Webmaster do optimization let the flow move so fast to do only ten points

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if you want to be a successful website, please ensure that the second point: the site itself does not exist too much structure. What do you mean? Even if you don’t understand the Shanghai dragon, then the optimization method of the most basic or learned? At least you need to do: optimizing the structure of the site itself has been basically put in place, what title, keyword, tag writing is correct and reasonable? There is no death site, with a custom 404 page, do a 301 redirect robots.txt, writing correct, navigation in a tree structure distribution, H tag properly used, when you fully understand this, believe your website optimization 80% is almost the same. Shanghai Longfeng optimization of basic knowledge, even if not completely master but also to understand how some read without thorough understanding. Don’t really think that will be typing a web site, CMS is convenient for those who want to succeed to a convenient procedure, the subsequent improvement is more perfect, so can be more close to success, or just drift.

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if you want to be a successful website, please ensure that the third points: can be done unremittingly update. If your Shanghai dragon is really not very good technology, then use to update you to make up for it. In website optimization has always been popular with the words "content is king", thus content plays a big role in the dragon in Shanghai. In fact, will write original are more likely to succeed, will keep people more close to success. Keep updating the so-called, you do not have to update every day dozens of hundreds of articles, the number of acquisition station only those unique symbol, the webmaster can’t let it confused eyes. Updated every day about 2 articles, stick to it, to ensure your ranking after a period of time to show up. Although >

if you want to be a successful site, please ensure a point: do not have any collection of content appear on the website. If you can not guarantee it, then please remember, you move closer to the dumpster, rather than to the good site look. Seemingly in smooth water to the brink, but is in fact. A good site, is not how much content to the search engine index, and the index that how many things can really sense the number on the website. A search engine to be included in the high quality content of the page may bring you a flow rate of one thousand, but a low quality index page, even thousands may not be able to bring 100 IP traffic. Webmaster, you do website optimization is to make flow, or the number of included? Sometimes it is have the order reversed.

why do you even do the website No one shows any interest in keyword ranking? Why still have no effect? How traffic can only fly? It is actually very simple, here the author proposed ten suggestions to ensure that your traffic can move so fast as to buy out.

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