What are the use of the business circle of Shanghai Dragon Technology

still adhere to the business website last, certainly for high weight links with many sources of confusion, how to obtain these links, but also to update soon, included fast, is certainly a big problem, any competition is the competition for resources, but also personal power struggle, is also the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix strategy controversy. In some sites, ranking no improvement, it may not have high weight link act.

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website update, directly affect the snapshot update, update the article basically every business circle, and it is the best day of the original article, published articles, a few hours can be included on the site’s ranking, help is very large, with the change of the rankings, is also useful to improve the flow.

update site



1, page optimization

business circle

business has been to today, can be said to be the last time the intense sprint, the review of the Shanghai dragon game, see summary of optimization technology is not too much, now is the time to review. From the total, has yet to see the emergence of new Shanghai Dragon Technology novel, original article chain = + business rankings, especially at this time, the first thing is to fight outside the chain. Rather than spend writing in hair outer chain. Summary of some optimization techniques are the following:

4, high weight links

on the website tetle modify title, Keywords tag, description tag to increase keyword density, modify the classification of the target, increasing the number of keywords, blog, tages also increased the H1 keyword, add keywords, keyword, title add keywords, some of the authors have become the business circle xxx. The ultimate aim is to increase the keyword density, to love the Shanghai ranking, this trick still works. You go to look at all the top-ranking website, keyword density is so high, has more than 6%, is suspected of excessive optimization.

Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon

go to high weight website to buy links, can obtain a higher weight on the website, can be said to one of the loopholes in the search engine algorithm, in one of the sites love Shanghai algorithm, has a high weight chain, must have certain help to the ranking, Shanghai dragon Er believe that all know this, but from the good ranking as the starting point, the purchase link is a shortcut way, not easy to see that the use of Shanghai Dragon technology to get a good ranking results, visible the next game, a strong commercial atmosphere, is a major feature of.

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3, buy links

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