A collection of pure webmaster Shanghai Longfeng collection operation summary


2. energy is limited, it is difficult to ensure the long-term original update, if please edit, input and output ratio may be negative.

is certainly the original good, because the love of Shanghai is to say, people who told the referee.

2. directly on the acquisition, intelligent analysis of web page text crawl, do not need to write their own collection rules. >

So many a

each collector has its unique features, the existence is reasonable. Please choose according to their needs. My collection is developed, the development process is considered in the following aspects, the use of other device also can be used as a reference:

search engine statistics to identify what needs of users to


. Each search for a keyword, that he / she is on the word related content requirements. Moreover, the use of the search engine, there is usually a question and answer query demand, demand. Of course, the search engine must have internal analysis system is very large, precise positioning of these needs, see the love of Shanghai index. For example, the search keyword is "mobile phone", is likely to want to buy a mobile phone or check the price, may just want to download beautiful wallpaper. However, if you want the wallpaper, there will be the keyword "more accurate mobile phone wallpaper, pull box or related search form.


many original articles, or not included? Included not ranked

on the market, should use the

which is better? ?


demand for Internet users a large amount of content should be included, more and more quickly, but because included many, even if you are original, may also be difficult to get ranking.

, why should the acquisition of


1., but as long as the appropriate method, acquisition effect is not worse than the original number, even more than the original method to those who haven’t mastered a lot better.

?Although the original Since the original

I was a pure acquisition station, the following summary, some are about Shanghai Longfeng, some of which are on acquisition and maintenance, are the basis of the personal opinion, only to share, please self justification is non practice.

1. directly provide mass have been classified, these keywords are love Shanghai has statistical Internet users demand word (love Shanghai index), or the long tail word of these words, from the drop-down box or search for love Shanghai.

search engine, its core value is to provide users with him / her most in need of the results. The search engine is a statistical demand of users, for the users demand is little or no demand, even if you are the original search engine may be ignored, because it does not want to waste resources in the meaningless contents.

original good or good acquisition of

Why do I

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