Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon proposed user interactive communication is the most important point in

We have the Internet age >

today is to talk about Shanghai Longfeng suggestions in the sentence, this sentence is very short, only 6 words, "user interactive communication is the title in writing". Although only six simple words, but contains the content is very very much.


was the first to explain the user interaction, you have to interact with the user’s function? If your web site does not have this feature, you will not be able to communicate well with the user, the user is also very convenient, if they have what problem you want to consult, but can not find the way to contact you. The somebody else more depressed, is now a social network era. Our website users need to assimilate, allowing users to participate. This can create high quality content for us? We are the most common interactive function is the interaction between the user and the user comments, such as top and step like. According to the website design ideas now these things should go in design.

but this situation did not last long, Shanghai dragon operation personnel gearing that soon disappeared, but the love of Shanghai did not give up hope, and launched another mild tips "love Shanghai reminds you: Shanghai dragon is a very important work, please refer to love about Shanghai Shanghai dragon advice". Today is not to speak with you this love Shanghai tips, you do not misunderstand, but to tell you the love of Shanghai’s proposals. Shanghai Shanghai dragon love advice is really important, I just look at this, I seriously study a bit, and some experiences, here to share with you. Recommend Shanghai dragon friends want to seriously look at.

recently Shanghai Longfeng community noisy fire is the Shanghai dragon, but this love sea gas slightly ease up. Some time ago it’s shocking? Specific situation is this, look at the picture of

the next step is to spread the word. This word is also very good understanding, you know this time with sea launch button, sharing communication. Help us spread website by the user, whether it is for promotion or for the chain effect is good.

the last word is the user interactive communication, I think this sentence should be understood, it is best to your website and you can interact between users, between users and users interact. All interaction, existing social networks, micro-blog’s attention is not such a thing, of course, the more complex. Don’t forget to end interactive communication, search engine will think of a website can interact well and produce a lot of communication, such sites must be with high quality content, and can form oriented user’s website, this website is the website for certain quality. I believe such a site search engine will give a good ranking.

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