The 8 25 love Shanghai major update to see how to deal with the external links of Shanghai Longfeng

in the figure above, the author will domain a web site, and then found the chain construction method is as follows, I believe these links to love Shanghai belong to serious spam links, this approach for the user experience is obviously a kind of hurt, if you love Shanghai in the method of adjustment, the fight for the user experience not very good website, and this kind of blind people do outside the chain, no matter which one is very serious on site adjustment.

behind every love Shanghai algorithm update, always doomed Links website of the ups and downs, because some sites may be right down, the home page is K, even the entire station is K, or directly after the algorithm update site snapshot is gone, back, and so on are possible, because Links there are >

link building itself The first point: check the

A5 has an essay on "the 8.25 love Shanghai big update the Shanghai dragon how to deal with the contents of the original article, the author presents his own opinions for very long, so this article, hope you can use your own ideas about the continued mink, write an article, external links to articles for everyone in fact, the reference; when the update is finished, we often check the most is the link, so in love Shanghai so confused situation, how should we link to the next step, please enjoy the love of Shanghai consists of 8.25 major update to see how to deal with the external links of Shanghai Longfeng paper.


sense of junk links

a) video spam links

many sites are doing a lot of junk links imperceptibly, then ranked before Shanghai did not love has always been the algorithm to adjust the lever, but when the algorithm once changed, the ranking is cast to the wind web site is K off, even in these, but also we need to take attention to the problem, because the chain this piece in addition, the opponent’s malicious construction, as well as their own for the blind construction of the chain (I believe it is a great proportion, so these links) generally what? The author simply


b) with malicious key link

second: AC Links matters

as shown above, the release of external links is hidden in a forum, these links for the whole point of no malicious interspersed keywords, the keywords to influence the final generated by hand is not only influence the release site, also has an effect on these links to the web site because of these links to love Shanghai algorithm increasingly complete today, believe it is possible to sort out the complete, if found cheating will drop right, or K, these are what we must pay attention to, if you are doing, or intend to make friends, please be sure to do the chain by using formal methods, refused to the chain of garbage.

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