Understand the nature of the site to drop right fast repair website ranking

once the site is down right, according to the regular method of general recovery speed is very slow, even more than a normal website construction difficulty. Then there is no faster way to recover what? I think we can from the following two aspects can shorten the recovery time of the site right down.

down the right site is the most central station optimization.

two, on the station to optimize

down the right site for many people to engage in website optimization that surprising, but in fact most owners are very difficult to see your site is down right, but this does not mean that the site right down the phenomenon, just love every Shanghai algorithm after the update, there will be a large number of sites with varying degrees of decline in ranking, this in essence is a kind of be right down, therefore, the web site is down right now has become a norm, and every time the right down will affect the site’s profit. So we in the operation of the site, to avoid the site right down is very important.

but the website ranking suddenly dropped a lot, but in a short time and can not be restored, just that site is down right. Other webmasters will fall right and be K the two concept of confusion, here must be clarified, the first web site was K, as if being pulled blacklist on QQ, want to see the light, only to re apply for a replacement name again, everything will start again. While the site is down right, it also shows the site also can be saved, but to see how to save the webmaster.

wants to avoid the site is down right, so we should be fully aware of the website be reduced after right has the characteristics of what. Many owners believe that the ranking of a website suddenly fell sharply, even fell out of 100, this must be the right of the site is down. In fact, for such a phenomenon is to look at the One divides into two. For example, you because of the website title change, so this time the sudden fall, can not be considered to be right down, usually in the one or two week after the automatic recovery.

this has been down the right site is particularly important, and strengthen the introduction of external weight has an important purpose, is the quality of the site prior to the introduction to the external links for screening, if the garbage chain, need timely delete, especially some of the chain released in some have right down on the site, should be thoroughly cleaned, so that it can effectively avoid the defects of the external weight into the.

in order to enhance the external weight better into effect. One should pay attention to the construction of high quality Links, if you choose the Links quality is very high, so the weight is imported to a hundred enemy role can not be overlooked. In addition to construction of the chain diversification, this also is the key. But after a certain period of time, the construction of the external links must be gradual, otherwise you will remember to act with undue haste, More haste, less speed.

, strengthen the introduction of external weight

completelyThe elements of

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