Site outside the chain like riding

first to bring you a data: a shared links in the West under the network environment, the half life period of only 3 hours in our country do not have too big difference. In fact, everyone is aware of the link? Is life, will die. Of course, this will have many kinds of dead method, here to give you some examples: for example, you make a connection in Shanghai love space, maybe one day you will be a blog search engine K, or is that there is love Shanghai advertising information was closed, you know love is easy to be closed space in Shanghai the. So before you love Shanghai in this space to your site do link can be said to die. For example, you go to the forum to send a link to this post will continue to sink, and finally sink into the search engine included the following weight removed. Do you like a Links with others, which day you site Links to withdraw, they do not operate the site shut down, this is a dead link. If you die when it comes to the types links too much, so the chain there are too many uncertain factors. From the above we can see that the link of how fragile life is, we may listen to my heart very depressed, this chain is so difficult to do, this bad chain is so easy to die. Oh, in fact we can do long-lived links, but this is a time to share content.

I have done an experiment, that is a website for a month to do the chain (mainly refers to the love of Shanghai related domain). To introduce the background of the experiment, this site is only half a year. Keywords competition is not very intense, I did not put much effort what words do second pages, then put all the chain down, in fact, the chain of a website is not much, only 200 love Shanghai related domain. The main source is the Forum blog with some questions. I’m going to test a month do not just outside the chain, every update article, look at the ranking will be what kind of change. The results of a month after I lost the record of more than 30 links, it is probably a percentage of fifteen percent. In fact, the chain fifteen percent loss rate is too high, we must stay below ten percent should be on the website ranking will not fluctuate too much. In fact, the site of one of the largest drop right factors according to this observation is that the chain is missing, but this situation is not controllable. We know that the chain is a double-edged sword, can make your web site keywords ranking to heaven, can make.

The importance of the

chain is to play a decisive role for ranking, believe that as long as the industry entered the Shanghai dragon people will hear a word, that is "content is king, the chain for the emperor". So many people to crush the chain and "reduced" to the point of the chain commissioner. Especially the most headache thing is the chain for the novice friends, today to write this article is to bring the case to a climax. That is the site outside the chain just like riding a boat behind, I will according to some experience some of the knowledge and the master of his own to give you this point.

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