From the external and internal analysis on the site right down

web server on the web server, if the server is not stable, if the server often can make the It is without rhyme or reason. off, the spider on your station to produce rejection effect; server stability, ensure smooth spider index is king, as the last small drop right Shanghai dragon why, for IP, and sensitive spiders see, then a small drop right, illustrates the importance of the website server right down. Can not be ignored.

: here comes the chain, the chain change radically, large, is particularly rapid increase of the chain, no law, no regulation of the increase of the chain effect on the new station is still quite large, saying that no matter what all is to have the law; also have reduced a chain is most likely to disappear, for example is that we do the chain forum revision, lead signature directly off, our blog was blocked, resulting in a large number of high grade chain directly disappeared, although love in Shanghai reflects the link speed is not high, but for a long time can still be found remember, love, Shanghai is sensitive, can be the most direct response to the current situation.

as the name implies, right down from the external and internal analysis of website optimization, many websites, especially seen right down the phenomenon of many sites, these phenomena from either internal or external, can find a lot of reasons, right down is ranked on the website of the great harm, especially it is sensitive to love Shanghai, but also to do away from the right down, so as to improve the weight, improve the overall weight.

external analysis:

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Links: site voting Links is your trust and attention to their own out of every link to a vote of confidence, even if the site was K, so it might spread to you, the punishment of the station, the site, is directly affected by the main block is especially a big head.

from the analysis of internal and external website right down, there are still a lot of website drop right relates to where, is a little change can be everywhere right down.


internal reasons:

site is not high quality: the site quality is not high, there are two points, one point is the content of the website is rubbish, for example, are some spam, are some of the garbage English code, and so on, are directly affected by the content of judgment, so, in the website if open comment so, we must implement the audit because spam is very extreme, affecting the quality; there is a relationship between the content of the original level, two kinds of relationship between site acquisition and acquisition, acquisition if a station has been collected, it is easy to create the mirror, and the mirror is directly the right to be reduced, the shape is right down on your website’s domain name damage image in different forms, images have different requirements. Of course, the best way is the original, a day to ensure the number of original website is to maintain the best.

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