Shanghai Longfeng content writing guide how to create wonderful content to improve website ranking

, 1 prominent keywords

produced high quality content is an essential part of Shanghai Longfeng work, but what kind of content will be high quality, then each one according to his lights. There are some owners aware of the importance of the original content, high quality content to attract outside the chain, but it is not enough, we must learn relevant knowledge, and skilled use to improve the ranking of any real help.

4, title page contains key words. This is one of the most important work of Shanghai dragon, the keywords naturally inserted into title, no obvious stack traces.

then what kind of content will be high quality? A high quality of the article has the following characteristics:

1, the title of the article contains keywords. The font titles available to H1-H6, H1 or H2 with the most general.

3, a reasonable

2, bold display. If you’re a bold words, it will be better placed in the top in order to get the maximum effect.

two, what is the value of links

contains keywords. In fact, contains keywords to export link, can improve your ranking. But don’t overdo it, will naturally insert, or less.

let me say in detail how to do the above points:

4, the content and the one and only

6, the text contains keywords synonyms, misspelled words and other forms. Now the search engine has become very smart, between its variants can understand the keyword link. For example: computer, computer, desktop, the relationship between the words of the internet. In the text into various forms of keywords is helpful to understand the search engine and highlight your main keywords.

mentioned Shanghai Longfeng content writing, many webmaster have this idea: what can I say, is not looking for article qiatouquwei, change the title, do false original? In fact, Shanghai dragon writing is really so?



7, in the picture alt attribute contains keywords. We all know this, I will not say more.

can provide a useful resource. For example, the "how to do"

, how to highlight the keyword

2, the value of

5, the export link linksThe structure of Keywords

3, the text contains key words. Do not rigidly insert keywords, a good article should not be only to search engine, to browse it should be equally attractive.

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