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site directory settings, from search engine optimization, directory name and directory folder should be set and web page theme is closely related to all the sections we look at here! The navigation inside the directory name. Shanghai dragon correspondence "/jianjie"; services corresponding to "/fuwu"; "/xuexi", corresponding to Shanghai dragon; Shanghai dragon corresponds to "/jingyan" experience.

5, the website of the external links are widely

Please see the

6, links are dead links, here can be tested using Chinaz dead link tools.

is as follows: ;3,

site URL do pseudo static


Hello, I am Hunan push kiness. Today Xiaobian to introduce how to analyze the website, mainly analyzes from four aspects of strategy, website Web site directory, the URL path and page elements. First of all the webmaster friends can refer to the station were analyzed, a comprehensive query this site map in the following small will, for your reference. Figure


two, website directory

1, whether the site do a 301 redirect, 404 error page and 503 pages;

Although the

URL path optimization actually also includes second directory folder settings in it, but here is mainly about several other aspects.

domain name and website snapshot. The domain name to create a snapshot of the day for 23 days. The attached keyword ranking chart, because the query tool results are not real-time results, so not necessarily accurate. As follows:

is mainly located here Xiaobian speak words. Before the line on the website must determine the good website website strategy, in the face of the market. Hunan market is very clear, mainly in Hunan Province, careful webmaster can in the station at the bottom of the page will find the Hunan municipal key words, such as "Changsha, Xiangtan Shanghai, Shanghai dragon dragon Zhuzhou, Yueyang Shanghai Shanghai dragon phoenix", also you can check with the CHINAZ tool, the these words are mostly in the station between 30 to 50, or even 20.

keyword index is not high, but for a new station, in line within 20 days will be on the front page, or very difficult. The next small series from the four aspects of analysis.

4, website content, such as whether to repeat the title;

three, URL

, a strategic site



site is doing a robots.txt document;

How the


path optimization

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