The Shanghai dragon just send the chain to write the article


thousand million, always cannot do without Shanghai dragon, who told Xiao Bian I am a webmaster? Shanghai Longfeng listened very mysterious, but I believe that for many people is not a bit mysterious, very simple things, once contact for a long time, will feel very lonely up not to regard it as right, start. "Shanghai dragon ah, is actually every point of the chain, write a few news, please look at the data, check the ranking". This is what I used to say, but if there is a contact and a small series of people will find that, I did not say the truth. In fact, it should be said that my attitude was not expressed, but did not see your face, think about the fact that Diao silk feeling.

comes back to today’s content above. Shanghai dragon, actually every day to do, is nothing more than that, of course, this is just a small Shanghai dragon needs to be done, if you super strength, can do more things, as managers are possible, but this will undoubtedly, ask you to must accomplish something in the above capacity, otherwise, others will not suit without any cause or reason to trust you, you can’t give it to you, of course, could not give you a good money. In fact, I feel for the Shanghai dragon is very dull, short time is difficult to do that in this way, what effect, you need to take the time to accumulate, but companies generally recruit people, indicating that it is needed, a serious point that enterprises need to have achievements in this area, but if you are in Shanghai Longfeng, into a business, the boss told you, you are beginning to do. Then you go back and began to diagnostic analysis, after a day of stirring, finally put out a plan, said the site needs to be adjusted, the boss said to listen, how to change, so we have to perform in place, this must change, that change, in short, change, change, change..

recently, one of my friends to find a job, touch a lot of wall. My friend is mostly and network related work, combined with today to say, it must find him, is undoubtedly the Shanghai dragon work. Because he was in Shanghai this "Dragon

when all according to your requirements change, do not know how many days, because the general efficiency of the enterprise that I have some doubts. Not to mention here, after the change is OK, if you need to modify large, site recovery? Just because the modification, the original ranking disappeared, after optimization of all aspects of a month plus the ranking back, but still it is only the original appearance before (general is the home page ranking), then the boss asked, do so long time, before the rank is not good? Worse, what is this? You’ll have a lot to say, but what do you say? In fact, every Shanghai dragon and Phoenix are more or less experienced such a thing, small when I was last with superior communication, and almost lost work.


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