At the end of summary analysis of how to promote the achievements of you

The three method of


Background traffic


the purpose of the site promotion in addition to get more into the organic search traffic, more important is to a wide range of traffic sources. In addition to some old ways such as inquiry platform, BBS and blogs can get different traffic sources, new forms of media such as micro-blog, social networking, networking sites and so on is also one of the sources of traffic you can not be ignored. And when you are at the same time traffic sources will also promote your search ranking, such as Google has a social signal into one of the ranks of the factors. So for the promotion of the site performance, site traffic source is one of the important indicators of whether widely.

analysis from site traffic sources analysis of flow data from the later site

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promotion can improve the site rankings? Site ranking up is your promotion? For website promotion is most likely to improve website ranking, because you do the chain is a kind of soft Wen promotion, published is also a kind of promotion, and promotion can also greatly increase your exposure rate and when the visibility, both of which have naturally become a good ranking site is not what is difficult. Therefore, for the judgment of website promotion results, reference to improve website ranking is very normal. But as a part of the chain is also in the promotion of the outside chain for an important role to enhance the ranking compared to the webmaster have a deep analysis, for the promotion of the site performance through the site’s ranking is not what is wrong.

two: from the rankings of

site is one of the most direct performance index analysis of the site promotion, because we as the purpose of promotion, the most basic is to get more traffic. Regardless of the flow is obtained from a place where, as long as the site traffic has improved, we can say that the promotion of the site to obtain a certain effect. For flow analysis, we cannot use the analysis simple and one-sided a period of time because of the size of the flow of traffic fluctuations affected in many aspects, there are some factors is that we can not avoid, such as search engine algorithm update. Therefore, we should take a macro perspective to analyze the flow in data analysis.

through the analysis we can share, roughly a year to promote achievement of our. Through the analysis of results this year to develop a more reasonable goal and direction for the goal for the coming year. In this paper, by htt>

2011 is coming to an end, if your site has been extended for a year, a year to your promotion effectiveness. It is time you one year of promotion performance analysis. So we must through which aspects of our years? In order to accurately analysis needs through the analysis of the site data, we will share a few simple analysis methods for one year to promote the achievement of today:

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