Anchor text links and pure text links on the website weight what effect is there

to link anchor text links and text two what is the effect on your weight, we must know what is the anchor text links and text links. The anchor text link refers to the enclosed link to some key text using the A tag, this link is the anchor text link, we give an example, we the keywords "XX website optimization" to use A tags in parentheses, such as "XX", so the website optimization "XX website optimization" is the text. With a A tag link into the anchor text link, this link can click with the mouse, and can enter the website. The text link is not strictly a link, just a URL text, such as "" is a web site, but did not use A tags in parentheses, so do not be able to click to enter the site, this is pure text links. Below the author as you analyze these two links on the web site weights are what effect.

we do in the chain, the anchor text is important, but the pure text links some high weight can not be ignored. For example when we publish articles on blogs, forums, text links in the permission can be appropriate to add to our site, other products and Search ask 360 questions and answers, and so on, can be appropriate to add their own text. The weight is pure text link transmission is, however, since it is pure text links to a web site, search engine to the site when crawling, the site will not be treated as a full text search engine, at least will be the site record, given the appropriate ordinary text more attention, which is inevitable therefore, some of the weight transfer will be reasonable. Furthermore, the number of pure text to our website if there is on other websites and more, it will be known by more people, which enhance the visibility of the site and the exposure rate, but also improve.

said that can transfer the weights of the links is the anchor text link, and text links is not able to transfer the weight. This view is correct? The author of this argument both agree, did not completely agree. The author believes that the anchor text can certainly transfer weight no doubt, while pure text links should also be able to transfer the weight, the weight of just plain text links to transfer is very small, if the weight that transfers the weight of the anchor text link transfer to 1/10 or one percent, it does not have. Therefore, we in the chain site, do the anchor text of the chain, such as the chain to transfer weight to our website, so the website construction and website optimization of choice chain. But the weight chain transfer of pure text outside the amount to win, because of the weight of pure text link transfer is very small, so the pure text links to be able to achieve the purpose of weight transfer, must be enough more. Now many of the forum, blog, Search ask 360 questions and answers are cancelled, the anchor text link function, its purpose is to prevent multiple considerations, but the weight of outward transfer is undoubtedly an important purpose.

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