the sandbox, do not throw the website, should publish articles, especially the high quality of the original article.

a summary for decoration company in Fuzhou here to share with the students:

due to the original web content on the site is too broad, big change, and update the article every day. After a month of time, site out of the sandbox.

my site this month is really unusual, Fuzhou decoration company 贵族宝贝wlzscl贵族宝贝/ sand box from falling in love with a few into a few, and now finally appeared in Shanghai in search of love, there is agony in this painful journey, and also have the harvest, then, to share with the students.

, a decoration company in Fuzhou competitor research:

decoration company in enter the sandbox, I began to update the article, and wrote some original, about a month’s time, the website from the sandbox.

second: yellow pages do not bind the top-level domain, binding top-level domain name of your site is ripe for at least one year history, rich in content, relatively high weight.

: the first new domain name do not increase the two level domain, especially in a short period of time to increase the amount of two level domain name, which is not good. The domain name to more than one year, and then gradually increase the two level domain name, of course, the two level domain channel will have the actual content.

my site is created by destoon, is a powerful YellowPage system, can be bound at the top of the domain name, so I will be in a period of time three or four domain names tied to the yellow pages, two is the old name, after binding, the ranking is also good, one day after twenty days, I will be two old the domain name and the two new domain name in the yellow pages, the tragedy occurred, the website again enter the sandbox. All binding domain, no ranking, all enter the sandbox.

decoration company website to use half a year, in the first one or two months is behind the other sites, make the portal site. He bought a VPS, the website is built up, and then send the article, some articles are written by myself, there is also a modification, modification of the majority, in addition to other sites. Then I put my other link to the site.

everything is normal. I was not satisfied with this, to create two channels, all of a sudden get several, then that does not do well, and the two level domain name removed, soon changed a little web page template. Then find the site into the sandbox love Shanghai.

Fuzhou Fuzhou

personally think that before we carry on the optimization to the site, in any case to.

site rankings summary:

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