On the principle of progressive exchange chain

exchange Links to pay attention to skills, can not see the link change, considering the chain quality is a prerequisite. What is the principle of progressive.

webmaster do optimization, will feel, because the search engines are unpredictable, always let the optimization work muddleheaded, can only adjust in the dark, speculation on the optimization results, to find suitable solutions.

first, when the website construction, as a new station, for friends of the chain is relatively difficult, but is not a bad thing, after all, can choose the target site more, as long as it is associated with the industry can try to exchange. Of course, every webmaster are smart, want to change to more than their weight good site, good quality is not easy to get the new station. At this time, can look similar to their website for comprehensive new links, but also need to examine the potential of the web site to see each other, the scope of the general study including the frequency of updates, website content website basic code optimization, keyword set etc..

is easy to do but difficult to say, the website optimization work is nothing more than the chain and the contents of two aspects, but who can truly understand these two aspects? Take the love of Shanghai with the algorithm optimization, upgrade and change, gradually has been questioned outside the chain of countless webmaster, even is considered to have no value and are ignored. Friends of the chain as a part of the chain, the chain is also neglected webmasters underestimate, in fact, Links in each stage of website promotion weight, occupies a very important position, its role is not easy, but there should be a gradual process, the principle of exchange and follow a progressive.

finally, with the optimization of the site, the weight reached a certain height, do friends chain should be more cautious. Method of adding chain is no longer stay in the exchange and common links, after all, even if the weight of a common website, but the source of traffic less, on the site to another level of the effect is very small, the reason not do friends chain think this is some Adsense on the site has a certain weight. At this time, the website chain object must be viewed from the station’s point of view, some of the large common website traffic than the weight of a much larger, generally refers to the comprehensive website, rather than just the keywords ranking web site.

the second site after the preliminary work by a certain weight, such as the weight from 0 to 1, this time for the friends of the chain will be relatively cautious, beyond the new level, to find the weight greater than or equal to the website, this website reference data on more than simply see those mentioned above hand, depends on the time, site keywords ranking, the chain number and the website included, the best website ranking stable, long time, friends of the chain in the number 30, and the site included flat.

from a new station to have the weight, even higher weight site, looking for friends of the chain of skills is very important, in addition to recognize their own web site level, to the quality level of a chain also.

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